The horror PR equation and the coming acceleration/conflagration, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

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The president of the Islamic University of Gaza Prof. Sufian Tayeh and his
family were killed in Israeli bombing in North Gaza (Jabalya) 2 December
2023. I updated the detailed post on attacks on institution of higher
education including the call that was signed by Prof. Sufian few days
before he was killed:

Here are videos you won’t see on western controlled media
-Six residential towers leveled in Khan Younis
-‘Where to go?’ Palestinians say nowhere safe as Israel resumes Gaza bombing
-and this report:

Truce ends, Israeli bombing kills dozens – Day 56

Revealing latest Israeli poll even as the Israeli army is bombing
residential buildings & killing hundreds of civilians daily: 72% of them
are women and children, now one of every 200 Gazan Palestinian is killed 1
of every 70 is injured/debilitated, 80% of the population rendered
homeless. The Israeli POLL shows 57.5% of Israeli Jews actually think the
military is not using enough firepower while 36.6% said the military is
using the right amount of firepower. 1.8% only thought the army is using
too much firepower, and the rest were unsure. In otherwords, the poll
results show 94% of Israeli Jews support the genocide and ethnic cleansing
and a majority (57.5%) want it ACCELERATED. Butthey need not worry, their
government found the trick: Israel weaponizes disease in the Gaza
genocide. On Monday, the World Health Organization issued a dire warning:
Even after the relentless Israeli bombing that has left over 20,000 Gazans
dead or missing, the death toll from infectious disease in the period ahead
is likely to be even higher. “We will see more people dying from disease
than from bombardment if we are not able to put back together this health
system,” Margaret Harris, a spokesperson for the WHO, said at a briefing in
Geneva on Tuesday. More on this genpocide by disease and starvation and
lack of medicine at:

“Slow death”: Israel weaponizes disease in the Gaza genocide

The public relations equation now supported by the US: Israel will continue
its genocide both bombing of civilians and all their buidlings and denial
of basic neccessities of life, unless Palestinian resistance forces release
their captive Israeli soldiers (jstead of listening to the families who
asked Israel to go ahead and exchange all soldiers/people held for
Palestinians in Israeli occupation gulagsas the resistance has agreed to do
weeks ago). Theis equation is for foreign audiences hoiping to buy Israel
more time to continue its onslaught on Paestinians towards liquidating the
Palestinian legitimate quest for freedom. . Negotiatins (for surrender of
resistance) supposedly can continue while the genocide continues according
to Israeli and US sources. Occupation forces continue denial of food,
water, medicine, fuel and electricity to 2.3 million people with a
destroyed healthcare system: 22 hospitals attacked and rendered out of
service and others can offer only basic first aid and no electricity for
most/fuel running out of the few remaining healthcare facilities. The
Western media tells us that IF resistance forces release prisoners on
Israeli/American conditions, pauses and miniscule humanitarian aid can come
in (as it did during the week of a pause) and the death will continue from
the diseases and exposure. Then Israel can resume cleansing Gaza to get the
lucrative gas fields and get rid of the pesky population (which will be
much smaller by then). Then Israel/US will turn to the Palestinians in the
West Bank, Galilee etc and do the same (already started). However, the
US/Israel are losing the PR stunts and losing control over events and there
will be a regional or even a global war in which it is not the Palestinains
alone who suffer (as we did for 75 years).

West Bank Situation:

It is not just weapons ($14 billion wort in two months) like white
phosphorous, bunker buster bombs ( but the US Military satellites
over Gaza helping Israeli genocide (videos above show their uses) and
preventing any regional country to interven to stop he genociude: [The US State Department is now working full
time for Israel. Please ignore the feeble nonsense about “Israel assured us
they will work to ensure protection of civilians” when they know Israel is
targeting civilians with their weapons]

Kidnapping children

Video of man whose farewell to his granddaughter touched people’s hearts

A 2007 revealing interview with ex-president Jimmy Carter on Democracy Now
defending his book “Peace not Apartheid” you can just listen to the part
starting at 14:55
[I differ with him on the lobby being legitimate: it is the only lobby not
registered as a foreign lobby and John F Kennedy Jr was killed while trying
to get the lobby to register per law as a foreign lobby]

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