Taking Names… The King of Names… by Ray Zwarich

Fellow citizens!… And ALL fellow humans living in our bleeding woebegone nation (some 50 million human souls live ‘illegally’ in our nation, and thus are not citizens):
I am Caliban, and I’ve come to sort things out. I am a SERIOUS man. I have come to save my children’s and grandchildren’s lives, and the lives of ALL children as well… I need YOUR help to do so… I need the help of ALL of us, regardless of anyone’s political beliefs or citizenship status.
[This is a lengthy essay. It is NOT a ‘mass mailing’. It is written for, and addressed to ‘serious’ people only, (or anyway. to people who purport to be ‘serious’). All others can please simply use your ‘delete’ key now].
The founding idea of our nation, the founding dream that once was America itself, (America has never yet become more than a dream), was that ALL we human creatures are “created EQUAL”. ALL people on this green and blue Earth are equal in our human rights, in our rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. No living man, nor woman, nor child has a greater right than any other, to live free on the Earth, to pursue their own dreams, to find love, to raise families, to pursue meaningful work that earns them a dignified life, and to work together, joined in common purpose, to earn prosperity for the Common Good, for ALL in our nation, and for ALL Humanity.
I have my own political beliefs, of course, as to ‘how’ we should go about securing the rights of ALL. I am neither a ‘socialist’, nor a ‘capitalist’. I do not ‘believe in’ any ‘ism’, as so many people have adopted ‘religious’ devotion to ideology. I think ‘democracy’, True Democracy, is the ‘key’ to actualizing the Common People’s well-being, not ‘religious’ devotion to rigid ideologies.
But now is not the time yet to discuss such things, except to say that I represent the safety and welfare of our nation’s Common People… I represent the safety and welfare of ALL of us, of ALL our nation’s Common People, regardless of whatever political beliefs we may now hold. Left, Right, or in between… If you are not among the Ruling Elites, or among their privileged-class lackeys, then you belong with The Common People United.
Surely we ALL can see that evil forces of Elite Wealth and Power have captured our nation under their control. Whatever our political beliefs may now be, we surely ALL can see that these evil forces are sucking the very lifeblood out of our nation’s Common People, in pursuit of their own unrestrained Greed and Lust for ever more Wealth and Power.
Surely we ALL can see that these US Ruling Elites have openly declared their crazed intention to rule over all the nations of Earth. Surely we ALL can see that these Ruling Elites are now leading us into WW3, a war that we SURELY all know will be apocalyptic, a war that would end Humanity, exterminating every living soul reading this, and all your families, and all your friends, and everyone you love.
Surely we ALL can see that a terrible Fate is upon us, and that an even more horrible Fate is fast approaching. If we do not DO something to forestall these DEADLY Fates from having their evil way with us, many who are reading these words will die as these evil spirits sweep over the land, poisoning our hearts and minds with DEADLY hatred of our fellow citizens and countryfolk, (the latter including all people living in our nation, citizens or not).
A great political struggle lies before us, a struggle that we must face soberly, with our raging human passions laid aside. We must be guided by Reason alone, not by the fickle irrational emotions to which we ALL are prone. We must use the gift of our human intelligence that has raised us from the other animals to figure out how ALL our teeming billions of living human souls can live together on the Earth in peace, and can work together in cooperation, in pursuit of prosperity for ALL.
That political struggle yet lies ahead of us… But now is not yet the time to wage it. Before we, the Common People, are even capable of waging a ‘political’ struggle, we must first fight the ugly demon-spirits that have infested so many of our citizens’ hearts and minds. We must first find the ways and means to join together in Common Spirit, before we can join together as a powerful political force that no other force on Earth can withstand. We, the Common People, will NOT be even capable of fighting for and winning our political rights until we first engage in our struggle, a fearsome struggle, to join together in Good Spirit.
People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.
“Fight your closest enemy first”, saith the wise, ancient general Sun Tzu… In the stinking, corrupted spiritual morass into which our bleeding nation has been relegated by the evil forces of Elite Wealth and Power, we can EACH only find our First Foe in our own mirrors. Our hearts and minds have been poisoned with anger and hatred of the very people who MUST be our allies, if we are to claim ANY hope of winning a political struggle against an IMMENSELY powerful Enemy, against the morally demented Ruling Elites. Divided as we are now, we have not one iota of a chance, (not a snowball’s chance in a blast furnace), of prevailing over our Enemy.
United… We could EASILY accomplish our necessary objective, which must be to deprive our morally depraved and spiritually demented Enemy, these Greed and Lust crazed Ruling Elites, of every shredded ounce of their evil power over us.
Divided… we will perpetually remain ‘under the yoke’, like cattle, our beloved families suffering so the Ruling Elites can grow ever richer and ever more powerful.
To join ourselves together in common purpose, in Common Spirit, we must EACH first look into our own hearts, to find and root out the evil spirits that our cunning and powerful Enemy has deliberately inculcated there.
Whenever you feel hatred, evil follows close behind. Yea… I feel it frequently… And then I face those evil demons yet again. This is our human condition. This struggle to embrace and nurture our better spirits, this struggle to vanquish the evil that always wants to own our hearts, is constant and ever ongoing. It is not a struggle to win once and then bask in victory ever after. It is a struggle that never ends, that must be waged constantly, usually many times each and every day. Evil’s objective is NOT to help you prevail over the object of your hatred. Evil’s own desire is to prevail over YOU. Evil’s objective is to lead your OWN heart and soul to utter ruin.
As we walk among each other, each and EVERY one of us is weak in our human passions, (at least I’ve never met anyone who was not). Each and every one of us is ever hungry to fulfill our desires. Love for one another, in the cutthroat world these evil Ruling Elites have made and forced us to live in, is not easy to find nor feel. Hope has now become the rarest and most valuable commodity… Despair, utter hopelessness, constantly threatens to utterly destroy our power.
Finding love for one another, finding love in our own hearts for all our fellow human souls in our nation, and indeed on this Earth, finding love in the brotherhood and sisterhood of all Humanity, the love we MUST find for Humanity to even survive, let alone prosper, is NOT easy… It is NOT merely difficult… It is IMPOSSIBLE… But we have come to such a pass that our lives, our children’s lives, and the lives of everyone we know depend on accomplishing this excruciatingly difficult, this ‘impossible’ task.
I am but a simple carpenter… but I know that a carpenter is something to BE… “If you want to be a hero then just follow me” — J Lennon… I, Caliban, have followed… Can you?… Will you?… As a ‘true’ carpenter awakens each day, in her or his heart she or he thinks, as she or he anticipates the trials that each day will surely bring, “The easy we can do right away… The impossible will take just a bit longer”… A ‘true’ carpenter will get the job DONE, regardless of the difficulties that may stand in the way.
Let’s be ‘carpenters’ together. Let’s all wield our hammers well. What say all?… Let’s get this job DONE…  What say?…
Let’s organize to use our democratic powers, the powers inherent in True Democracy, to dethrone the morally depraved Ruling Elites who have captured our nation into their demented clawed clutches. When this job is DONE, then it will be time to ‘crack a beer’, wipe the sweat from our brows, hold that cold drink against our cheek, and enjoy our fellowship and laughter in the shade, each of us brimming with the satisfaction that derives from a job completed and well done.
The Common People are now divided into mutually hateful camps. We can NEVER prevail over our fearsome and evil Enemy, over the forces of Wealth and Power that are sucking our children’s lifeblood, until or unless we reach across our divisions to find the things that join us as allies in this deadly fateful struggle.
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.
But first things first.
Our nation is crawling with legions of communications operatives whose own united and highly organized objective is to keep us, to keep our nation’s Common People, confused and divided. In order for the Common People to UNITE, we must ALL begin to ‘take names’. We must sort the wheat from the chaff. We must sort the good actors from the bad. We must question the motives of ANYONE whose advocacy seeks to keep us divided.
How many remember the ‘King of Names’? “The King took the Liar’s name… and the Liar turned twisted, and died insane… There’s a man going ’round taking names”
I am Caliban… I come to sort things out… I AM ‘taking names’… Come with, my fellow citizens, my fellow countryfolk… Come with me to win our FREEDOM… We, the Common People MUST unite… When we do, no force on Earth can withstand our UNITED power.
People who should be allies must first stop being enemies
R Zwarich
The Common People United
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030