The Cult of ‘Semitism’ – Deadly Tragedy Brought Down on Their Own Heads, by Ray Zwarich

This is a long essay, (5800 words), so if you are interested at all in what I have to say here, please save it for when you have time. I’ve thought of dividing it into 3 parts, posted over a number of days, but have decided to just ‘publish’ this as a single paper.

A couple or so days ago Glenn Greenwald, among the people who have rejected, and in fact ‘exploded’ the false constructs of ‘left’ and ‘right’, which have been so cunningly imposed on our broken and bleeding nation, published an interview with one of our nation’s foremost thinkers about Israel, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, who is among our deepest thinkers about the horrific philosophical foundations of not merely ‘Zionism’, but of ‘Semitism’ as well.

‘Semitism’, not referring to an ethnic group, but rather to a belief system, is a concept that at this point in our tragic nation’s travails, we must consider, and discuss.

We can discuss ‘anti-Zionism’ because we know what ‘Zionism’ is. But as our very Freedom of Speech itself, and our other most basic First Amendment rights are being rapidly abrogated by Jewish American Elite Powers, in the name of forestalling ‘anti-Semitism’, (the nation’s college campuses are under severe arrack as I write this, as described in this article published this morning), we don’t really have an adequately developed concept in our minds of what ‘Semitism’ is. If “anti-Semitism” is such a terrible thing, what exactly is ‘Semitism’.

I believe that the time has come when we must consider that ‘anti-Semitism’ is a morally just posture when we consider the reality that comprises ‘Semitism’. ‘Semitism’ is much more than a mere ethnic identity. ‘Semitism’ is a religiously fanatical belief cult that reasonable people can easily understand is rooted in starkly delusional beliefs, beliefs that are so egregiously delusional that they can be accurately described as “insane”, which is the exact word used by Dr. Finkelstein in the interview linked above.

A rapidly increasing number of Jewish people themselves, especially among Jewish Americans, and especially among young Jewish Americans, are finding themselves branded as “anti-Semites”, and are struggling against repressive forces to maintain their basic 1st Amendment rights, simply because they vociferously reject the insane zealotry of the belief cult that comprises ‘Semitism’. They are making a false distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, because they are glibly conversant with the meaning of ‘Zionism’, but are willfully ignoring the deeper meaning of this concept of ‘Semitism’.

Dr. Finkelstein is a Jewish man whose parents barely survived the horrors wrought upon the Jewish people by the German Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. Thankfully, Dr. Finkelstein is among the growing number of Jewish people, especially among Jewish Americans, who have ‘awakened’ from the self-destroying insanity of this fanatical ‘belief cult’, this Cult of Semitism, that has been the DEADLY bane of the the Jewish People for several thousand years. It has been the crazed delusional beliefs held by the people of the highly insular Jewish Tribe that has brought so much DEADLY misery down on these people’s own heads.

Not meaning to claim credit, (I send my writing to both Mr. Greenwald and Dr. Finkelstein), but it is gratifying to see when ideas being promoted by some are taken up and promoted by others, especially, of course, by people whose social station affords them more access to communicate with more people than the original promoters do. This is in keeping with my own (possibly foolish) communications strategy of avoiding ‘publication’ and/or ALL social media, other than direct personal email to individual people with whose work I am familiar, and who I think are in some way ‘influential’.

We have all surely heard the powerful words of Victor Hugo, (author of ‘Les Miserables’): “Nothing else in the world, not all the armies, is so powerful as an idea whose time has come”. As I was explaining to some friends recently, the guiding principle I’m following is that ‘ideas whose time has come’ will find their OWN ‘way around’. And conversely… If ideas’ time has not yet come, disseminating them among greater numbers of people will not impart power to them.

At any rate…

Dr. Finkelstein very capably amplifies the warning I sent out just the day before his interview with Mr. Greenwald, which is that as Israel sinks deeper into the spreading gloom of its inevitable defeat, the DEADLY danger this self-declared “Nation State of the Jewish People” presents to the rest of Humanity is dramatically increasing. I am especially gratified to hear Dr. Finkelstein amplify the message that Israel, and its Jewish American foreign agents that control our own US Government, are “crazy”… NOT in merely a metaphorical sense, but rather in an actual ‘clinically diagnostic’ sense.

These people comprise a crazed “belief cult” that is rooted in ‘theorems’ (not ‘theses’, as Dr. Finkelstein makes the distinction), that are completely dingbat, nutball ‘crazy’. “Certifiable” is a term that Dr. Finkelstein uses repeatedly. Indeed these Jewish people in Israel, and their Jewish American foreign agents who have captured not just our own government, but our entire nation itself, our entire culture and society under their control, are “certifiably”, in a ‘clinical’ diagnostic sense, CRAZY people.

It’s really rather odd how willing we are to consider that historical characters, such as Hitler and his evil agents, were certifiably insane. Can we not open our eyes to the OBVIOUS truth that our OWN nation, our own beloved American Nation, representing the hopes that our ancestors held to create a free and democratic nation, and the dreams so many have dreamed, of “Liberty and Justice for ALL”, has fallen under the power of EVIL people who are every bit as starkly insane as those people who rose to power in Germany in the 1930s and 40s?

The fact that our own nation has fallen into a ruinous morass of ‘mass psychosis’ is due to the fact that we’ve fallen under the psychological control, via our Mass Media being under their complete control, of a tiny but powerful faction of an ethnic group that is dingbat, nutball INSANE. Their insular and POWERFUL cult belief system holds that they are ‘God’s favorite people’, and that they, in their tiny numbers, (far less than 2 one-thousandths of 1 percent, .0018, of the Earth’s total human population), are worth far more, in terms of moral value, in terms of value in the eyes of God, than all the rest of Humanity combined.

To quote directly from the Bible passage linked above, from the King Jame’s English translation of the Jewish Bible, which Christians call the ‘Old Testament’; from Deuteronomy, Chapter 7, Verse 6:

“For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth”.

Diagnosed objectively, the only possible clinical diagnosis that fits these people’s warped belief cult, their belief that they are somehow morally superior to all other humans, indeed to all the rest of Humanity itself, is that they are CRAZY PEOPLE. Even a large percentage of Jewish people who are NOT ‘religious’, who do not adhere to Judaism as a religion, manage to internalize this CRAZED belief in the ‘Cult of Jewish Supremacy’, this crazed belief that Jews are God’s favorite people. Even Jewish people who are atheists, who don’t believe in God, believe in this insane cult belief that Jewish people are superior in moral value to all the rest of Humanity.

That crazed belief, that stark insanity, is the heartbeat of the Cult of ‘Semitism’.

This belief cult, (NOT the living people, mind you, but the belief system itself), is a DEADLY cancer on all Humanity. This Cult of Semitism, this crazed cult of Jewish Supremacy, has been growing like a cancer on our Human Soul for thousands of years. It must be excised from the Earth, and from these poor tragic Jewish people’s own hearts and minds, before it kills us ALL, which, as we can ALL surely see, might be VERY soon.

As I pointed out in my own ‘warning’ posted recently, and as Dr. Finkelstein emphatically reinforces, these people, in their clinically psychotic Cult of Semitism, have come to believe that they, the tiny number of 16 million Jewish people now alive on the Earth, are more important, that they have much more ‘moral value’, than ALL the rest of us ‘goyim’, all 8500 million of us, combined, and in their pathological diseased sickness, in their crazed Cult of Semitism, these Jewish Israelis, and their Jewish American foreign agents, are currently and VERY avidly trying to incite WW3, rather than admit defeat in their multi-millennia long determination that they must rule over all Humanity, and their belief that the rest of us, we ‘goyim’, (a highly derogatory term analogous to the ‘N’ word), are only here on Earth to serve them.

These crazy people, this Cult of Semitism, are actually putting what’s been called the Samson Option in motion. If they cannot rule over the rest of us, as in their stark insanity they believe is their rightful place and role, then they intend to kill us ALL!

This is REAL, people.

These crazy people are REALLY doing everything they can to try to incite a shooting war between our nation and Iran, a war that considering Iran’s de facto alliance with Russia and China, can only quickly escalate into an all-out WW3. This is EXACTLY what these crazy morally depraved people in Israel, and their Jewish American foreign agents, are trying as hard as they can to cause to happen.

It’s a giant game of global ‘chicken’. Remember the scene in the movie? ALL our lives, and all our families’ lives, and the lives of every person we love, are at stake…

We can see these poor tragic Jewish people’s stark-raving insanity very clearly and plainly in their constant psychopathic propensity for self-delusional lying. They seem to actually believe their own psychopathic lies, no matter how enormous the scope of those lies might be. And they think that their psychopathological insistence that their delusional lies are TRUE grants them the commanding power to make us all believe their constant lies, no matter how blatantly ridiculous and/or absurd those lies may be.

This behavior, this Cult of Semitism, has now, under their diseased influence and effective control, become the habitual behavior of our OWN nation, a once powerful nation of some 330 million people, which has now been reduced to being a vassal of the 7 million crazed, morally depraved Jews in this tiny foreign country, in this certifiably insane “Nation State of the Jewish People”, (which they have actually passed a ‘law’ declaring themselves to be).

These people are SO crazy that they actually have come to believe that they have the raw power to make mass numbers of us ‘goyim’, billions upon teeming billions of us, disbelieve what we can see with OUR OWN DAMN EYES. They commit bloody mass murder, wantonly butchering thousands upon thousands of defenseless people, including tens of thousands of mothers and children and babies, right before our very eyes, right out in broad daylight, then they turn to us, hands stills dripping red, lashes batting like an innocent maiden’s, and say, “We didn’t just do what you ALL just SAW us do”.

These people are doing this now, of course, but this is just the most recent in a long train of Israeli atrocities. These people are SO crazy that they think they have a license to butcher people in large numbers with impunity, and then INSIST that they did NOT just do what we ALL saw them do.

In the course of his interview, Dr. Finkelstein cites the craziness of an Israeli agent who recently spoke before the UN Security Council. This Ashkenazi (European) Jewish man perfectly demonstrates the starkness of these people’s self-delusional insanity, as he so characteristically recites a completely fictitious version of historical events, wanting us to believe that Hamas attacked poor innocent little Israel for NO REASON AT ALL, other than because the Palestinian Arabs are monstrous sub-human creatures who like to kill poor, innocent Jewish people for NO REASON AT ALL.

The actual History, of course, is already indelibly written. We ALL know what really happened. These crazed people, like this Ashkenazi Jewish man speaking to the UNSC, think they can erase History itself to conform to their certifiably insane self-delusions.

Spouting the colossal Big Lie of “a land without people for a people without a land”, (the land was densely inhabited, by both Arabs and indigenous Jews, who had lived side by side, mostly in peace, for millennia), Ashkenazi Jews from Europe, who were, and are, at best only distantly related to the indigenous Jews of Palestine, came to Palestine and immediately began using the most heinous forms of raw terrorism imaginable, going door to door in small villages, like Deir Yassin, lobbing hand grenades into the midst of defenseless families huddled in utter terror in their own homes, which caused a mass of nearly a million of the Arab people of Palestine to flee their homes and land in terror, whereupon the Ashkenazi Jews from Europe seized those people’s homes and land and called it “Israel”.

Thus was Israel born from the bloody terrorism of European Jews, who are, at best, only VERY distantly related to the indigenous Jewish people of Palestine, and their CLOSELY related Semitic cousins, the Palestinian Arabs.

As History has already indelibly recorded, many of the people who fled their homes and land in fear of the Ashkenazi Jewish terrorists, were herded into the Gaza Strip, where their descendants have now lived, as constantly tortured prisoners of the Israeli Ashkenazi Jews from Europe, for generation after generation, living with the cruel hob-nailed jackboot of Israel on their necks since April of 1948. The youngest babies now being butchered by these certifiably crazed Israeli murderers are the great-great-great grandchildren of the people who fled villages like Deir Yassin in utter terror. Generation after generation of these long-suffering people have lived under the torture of Israel’s starkly vicious insanity, for all these 76 long bloody years of imposed famine, filthy water, and periodic mass murder.

But should these people ever even TRY to rise up to fight back against their crazed Ashkenazi Jewish torturers, the European Jewish people will, and do, as we can ALL see, and as we ALL have seen for all these 76 years, simply kill them in large numbers, slaughtering defenseless people, including mothers, and children, and babies, indiscriminately, while demonizing them as sub-human creatures for daring to aspire to throw the Jewish Jackboot off their necks, so their beloved children can live on the Earth as free people… free to pursue their own dreams.

Yet, set against these indelibly recorded FACTS of HISTORY, this certifiably delusionally INSANE Ashkenazi Jewish Israeli man can stand before all of Humanity, addressing the UNSC, telling the most outrageous LIES, (which he himself, in his delusional insanity, seems to believe), by characterizing the monstrous Nation State of the Jewish People’s victims as sub-human monsters attacking poor innocent little Israel, (cue the maiden’s batting lashes), for NO REASON AT ALL.

And this OBVIOUSLY certifiably INSANE Israeli man thinks Israel can command and force all of Humanity to believe these utterly delusional, these sick and diseased, Big Lies.

In discussing Iran’s considerations of a response to Israel’s deadly murderous attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, Dr. Finkelstein points out that Iran, which has chosen NOT to respond to many of Israel’s deadly murderous provocations, (the repeated murders of military leaders, and even of civilian scientists), realized that it HAD to respond, or else Israel would just launch another deadly provocation.

As Dr. Finkelstein points out so capably, this crazed ‘mad-dog’ nation of Israel’s primary objective now is to provoke its trained pit-bull attack dog, the US, to attack Iran, by provoking Iran to launch a large scale attack on Israel, thereby almost certainly triggering WW3. Israel does not care, at ALL, that a US attack on Iran will immediately cause DEADLY suffering among the American People. Israel does NOT care, not one WHIT, about the well-being of the American People, other than, of course, about its Jewish American foreign agents operating to control the American government, using their total (as in ‘totalitarian’) control of our Mass Media to herd the American People into compliance-inducing fear and general tribal hysteria.

“They provoke, and they provoke, and they provoke”, Dr. Finkelstein says in the interview, until their targeted victim is finally forced to respond, whereupon Israel bats its maiden’s lashes and blames its targeted victim for being the aggressor.

This is their boiler-plate modus operandi, (their “MO” in investigators’ parlance). This is, for example, exactly what the cunning Jewish Elites who control the US Government, and whose openly stated objective, as per the so-called Wolfowitz Doctrine, is to rule over all the nations on Earth, to literally ‘rule the world’, to rule as Tyrants over all Humanity, (just as they already rule as Tyrants over the American People), so recently did to Russia, and are now insistently doing to China, and as they do to EVERY nation that DARES to defy their commands. They “provoke, and provoke, and provoke”, just as Dr. Finkelstein said. They are like the bully who pushes a peaceable man, who doesn’t want to fight. The peaceable man backs up, The bully pushes him again. The peaceable man backs up. The bully pushes again. Eventually most ‘peaceable men’ will have taken enough, and will strike back at his tormentor, whereupon the Israeli-taught US Empire bully will bat its maiden’s lashes and blame its targeted victims for the “aggression” of their “unprovoked” attack.

This is, of course, exactly what the Jewish-dominated US Empire did in Ukraine. They provoked Russia continually, over and over again, as Russia tried every way possible to negotiate a peaceful solution, until Russia had no other choice than to send its troops across its own border into Ukraine. Despite the indelibly recorded FACTS of HISTORY, despite the FACTS of what actually HAPPENED, which all Humanity can clearly see, the US Empire, now gone fully ‘Talmudic’ under its Jewish-dominated Ruling Tyrants, insists that they have the raw power to INSANELY command all Humanity to disbelieve what we can see so clearly with OUR OWN DAMN EYES! These certifiably CRAZY people who control our nation, these Jewish-dominated Tyrants who control ALL our Mass Media, insist that they can FORCE us to believe that Russia’s clearly defensive Special Military Operation was an act of “unprovoked aggression”.

Under the full effective control of Jewish American foreign agents, our nation’s entire existence is now a gigantic Big Lie. We are no longer a democracy, while still pretending to be one. Our nation, and especially our support for Israel’s monstrously depraved behavior, is vehemently hated by most of Humanity, while we still pretend to be a “shining city on a hill’ inspiring all Humanity with our sheer goodness. We have long ago seen the death of public honor. We ALL now know that all our politicians, and our entire government, lie to us constantly, and with complete impunity. Our entire government has been fully transformed into a giant stinking sewer-swamp of fully legalized bribery. As the Jewish-dominated Super-Wealthy Elites steadily increase and consolidate their tyrannical power over our lives, our people have been intentionally and artfully divided into mutually hateful camps, which we compliantly call ‘left’ and ‘right’, despite the fact that these factions are defined by factors that have nothing at all to do with the traditional ‘class conscious’ meaning of the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’. These terms are rather defined by primitive tribal and cultural conceits over racial, and sexual, and other primitive tribal identities, especially over issues supporting promiscuous and hedonistic sexual behavior, especially deviant sexual behavior.

Both artfully created factions hate each other with great passion, but neither faction presents any opposition at ALL to the Jewish-dominated Ruling Elites’ power, and no viable candidate for the office of POTUS is even allowed to oppose putting Israel’s interests FAR above the actual security and well-being of the American People. Our hard earned wages, which won’t even any longer provide a dignified life for our own children and families, are purloined as taxes that are sent to benefit Israel, while 1 out of every 6 American children go to bed hungry most nights, (they are ‘food insecure’). People in Israel have a higher per capita income than Americans do, but our government, under the control of Israel’s Jewish American foreign agents, sends Israel billions upon billions of dollars of financial support and subsidy, robbing that money from our paychecks against our will.
The History of the Cult of Semitism just keeps repeating itself, as it has for the entire 2000 years of the Jewish Diaspora. Until relatively recently, (until the younger generations of Jewish Americans), the success of the Jewish Tribe in enforcing its ‘taboos’ against inter-marriage, thereby enforcing its own determination that it remain a highly insular tribe, refusing to assimilate into the shared culture of the people and societies they have lived among, has been astounding, far surpassing that of any other ethnic group that has migrated to live as a minority among dominant ethnic groups. Openly declaring themselves to be God’s favorite people surely did not endear them to other ethnic groups, nor did their powerful taboos against inter-marriage. “Your children are not good enough toi marry our children”. The Jewish Tribe lived as small minorities among other ethnic groups in all the societies they migrated to live among.

But they used their fiercely determined tribal insularity as a social ‘weapon’. Acting and working in unison, as a fanatically cohesive tribal group, toward their collective tribals goals, gave them a powerful advantage over all other ethnic groups in every society, which all competed against each other, and among themselves, for economic and social power. As the others did so, as the others competed against one another, the highly insular Jewish tribe very specifically and purposefully targeted the collective objective of gaining control over the most crucial ‘levers of power’ in every society they lived among.

First and foremost, they ALWAYS targeted the monetary system, including gaining control of issuing currency, as well as control of the banking and financial credit system, which, of course, gave them hugely outsized influence, compared to their percentage of the population, of every society’s general economy, and as an extension, over every society’s governing powers. They also targeted exerting control over the societies’ legal systems and academic hierarchies. Most crucially, especially after the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, the insular Jewish tribes targeted and gained control over every society’s means of communication, especially, of course, over all Mass Media.

Since they always comprised such a minuscule percentage of every society’s population, while exerting such hugely outsized control over the lives of the majority of the people, and as a result of their overbearing cultural arrogance, (holding themselves openly to be God’s favorite people, far above allowing their children to marry from among the inferior people), the Jewish tribe eventually became first resented, then vehemently HATED by every societies’ other people. These Jewish people, this culturally arrogant tribe, this deliberately and fanatically insular Cult of Semitism, has ALWAYS become so hated by the societies’ other people that they have been expelled, en masse, from over 100 different societies they have lived among, usually with varying degrees of deadly violence used as a method to encourage them to leave.

As I said in a recent essay, no decent moral person would suggest that the Jewish people ‘deserved’ the deadly violence that all those dozens of different societies wrought upon them, but still, we can observe and recognize that it was the behavior of the Jewish people themselves that caused so much hatred to ALWAYS rise against them. Hitler was, of course, a demagogic monster, and what he did to Jewish people was an horrific crime against Humanity. But the reason that Hitler so easily aroused so much deadly ire against Jewish people was due to the miseries that Jewish powers had wrought upon the German people.

I am not a scholar of History, (reading History is rather a lifelong hobby of mine), but I do not know of a SINGLE instance in which Jewish people have not come to be hated, to extreme degrees, and to even suffer deadly violence, at the hands of the other people they have lived among. I invite anyone to please name such an instance. Can anyone name a SINGLE historical instance of Jewish people living as an ethnic group among other people, without coming to be hated, to be vehemently despised by those people? Can anyone name a SINGLE instance of Jewish people, as an ethnic group, assimilating to live peacefully and harmoniously with other people and cultures they have lived among, over the entire 2000 years of the Jewish Diaspora?

But despite being universally despised by so many diverse and different societies, by people of diverse and different cultures and nations, the Cult of Semitism demands that we believe that this remarkable historical record is a story about the suffering of the poor, innocent Jewish people at the hands of all those other people.

Yea… but… Why?… Why did ALL those people, without exception, come to hate you so vehemently? You want us to believe that your own behavior has been as morally pure toward other people as the proverbial ‘driven snow’. You want us to believe that over this period of two full millennia, it was ALWAYS the moral depravity of the OTHER PEOPLE, rather than your own, that was the cause of your coming to be so universally despised?

Hmm… Uhhh…

As you are currently perpetrating the utter moral depravity of a bloody mass murder of defenseless people of historic proportions, right before our very eyes, a mass murder that will be remembered for at least centuries, and likely for thousands of years in Humanity’s annals, (assuming we can survive our current existential crisis), a mass murder that will be remembered as an example of the depths of sheer and utter moral depravity to which an entire nation can fall, even as you do this, even with your hands still dripping red, you’re asking us stupid ‘goyim’, as stupid as you clearly think we are, to believe in your historical fairy tale, in your Jewish fairy tale of legendary Jewish suffering, far worse, of course, than ANY other people have EVER suffered, your Jewish fairy tale of the suffering of all those poor, innocent Jews, on which your entire odious Cult of Semitism, this evil cult of Jewish Supremacy, is based?

With your hands still dripping the blood of tens of thousands of defenseless people, you want us to believe this Jewish fairy tale of your pure innocence? (Cue the maiden’s batting lashes).

Well… Uhhh…. Okey doke, then… I’ll have to scratch my head on that one for a while… (sarcasm alert!)…

This tragic history of the Cult of Semitism is now repeating itself in our own nation. Comprising only 2% of our population, Jewish Americans have captured control over virtually ALL our American society’s most crucial levers of power. They control our monetary system, (the actual creation of our money). They control our banking and financial system. They centrally control ALL our Mass Media, of course, which gives them psychological control of our society’s exceedingly ‘sick’ culture. Through their control of Mass Media, they completely control our electoral system, and thus our government. Through their immense financial power, they control our colleges and universities. Through their compliantly trained Woke Cult forces, they control our entire system of public education, using their control to teach our children to embrace every extreme form of sexual deviancy, and to teach our children that the majority of our nation’s people are evil racists. They control BOTH political parties. They control Trump. They control Biden. They control the only viable third party candidate, Bobby Kennedy’s kid.

They have our entire society so firmly under their effective control that there is no organized political force in our nation, no party, no faction, no leaders, no candidates, no force of any kind, that is even mounting any opposition at ALL to their power. The two major factions into which they have so artfully divided our nation’s Common People\ are far too busy fighting each other to even think about organizing into a Political Front to fight the Jewish-dominated Tyrants who actually rule over us ALL.

And they are NOW using their complete effective control of our nation to do EVERYTHING they can, using ALL their immense power, to try to drag our tragic sad-sack of a fallen nation into fighting WW3, SOLELY for the benefit of the certifiably crazed and utterly morally demented 7 million Jews in the tiny foreign country that calls itself the “Nation State of the Jewish People’, who are foreigners who have NO loyalty whatsoever to us, to the American People.
Well… We Americans have no one to blame but ourselves for being so inattentive, so distracted by “bread and circus”, by hedonistic individualism, that we’ve allowed this to happen right under our very noses. But we have… And now, as the shadow of apocalyptic war darkens our skies, a war that the morally demented nation of Israel is doing everything it can to cause to happen, the American People are beginning to wake up from our insouciant distractions. And as we do, and as we begin to realize the power that the tiny foreign nation of Israel now holds over us, with its Jewish American foreign agents using their power over us to endanger our own beloved families’ lives, hatred of ‘the Jews’, pure raw hatred, is, quite naturally, palpably beginning to rise.

It is simply our basest human nature to hate people who threaten our own families’ lives, safety, and welfare.

History has again come full circle. The Jewish people have again brought this rising hatred of them down on their own heads. How long before this rising EVIL spirit of hatred begins to erupt into deadly violence against ‘the Jews’?

We must NOT allow this to happen. We, as a nation, as a people, must NOT allow ourselves to hate ALL the members of a group because of the behavior of SOME members of that group. We must NOT allow hatred to rise against ALL Jewish people due to the odious behavior of SOME Jewish people.

In a remarkable article published on April 18th in CounterPunch, entitled ‘Why They Hate Us: Anti-Zionism in the Jewish Community’, a writer name Alan Wagman tries to explain why Jewish people who adhere to the Cult of Semitism hold a special, MUCH hotter degree of hatred for ‘fallen Jews’, for Jews that the crazed Cult of Semitism regards as ‘traitors’ to their Cult of Jewish Supremacy, than for we mere stupid ‘goyim’ speaking up to oppose their increasingly Tyrannical Rule over our lives.

What these people of the Cult of Semitism can clearly see is that the insularity of their Jewish Tribe is rapidly breaking down in America. Young Jews, especially younger Jewish Americans, are actually beginning to assimilate into the common prevailing culture. Young Jewish Americans are even violating en masse the tribal taboo against inter-marriage.


Inter-marriage is, of course, the peal of the death knell for the 2000 year old Cult of Semitism. Young Jewish Americans are rejecting the cult belief in Jewish Supremacy. They are living harmoniously among the other ethnic groups that comprise our society. They are taking their places in society as mere ‘equals’ to non-Jewish people. They are forming sacred family bonds with non-Jewish people.

Israel’s fate is sealed. Israel has destroyed itself. Humanity is still recovering from our gape-jawed shock over Israel’s complete revelation of its utter moral depravity, but already Humanity is firmly resolved that as Israel, as a nation state, crumbles into ruin before our very eyes, as its economy falls into shambles, the world’s Family of Nations will simply not allow Israel to continue to exist in its current state of moral depravity. 7 million Jews are completely surrounded by hundreds of millions of enraged Arab people, and by well over a billion enraged Muslim people. Without the US paper-tiger military to fight its wars, (attacking Iran would immediataely cause our own economy to fall into utter ruin), the hate-soaked “Nation State of the Jewish People” is already doomed.

The stark Evil of Zionism is already falling into defeat. But as it does, the Cult of Semitism becomes an even greater threat to us all, to all Humanity.

There are only two possible courses that can resolve this situation to allow Jewish people to continue to live in Palestine. Either the vaunted IDF will accept full responsibility for expelling the fanatical and heavily armed Jewish settlers from the West Bank, to behind the 1967 Green Line, to allow physical territory to exist for the so-called ‘two state solution’, or else the “one-state solution” will be imposed on the region by the rest of Humanity, mandating that Jews and Arabs will live as EQUALS, with full democratic rights for ALL, in the unified State of Palestine.

Either way, from the River to the Sea, Palestine WILL BE free!

In the current atmosphere dominated by stark clinical insanity, both courses seem impossible, of course. Trying to remove the settlers would mean the IDF engaging in a deadly civil war against heavily armed fellow Jews. Creating a single state, given the sheer enormity of the enmity between Jews and Arabs in this land now controlled by Israel, seems impossible as well.

And thus here we are… teetering on the very brink of Humanity’s self-annihilation…

In the article linked above, Mr. Wagman writes:

“I believe Jewish Voice for Peace and other anti-Zionist Jews have two sets of roles, one outside the Jewish community and one inside the Jewish community. Outside, our primary roles have been to work toward a day when all who live between the River and the Sea enjoy freedom, equality, and dignity and to show the world that Jews are not monolithic.

Inside, we have crossed a line, where our primary role within the Jewish community is no longer to be carriers and chroniclers of that hidden and unwelcome truth. That truth may still be unwelcome, but it is no longer under wraps. One need only look at the coverage in mainstream media that would have been unthinkable as recently as October 6 of last year. The truth is out.

Our primary role now is to demonstrate that there are Jewish values and traditions that go back thousands of years and do not depend upon a Euro-centric political ideology born less than 150 years ago. In other words, we must demonstrate that one can leave Zionism and still be part of a Jewish community that lives its traditions, its values, and – if so inclined – its spiritual life with vitality and integrity.”

Well… I suppose we risk asking too much of these courageous young Jewish Americans, to ask them to dig deeper, to go further, to go beyond simply opposing ‘Zionism’, to look deeper into the history of their own Ancient Tribe, to acknowledge the role this Jewish Tribe has played, so consistently in so many different societies, which has caused so much hatred to fall on their own heads.

Yea… I suppose that is asking a LOT… But the existential nature of the emergency that Humanity now faces is such that we must ask these courageous young Jews to do exactly that.

They must reach deeper than mere opposing ‘Zionism’. They must find their way to oppose the ancient Cult of Semitism, the ancient Cult of Jewish Supremacy itself.

They are, of course, already doing so, whether consciously or not. They are openly defying the taboos and beliefs of the deadly Cult of Semitism, which for thousands of years now has brought so much deadly suffering down on the Jewish people’s own heads.

We define anti-Zionism as being opposed to Zionism. Let us define anti-Semitism not as being opposed to an ethnic group, but rather as being opposed to the Cult of Semitism, as being opposed to this certifiably crazed belief in Jewish Supremacy, which has been a deadly cancer growing on Humanity’s Soul for thousands of years.

As such, “anti-Semitism” is a morally ‘just’ social posture.

I hope all are well, and in Strong Spirit.

Simius Cognitius