Tell the People that You Saw Me Passing Through, by Ray Zwarich

The chafing warrior’s garb again laid aside… More comfortable robes put on… This is rather a rambling piece, likely of less interest to many. It is addressed primarily to Dr. Michael Brenner. After he recently told us he is retiring from ‘the fray’ in hopeless discouragement, it is good to see him apparently reconsider.

“The high risk of cultivated ignorance“.

A VERY nice turn of phrase… High risk? Our nation’s ‘delusional insanity’, a more ‘direct’ term for ‘cultivated ignorance’, is going to lead us to utter devastation and ruin. Our population has been so crazed by constant blaring lies, in this nation that History will remember as The Empire of Lies, that it’s hard to see any way around complete apocalyptic collapse, with DEADLY Chaos to follow.

Caliban is trying, and is determined, to find a way, but it seems less and less likely as time goes on, that we can divert disaster.  We just seem to get crazier and crazier, as a polity, as a nation, as a culture, and as an increasingly sick society).

Trump is coming back. It’s sure looking like he’ll likely win. What will become of us? How can this possibly end other than in utter disaster?

American’s are so privileged, as long-time beneficiaries of Empire, that we have come to think that the horrible things that have happened to, and in, so MANY nations that have come to this same dangerous pass as we now have, cannot happen to us, in our nation.

“High risks”… Indeed… Cultivated ignorance? Call a spade a spade. It’s stark-raving delusional insanity. The PseudoLeft has ‘half’ the population locked into the Ruling Elites’ controlled Democratic Party Machine. The shill, Trump, has the other ‘half’ locked into the Ruling Elites’ controlled Republican Party. Perfect execution of the age old, as old as human civilization itself, Divide and Rule.

Thus NO party, no political force at ALL, even exists to mount any opposition at ALL, any at ALL, to the Ruling Elites who have captured our bleeding nation into their clawed clutches.

Remember in Dr. Zhivago? Soldiers were shooting people in Moscow for foraging wood to stay warm during the long Russian winter. When there was no loose wood left, no decrepit buildings left to forage wood from, people started dismantling the city to burn to stay warm. “We must shoot them because they will burn the entire city before winter is over”, said the Bolsheviks of the time.

Do any think these horrid mentally deranged people, our ‘woke crazy’ American Bolsheviks, will hesitate to shoot any who disobey them, should they ever somehow come to power?

“The personal life is dead”, said the creepy deadly Stelnikof, a character who some say was a representation of the young Stalin. People didn’t matter anymore. Only the Revolution mattered. Individual hopes, dreams, and aspirations had been eradicated by these mostly Jewish Bolsheviks who murdered the Russian Royal Family, (shot down children in cold blooded self-righteousness), and then proceeded to kill tens of millions of Russian people over the next 70 years.

CS Lewis, a British writer, author of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, and an very close friend of JRR Tolkien, wrote:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

“Cultivated ignorance”… Uhh… A very nice turn of phrase.. “Omnipotent moral busybodies”. These people are WAYY gone crazy… These ‘omnipotent moral busybodies’ are DEADLY crazy, in their HIGHLY cultivated ignorance.

Our nation is in DEADLY, near term, danger… And very few of us even so much as sense the true scope of the danger.

We now see this morally despicable character, Strelnikof, in horridly self-righteous American individuals like the despicable Max Elbaum and the retchingly disgusting Carl Davidson, (of 60s SDS ‘fame’), and their whole Bolshevik Woke Crazy Crew. Listen to this black guy discussing these people in abject horror. These people are “trained Marxists”. The guy shows video of a BLM co-founder saying that.

These disgusting people want to end the nuclear family itself. They want children to be raised by the State, by government provided and regimented child-care, so women can be ‘free’ to be exploited by the State as productive ‘workers’ rather than wasting their lives providing their children with ‘worthless’ loving nurture.

Really, folks… No shit… Really…

Max Elbaum is a close associate of these self-described “trained Marxists” like the lesbian founders of BLM. BLM co-founder Alicia Garza, so famous for her elaborately glamorous $3500 hairpieces, the sparkly glitter she brushes over her ugly painted jezebel cheeks, and her glistening ruby red jezebel lips, wrote the forward to Maxey’s book glorifying Lenin and Mao. The exaggeratedly glamorous Ms. Garza is a dedicated Marxist, but she’s bankrolled by corporate America. Crazy? Yea… WAYY crazy…

Many people don’t even know that Ms. Garza, the co-founder of BLM, is only half-black. She was raised as Alicia Schwartz. She is the daughter of a white Jewish man. She is married to a ‘man’, Malachi Garza, who does not happen to have a penis, and who presumably takes artificial male hormones because ‘his’ own body does not have glands that produce enough testosterone to be a ‘man’.

Our hearts must go out to transgender people for their suffering in their extremely painful condition. Transgender people certainly must have the same rights as all other citizens. They want us to think of their painful birth defect as ‘normal’, however. Malachi Garza does not have any ‘male parts’, but ‘he’ insists that we must be FORCED to regard ‘him’ as a man. Any normally gendered (cisgendered) woman who would not be attracted to have sex with a ‘man’ who does not have a penis is derided and denounced hatefully as ‘transphobic’.

Almost ALL transgender people live lives of great pain and anguish, due to their condition, an obvious birth defect. Almost ALL transgender people seek medical treatment for their painful condition.

About one in every 300 people is transgender. That puts this birth defect in the middle of the pack of tragic birth defects. One in every 110 babies is born with a congenital heart defect. One in every 200 is born with a hypospadias, a sort of deformed penis. One in 300 is transgender. One in 593 is born with a club foot.

Elbaum is a European Ashkenazi Jewish name that means “oil tree”/”olive tree” in Yiddish, so Maxey, and Alicia (she with the ruby lips, glittered cheeks, and glorious helmet of artificial hair), have their Jewish Bolshevik culture in common. (The majority of the Russian Bolsheviks were Jewish, despite the fact that Jews comprised only 5% of the Russian population).

Like the African American man linked above, MANY African Americans are VERY disturbed by the sick, delusionally insane ideology of BLM, and Woke Cult Craziness. Trump made HUGE gains in ’20, over ’16, in Black and Latino votes.

These people, these crazed American Bolsheviks, are very deliberately destroying not merely our nation, but our culture itself. That is their stated objective. They are imitating their hero Mao’s Cultural Revolution, in which large numbers of people died… At least hundreds of thousands, and possibly several million.

These crazed people want the State to raise our children as the State sees fit, pumping them full of crazed outright lies like CRT, which is totally divorced from the facts of History. (Historically, there have been more White people enslaved by Ruling Elites than Black people. Our very word ‘slave’ is a derivation of the word Slavic, the White people, (my own ancestors), who were the most highly valued of all slaves by the Elites of History. The desperate White people who came to America from Europe were almost all living lives of indentured slavery under cruel and rapacious European Ruling Elites. They came to America seeking freedom from their historical slavery, which we often call “indentured servitude”. Almost ALL American White people are descended from people who fled the miseries of the slavery in which they lived in Europe.

People have no right to be telling the State how to educate our children, these despicably horrid American Bolsheviks say. Parents should have NO say in what the State chooses to teach our children. This is what these horrid despicable people say out LOUD.

Then they howl their crazed accusations of ‘racism’ when they are voted down, fair and square. They call the people who think that parents should have a say in what their children are taught, “deplorables”, (Hillary Clinton), and worse, “domestic terrorists”, as the two-bit bagman and crook currently in the White House calls approximately HALF the US population, who saw the crooked stink-ass rigged election in ’20 for what it was. (I am NOT a Trump supporter… I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist… I recognize that Trump is a highly skilled con man/shill for the Ruling Elites. But one has to be willfully blind, in a state of “cultivated ignorance”, to not be aware of the OBVIOUSLY rigged election).

High risk? We already have people living by scrounging food from dumpsters. But they find half-eaten Big Macs, and a few leftover fries, inside wadded up wrappers, inside relatively ‘clean’ sacks. In other nations like ours, once powerful and strong, but fallen into chaos and ruin, people have been reduced to scraping garbage cans with metal spoons for any scrap of sustenance they can find.

“The high risk of cultivated ignorance”. Nice turn of phrase indeed…

The dollar is already toppling. Russia has likely already delivered a fatal blow to US Empire. Nations representing about 85% of the world’s population are NOT sanctioning Russia for defending itself against the US Empire. Most Americans think the hired clown/actor Zelensky is a ‘hero’ of democracy, as he throws dissenting journalists in jail, (many have actually been killed). Most Americans have NO idea what is happening in Ukraine.  Ukraine is among the most corrupt nations on Earth. Some think it is THE most corrupt nation on Earth. I personally think our own nation is neck and neck with Ukraine in the complete moral turpitude department, but anyway, poor Ukraine is a mess of corruption and moral filth. It’s pretty much owned and run by powerful Jewish Billionaire Oligarchs.

“Cultivated ignorance”… How many Americans even know that when the Romans famously expelled the Jews from Palestine, those Jews that left, (not all did), made their way up through the Caucasus into Ukraine, where as generations grew into centuries, they actually converted a powerful Ukrainian tribe, the Khazars, en masse, to Judaism. (Some now call the deadly murderous Ashkenazim the “Khazarian Mafia“, which Jews, of course, call “an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory”, (as the linked article does). In Germany, where the above linked article comes from, I would be imprisoned, for up to five years, for writing this. You think losing our freedom of speech to imperious organized US Jewry is bad? People are now actually imprisoned in Germany for daring to write the truth about the history of God’s own ‘chosen people’.

Many scholars dispute this ‘origin story’ of the murderous Ashkenazim, of course. Jewish influence over scholarship can be as powerful as we now see Jewish influence over freedom of speech, and over other quaint American traditions which organized American Jewry seem determined to stamp out completely in their crazed fanatical religious and cultural determination to dominate all Humanity, (their ‘rightful’ place as God’s Chosen People, after all).

Well… Scholars can disagree, but we need only look at the European Jews, the Ashkenazim, to see their genetic deviance from the Sephardic Jews who, together with the other genuinely ‘semitic’ people of Palestine, the Palestinian Arabs, are the TRUE indigenous people of Old Palestine.

The Ashkenazi European Jews are descended from the European people’s among whom they lived for nearly two millennia, before invading Palestine from Europe, murdering Palestine’s indigenous population, and stealing that land for their European Jewish (Ashkenazim) traditions.

In Israel, many forms and flavors of blatant ugly racism are widely extant, no… more than that, they are pervasive, but among the most ironic is the racial superiority the murderous marauding invaders,  the European Ashkenazim, feel over the indigenous Sephardic Jews who never left Palestine.

Anyway… Rambling… I warned you…

I have been very harsh on Dr. Michael Brenner, including recently, for his self-aggrandizing intellectual elitism, despite the fact that I agree with much, perhaps most, of what he has to say about subjects like Russia and Ukraine. Why? Because he seems to hold Humanity in contempt because so few are as smart as he is.


He is a classic ‘elitist’. He thinks he is ‘better’ than other people just because he is smarter.


Is intelligence the highest human value? Well, we certainly regard beauty very highly as well. Also other ‘values’, like courage, strength, etc. If one’s tribe is under attack by a hostile tribe, the importance of strength and courage rises. When the danger passes however, we again admire most the intelligent and the beautiful.


Some individuals ‘have it all’. Intelligence. Beauty. Wit. Wisdom. Strength. Courage. Honesty. Moral integrity. A tribe will enhance its chances to survive and prosper if such people rise to leadership roles. (We have Skinny Joe to ‘inspire’ us).

Well… Dr. Brenner may very well be smarter than I am… (Plenty of people are)… Or not… He may have more formal education than I do, but has he learned as much from his experiences as I have from mine? Maybe he has. Maybe not. I don’t have any way to know.

But Dr. Brenner is an ‘elitist’. He does NOT regard other people as his ‘equals’, because they are not as smart as he is. That is the source of my resentful and rather angry regard of him. I find myself agreeing with much of his general political perspective, with much of his general analysis of our current political predicament, but his ‘elitism’ instinctively turns my stomach into an uncomfortable knot of disgust.

There are a LOT of people, especially politically active people, who think their general political beliefs define them. They think their esoteric thoughts determine who they are. Well… If you think that, it is then only a small step to conclude that if I think ‘correctly’, my value rises over that of other people who I think think incorrectly.

Intellectual elitism is every bit as ‘bad’ as economic elitism, or political elitism. Feeling oneself as ‘superior’ becomes generalized, and thus one leads to the other. When Hillary Clinton called half our nation’s people “deplorables”, did Professor Brenner not say “amen”?

This cuts directly to the idea of ‘equality’ that underpins democracy itself. What do we mean when we hold as “self-evident” that “all people are created equal”? (Jefferson actually wrote “all men are created equal”, but thankfully our consciousness has grown at least a little since then). How is a genius with a 180 IQ ‘equal’ to her or his fellow citizen with an IQ of 90?

We could consider other parameters besides intelligence, like beauty. One person has great beauty, another person is ugly. Is a person of high intelligence who is also beautiful ‘equal’ to a stupid ugly person? Of course a person could be smart but ugly, or beautiful but dumb. How do those gradations affect their status of ‘equality’?

But we’re all ‘equal’? Isn’t that what Jefferson wrote? If one believe in democracy, does not one necessarily believe in equality? Equal how? Equal in what sense?

Well… religious people can answer this question most easily. “God loves us all the same”, theyb would say. God loves a brilliantly intelligent beautiful person no more or less than a stupid ugly person. Right?

But leaving out a religious ‘god ordered’ perspective, what do we mean when we say it is “self-evident” that a stupid ugly person is ‘equal’ to a beautiful smart person? Equal how? Equal in what sense?

No human society rewards people equally. In all human societies, smarter more beautiful people earn far greater comforts and rewards than less ‘talented’ people.

If we dig down deep enough, and honestly enough, into our own personal belief systems, somewhere deep down near the base of our most basic ‘premises’, those postulates on which all our other beliefs are founded, we’d find some pretty strange stuff. Why? Because our beliefs are shaped by our emotions, by our desires, not by our intellectual powers of reason.

As an elitist, Dr. Brenner clearly does not believe in ‘equality’. He is ‘superior’, not equal. He despises Humanity for our human foibles. Like all Elitists, he considers himself as a different, and far superior ‘species’ than “the deplorables”.

THAT is what makes me so angry in my regard of him, despite the fact that I agree with much of what he has to say.

When I was in school, they subjected me to the standard batteries of tests. Who remembers the “Iowa Benet” tests of grade school children in the 1950s? Then we had the PSATs in junior high, (now called middle school). Then the SATs in high school… Well… They told me I was “well up into” the 99th percentile… “Oh… gee… that’s great”, I thought. “But Beverly Hanger (a real person) still likes that other dumb guy better than me”. (LOL… I was SO far gone in love with her in 5th grade).

Being smarter than almost everybody else NEVER has made me feel superior to ANYONE.

Well… Professor Brenner may be smarter than me. I’ve never seen or heard anything from him that made me think he is, but he may be. But I have chosen to live a life much different than his. Human people’s human foibles are very frustrating… indeed… Is it not the RESPONSIBILITY of the intelligentsia to serve the Common People? (To SERVE us, NOT rule over us).

My heart tells me that Humanity WILL find a way to survive… even though my powers of reason tell me that the odds against that are VERY long. If not for the fact that I ‘signed up for duty’ when my first child was born, (7 grandchildren now), I think I could be a happily disillusioned expatriate, drinking absinthe in a Left Bank Paris cafe, living in useless debauchery, waiting for the end.

But I DID ‘sign up’, so here I am, trying to ‘enlighten’ other people’s consciousness with the things I’ve learned.

One thing I’ve learned is that Michael Brenner, despite his high opinion of himself, is not half the man that my neighbor Ray Mayo is, despite the fact that Ray’s IQ probably would not measure out much higher than maybe 105, (just a guess), if it ever were tested, and he quit his schooling in grade school. Back to back in any kind of a serious ‘jam’? You think I’d choose YOU, Professor Brenner, to ‘have my back’ over Ray Mayo?

“I saw Jesus on the cross, on a hill called Calgary. Do you hate humankind for what they done to you? He said, “Talk of love not hate. Things to do. It’s getting late. I’ve so little time and I’m only Passing Through?” — L Cohen

I have always considered being smart as a burden and a responsibility. I have NEVER, not for one single moment in my life, felt superior to other humans, simply because I was burdened with intelligence.

My good ‘friend’, Vladislav Krasnov, insisted that I must encounter Michael Brenner, (otherwise I likely would never have heard of him). Vladislav ran an outfit he called RAGA. The Russian American Goodwill Association. It no longer exists. An accomplished scholar, his eyesight has failed. (He asked me to take over and run RAGA as his health declined, but I deferred).

Why did he want me to encounter this elitist academic? I signed up onto Professor Brenner’s list. Well… When one reads Dr. Brenner, one immediately becomes aware of two things. One is that the man is EXTREMELY intelligent. The other is that he thinks this makes him a ‘superior being’.

Humanity is what we ARE. And that is often a sight that is horrid to look upon. Can Humanity possibly survive much longer?

But my beloved grandchildren deserve the right to pursue their dreams. We all surely feel hopeless at times. But do we not feel responsible to our children? Hope springs eternal. (I wrote a poem about it some years ago, copied below)

Professor Brenner puts ‘the facts’ in front of a crazed delusional population. Vladimir Putin is a ‘great’ man. A vast majority of the people now alive on Earth consider him as such. The hopes of the vast majority of Humankind now rest on his shoulders. Only a ‘great’ man, or ‘great’ woman, could bear such a terrible burden. History will remember him as such, as a Great Man, as the man who stood up against The Empire, and won. (Now THAT is raw unadulterated ‘hope’)

“One nation cannot rule over the Earth. All nations must engage one another in democratic negotiations. Every nation must represent the needs and interests of its own people. But every nation must also respect the interests of all other nations and peoples. We must negotiate a world economy that serves the needs and interests of people in EVERY nation”.

That is both Russia’s and China’s ‘Official Position’. Gee… As I recall from Sunsday School lessons, that sounds just like the so-called Golden Rule.

Yea… well… That’s what both Russian and China say, and have said, over and over again, for MANY years now.

Those BASTARDS!! Obviously the Empire must DESTROY them!

There’s so little time, and we’re only passing through.

Sorry for rambling. Time to don a warrior’s armor again?


Mourning Rubble
For Gaza

When darkness overcomes us
And Hope lies in the past
What in our hearts sustains us?
How do we make love last?

When our weakness overwhelms us,
And we watch as children die,
How can we breathe this still foul air?
What makes us even try?

We see grief upon a father’s face.
We hear a mother’s scream.
How do we find another place
For tortured hearts to dream?

With darkness all around us
Where do we find a light?
What makes us wake another day
To strive to set things right?

What makes us dare to toil and sweat?
What makes us try again?
What fools are we as we forget?
Is darkness some strange friend?

What fools has this God made us
To believe in spite of all
That we can build a city
On this rubble of Hope’s fall?

What fools has this God made us
To hold this foolish thought
When Hope is but a memory
Ere yesterday’s battle was fought?

What fools has this God made us
To wake another day
To greet the sun with gritted teeth
To hold our pain this way?

Where comes this courage to curse us
To strive when Hope is gone
To place tired step and then again
Make empty hearts march on?

Yet this is how God made us
As woman and man and friend
To hold each to each in darkness
To await this foul night’s end.

Morning’s light reveals the rubble
And darkness fills our soul
And Hope is scarce remembered
As a diamond gone back to coal

Dark misery fills the rubble
Pain crushes every heart
Evil grabs with rage-honed claws
To tear our souls apart.

How look we on this horrid scene?
How do we breathe again?
How will we own this bitterness?
And ever love again?

But in this morning’s glaring darkness
We hear a baby’s cry
Love pours again from foolish hearts
Like sweet rain from empty sky.

And thus has this God made us
Like fools who have no choice
And innocence melts the darkness
And we hear Love’s fatal voice.

And Love will own our hearts again
And from it Hope is born
In the face of death and tragedy
We smile bravely and face this morn.

When darkness overcomes us
And Hope lies in the past
It is Love itself that saves us
And Hope ever follows fast.

It is Love itself that saves us
‘Tween woman and man and friend
Love that gives us courage
And Hope that will not end.

R Zwarich