The Psychospiritual Roots of the Israel-Palestine Tragedy, by Rich Forer

For those of you who are interested in the deeper and mostly unconscious thought processes that lead people, in the name of peace and justice, to side with aggression and injustice, please watch this video of a talk I gave in Colorado Springs this past Saturday. The talk is about 42 minutes followed by a Q&A period.

There are a number of demographics that are not involved in the issue, but a very large one consists of spiritual seekers who have never been drawn to participation in the Israel-Palestine issue because they want to understand the root causes of this unending problem but cannot get answers to their questions from any of the organizations that are involved in the issue. Over the years, I’ve spoken to a couple spiritual oriented groups and they were extremely supportive of my message. Many of them told me the movement as they saw it lacked the insight and wisdom they were looking for. As my books have done, this video can encourage more people to become more active.

Most of you know that the Palestine Solidarity movement is dwarfed in terms of monetary support compared to the hundreds of pro-genocide groups. Our movement needs much greater participation and much more money. Anytime a new person chooses to become involved we are closer to our goal. So, please share this video, especially with people who are confused about the issue or unsure as to which side’s spokespersons to believe. Rich

Richard Forer, Author of

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