The Pat Tillman Tragedy, by Ray Zwarich

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Copied below are comments I attached to an article by a talented young writer named Brett Wilkins, published this morning on ScheerPost. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, (who won?), but apparently there was a display of shameless moral disgrace as Pat Tillman’s tragic sacrifice was used both for crass commercial purpose, and to promote the evil of US Imperialism.

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Mr. Wilkins’ article is well-written. It is a ‘propaganda piece’ of course, but it does not contain any overt lies, as articles from the Left propaganda outlet, Common Dreams, so often do. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Wilkins’ piece is so ‘jumbled’ that it completely misses the true significance of the Pat Tillman story, including how this ‘story’ has been used as shameless propaganda, by both the US military and by the NFL.

The ‘heart’ of this story, the most salient and tragic irony it presents, has seemed to whizz right past Mr. Wilkins’ ear with the deadly ‘zzssipp’ of a bullet that just barely missed its mark.

Worse than burying his lead, (which I refuse to spell as ‘lede’, for essentially the same reason I refuse to refer to an individual as ‘they’), Mr. Wilkins has missed the REAL story.

Pat Tillman was clearly a consummately courageous young man, who was driven by the most noble and heroic motivations that exist in our human character. Love of one’s nation is one thing. A heroic sense of ‘duty’, acceptance of PERSONAL responsibility to rise to protect one’s tribe, at the cost of ANY sacrifice, is quite another.

This heroic young man deserves to be showered with the HIGHEST honors that any nation could possibly give.

But the essence of this ‘Tillman Story’ is not heroism, but rather epic, Shakespearian caliber, tragedy, which Mr. Wilkins completely misses. Young Mr. Tillman gave his life in service to evil people who duped him into false beliefs. He wanted to ‘fight for his country’ while under the spell of evil propaganda that made him believe that there was a heroic cause to fight for.

There WASN’T.

The tragedy is that Pat Tillman, acting out of the very highest, most heroic, most noble motivations, allowed himself to be duped into wasting his life by dying in service to an EVIL cause.

Pat Tillman’s heroic sacrifice only exposes the monstrously EVIL nature of the people who have captured our nation under their control, who are executing GREAT evil in other nations, in pursuit of their own crazed lust to rule over the entire Earth, to satiate their evil greed and unbridled lust for power. Not satisfied to rule over us, here in our hapless, bleeding nation, these exceedingly EVIL people are determined that they must rule over all Humanity.

These evil people used their powers, primarily their total (as in totalitarian) control over our nation’s means of communications, (the means of communication are the means of power), to ‘trick’ poor heroic Mr. Tillman into believing that there was a heroic ’cause’ at the root of our captive nation’s wreaking of murderous deadly evil on other weaker nations. Poor tragic Mr. Tillman fell for their ‘trick’. He believed them. He was a tragic dupe, and he paid for being so with his very life.

What his brother, Kevin Tillman, said in his testimony only shows that despite his beloved brother’s sacrifice, Kevin STILL did not learn the lesson that his brother’s needless and tragic death most wants to teach us. “He wanted to fight in Afghanistan, where there was a just cause”, Kevin said (paraphrasing), “but they sent him to Iraq, where right away he saw that the only cause was an evil one”.

There was NO ‘just cause’ in Afghanistan.

“Give up bin Laden”, the evil Rulers of the US Empire demanded.

Afghanistan answered simply by expressing its own sovereign dignity as a sovereign nation. “Show us your case against him, and if the evidence is convincing, we’ll consider complying with your request”.

“Fuck evidence”, the evil US Imperial Rulers answered back. “Give him up NOW or else we’ll KILL you!”

Afghanistan refused to surrender its sovereign dignity to the imperious commands of the evil US Empire. They did NOT say they would never give up bin Laden. They only expressed their sovereign right as a sovereign nation to first see the Empire’s evidence against this man.

But the US Empire refused to present evidence in the court of the world’s attention. Instead, like the monstrously brutal and thuggish bully that the Empire is, it then proceeded to make good on its threat, and started brutally killing people in this much weaker nation. The Empire then spent two decades brutally killing people in that nation, before slinking home in utter defeat, like Napoleon and Hitler both did before the frozen Russian winter winds.Why didn’t the US simply present the evidence?

Because there WAS none. That’s why.

In fact, to this day, I’ve still not seen ANY evidence that convinces me that 9/11 was perpetrated by bin Laden, just as I’ve never seen any convincing evidence that Oswald acted on his own to kill Jack Kennedy.

Many highly ranking, and highly educated (from MIT, etc) professional engineers, some of them the equivalent of ‘rocket scientists’, have presented convincing evidence, (thermite traces on steels beams, etc, the fact that it was announced, ON CAMERA, that Building 7 had fallen, while Building 7 was still fully visible in the background, the video tape of which I’ve seen with my OWN damn eyes), that bin Laden did NOT perpetrate the horrific tragedy our nation suffered on that beautiful sunny September day.

And there WERE, of course, the Israeli Mossad operatives caught in the very act of dancing in celebration on the New Jersey Palisades, as they watched the deadly toxic smoke rise in the distance across the Hudson.

The US Empire wanted to exert its power in and control over Afghanistan for the SAME reasons that the Soviet Empire before it had wanted to control that nation. Afghanistan’s strategic Central Asia location makes it a crucial territory to control for ANY empire with designs for world rule. (I’ll not launch into that here).

There was NO ‘just cause’ for this tragically duped young man, Pat Tillman, a gloriously magnificent specimen of young American manhood, a champion in the full flower and glory of his young maturity, to give his life for.

This poor young man was ‘tricked’ into believing that there was.

THAT is the heart of this story, which apparently whizzed right past Mr. Wilkins ear as he typed out this article.

There are several other facets of this story to explore, of course, such as the one Mr. Wilkins dotes on with such misguided determination, namely the coverup by the US Military ‘brass’ of the fact that Mr. Tillman was killed by ‘friendly fire’. The US Military is a spiritually corrupt entity, top heavy with useless careerist flag officers, (generals and admirals), with the troops ‘in the trenches’ so dispirited by the moral corruption of their leaders that the US Army could not fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

It is NO surprise that these morally corrupt people lacked the moral fortitude to be honest.

This moral and spiritual corruption at the highest levels of command is why the US now LOSES all its wars, and has since we fought the tiny nation of Korea to a draw. Thats why the idea that we might fight the powerful nation of Russia, on that nation’s own borders, is so ridiculously absurd. It would be a blood bath. The US Empire has ‘picked a fight’ in Ukraine that it IS going to lose.

The ONLY power the ‘paper tiger’ US Empire has is to kill people through high technology bombing, and to threaten all Humanity with its nuclear arsenal.

Another aspect of this story, which Mr. Wilkins touches on, but does not adequately explore, is the close and growing partnership between the US Military and the NFL, as the brutally violent sport of American football is used to promote the US Empire’s murderous violence.

We’ve seen this before, folks, on the hot sand of the arena, as blood flowed freely, to satiate the most primitive violent instincts of the Roman citizenry, in order to promote the primeval imperial triumphalism of the Roman Empire.Roma Victa!

USA! USA! (Cue the visceral roar of the jets low over head).