The Times and the Prussian Queen are Begging Quarter, by Ray Zwarich

A person who considers himself a ‘leftist’ down in Texas, in Austin, I think, named Thorne Dreyer, a local ‘celebrity’ public radio host, wrote to express his hostility by asking to be removed from this list. [The text is from an email – Ed.]


I call his passive-aggressive hostility the PseudoLeft’s Three Monkey Act. Mr. Dreyer is here acting out the part of the Monkey that refuses to hear anything that challenges its beliefs. This behavior is more than merely common on the PseudoLeft. It is intrinsically endemic. It is a DEFINING characteristic of this inbred PseudoLeft political cult. PseudoLeftists are often referred to, with considerable hostility, by non-members of their inbred PseudoLeft cult, as “snowflakes“. Though that is not a term I use, the symbolism seems to derive from the fact that these people can’t “take the heat”, but they clownishly demand that they should “run the kitchen”.

Unable to debate their deranged cult belief systems, they demand that all who oppose them must be silenced, aka: “Canceled”.

The symbolism of the Three Monkeys is very interesting, in that this symbol is used by people with different beliefs to represent opposing meanings. Of course I’m using it (as quoted from the linked entry) “… to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way or feigning ignorance.”

At any rate, below is my reply to Mr. Thorne Dreyer. I had just recently added Mr. Dreyer to my recipient list after sending him, just a few days ago, a heartfelt personal appeal for his help and support in promoting the spiritually uplifting ‘Anthem’ that I have introduced that calls for the American Common People to heal our spiritual differences, join together in our UNITED power, so that we can organize a powerful political front to defeat our Common Enemy, the evil Ruling Powers that have captured our nation into their clawed clutches.

Mr. Dreyer is clearly hostile to that concept. He never had the courtesy to even reply to my personal appeal. He now presents his hostility in a passive-aggressive way, totally lacking in political courage.

I have made considerable effort trying to get the Common People from all points on the political spectrum to stop fighting one another, as we have been so cunningly induced to do by being tricked into adopting self-defeating ideologies, so we can UNITE in our power to fight, and EASILY defeat, (if we were UNITED), the status quo Ruling Powers. Currently we are witnessing a PERFECT execution, by those Ruling Powers, of the age-old “divide and rule” Ruling Elite strategy for social control of The Many by The Elite Few.

Currently there is NO organized political force in this nation, none at ALL, (please correct me if anyone knows of such a force), that is fighting the Ruling Elites, because the Common People are ALL too busy fighting each other.

Mr. Dreyer clearly seems hostile to my UNITING message, though a lack of courage seems to make him reticent to explain why.

My reply to Mr. Dreyer’s demand to be removed from this recipient list:


Mr. Dreyer:

I am addressing you as a public personage, sir, who broadcasts his own opinions over the public airwaves, and advertises his email address publicly in that capacity. How would you respond, sir, if I wrote to demand that you stop broadcasting?

My ‘aggression’ toward you is thus no different than yours toward me… I simply am ‘broadcasting’ through a different medium.

I see that the New Journalism Project, on whose board you serve, is a Federal Government authorized 501(C)(3) corporation, therefore it is subsidized by US taxpayers. I am one of the latter, sir… Do you receive a salary in your capacity as a Director of the New Journalism Project, or in any other capacity that is taxpayer subsidized? If so, I help pay your salary, sir. Even if you are a ‘volunteer’, as a US taxpayer I subsidize your politically ineffective but ego-fulfilling activities, which, as is easy for anyone to understand, must be lots of fun for you.

Your Rag Radio program is entitled ‘Driving in the Left Lane’. Your program’s ‘tag-line’ reads “Cutting-edge alternative journalism, politics, and culture in the spirit of the Sixties underground press”.

I have been a Leftist since 1968, (UCLA Class of ’70). I have watched since then as the American Left has grown into what it is today: a PseudoLeft, which is a politically ineffectual edifice, incorporated, as your enterprise is, to be subsidized by US taxpayers, and which is, in its total effect, a large entertainment industry consisting of people like you assembling audiences to entertain, in order to gratify your own ego, and to profit off of the forced largesse of US taxpayers.

Any SERIOUS Leftist would WELCOME my message, sir. If she or he were hostile to the message, as you clearly are, a serious Leftist would regard it as a valued opportunity to OPPOSE that message publicly, and to instead promote her or his own message.

I always invite public debate. In this message I provide an immediate public forum for public debate. I usually use a BCC format, out of respect for people’s privacy, for messages sent to a MUCH larger list, but I always welcome public debate in any venue, and OFTEN challenge PseudoLeftists to debate. For reasons of their own, they choose not to, as we can see the people on this recipient list do so choose. (I yet hope to be proven wrong in that statement).

I do NOT “preach to the choir”, sir… A majority of the people on this abbreviated list are people hostile to my message, whom I KNOW are hostile to my message. As a SERIOUS Leftist activist, I don’t want to waste time entertaining people who already agree with me. I want to affect the minds and thinking specifically of those who do NOT agree with me.

Initiating public debate is my intended purpose in using this medium for political purpose. I am NOT seeking to entertain people, as your so-called ‘political activities’ do. My purpose is to advance a political cause through honest and straightforward means.

You claim to represent “the spirit of the sixties”. In the terminology common among serious activists in the 60s, we would have called this pathetic, politically ineffectual taxpayer subsidized, Federally incorporated industry, this PseudoLeft, a “giant ego trip”. You, personally, very clearly lack ANY serious political intent. You are just serving your own ego, and possibly earning a living, or at least a stipend, by entertaining an audience, and providing that audience with the delusion that listening to your program constitutes political activism.

In that capacity, I consider your activities to be specifically counterproductive to an AUTHENTIC Left cause. Your activities are thus ANTI-Leftist, we could say. Instead of grappling with the important problems that have rendered the Left politically impotent, you only want to entertain people so they ‘feel good’ in spite of their political impotence. Earning their applause, and the false esteem you derive from it, is your primary motivation.

Isn’t it, sir?

I don’t know where you were or what you did in the 60s, Mr. Dreyer, but where I was we called what you do “preaching to the choir”, which we considered to be a form of what was commonly known among Leftists of that era as “mental masturbation”. Serious political organizers/activists in the 60s, at least where I was, considered people who do what you do as useless parasites, feeding off the lifeblood of a ’cause’ that more serious people were making considerable personal sacrifices to promote.

I already figured out, of course, that you were likely hostile to my message, when you failed to respond to my heartfelt request to contact Steve Davis. It is telling, of course, that other than wanting to insult me with this Three Monkey request to ‘hear no evil’, people like you have nothing else to say. If you are not interested in reading my messages, no one is forcing you to do so, just as no one forces me to tune in to your radio broadcasts.

It would have taken much less time, of course, for you to simply use your email software to route my mail appropriately. But avoiding my mail was NOT your primary motivation. Your primary motivation was to express your hostility to my message, which you did in a passive-aggressive manner, lacking in the courage to express yourself more honestly.

Isn’t that true?

Why? Why are you hostile to a message that is trying to get the ineffectual edifice of the PseudoLeft to ‘get serious’ in organizing political opposition to the political power of the Ruling Elites that have captured our nation under their power? As a person that represents himself publicly, over the public airwaves, as a person who pretends that he stands in opposition to the Ruling Powers, aren’t you really just serving your own personal ego-needs in your activities?

Do you really think you look like a ‘peer’ to a SERIOUS Leftist, sir?

You entertain your cultivated audience, and enjoy receiving people’s applause. Aren’t you deluding yourself by considering such a self-serving activity as serious political activism?

Respectfully… I decline your passive-aggressive demand to be removed from my recipient list.

You are broadcasting your views through a medium made available to you by taxpayers’ subsidizing. Your specific enterprise, Rag Radio, is FURTHER taxpayer subsidized.

I’m a taxpayer.

I am broadcasting my views through a different medium available to me as a citizen.

Hope the weather is nice down there in the Lone Star state….


On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 7:14 AM Zwarich <> wrote:

Fellas (and All, girls too, but I’m primarily addressing my ‘enemies’):

Short list. No BCCs. Any can reply to all:

Addressing Scheer, Lauria, and Hedges, (and others of that ilk):

Saw this… And this... This is certainly good news… They are asking for Quarter… Do we understand that?

Should we grant them their request? Though I know you people are so ‘thick’ you likely don’t even yet realize the magnitude of this question, but this is a CRUCIAL question.

Shall we grant them quarter? Shall we allow them to ‘save face’?

You want to free Jules, Joe Lauria? Heck of a ‘bargaining’ chip… eh? If you people had not been so STUPID, to start a Race War at the very moment their Empire’s foundation stones began to shake, the Left would now be in a POWERFUL position… Oh… but the Woke Crazies have been having SOO much fun exercising their insane Marcusian delusions. Eh?

And look how Rich and happy the BLM jezebels are now….

You know… Your worst ‘tell’ (you have MANY) is that you are ignoring a ‘big story’, while pretending to be journalists… I sure wouldn’t recommend sitting down at a poker table… You know what they say… When you don’t know who the ‘mark’ is, you’re ‘it’.

Tag… You boys and girls are ‘it’.

(Olley olley in free?)

You’ll publish stories from idiots, but NOT mine… LOL… I’m ‘banned’…. LOL… It makes me laugh to the bottom of my belly…

Communications tree…. Do you even have ANY idea how many people I communicate with? And you fellas STILL seem to think you have more power?

I HATE power… I DESPISE it.

“Why he do like that?”… I heard my wise Dji-Dji say that thousands of times… He barely spoke English. “Why he do like that?” It was a Socratic lesson. That wise man taught me MANY things.

I HATE power. I hate having power over anyone…. I don’t want to MAKE anyone do anything. Ask your priest, ole Cane Toad, about the concept of ‘free will’… But… but… “Why they DO like that?”

Timshel” “Thou Shalt!”… This ancient word from the Ancient Tribe is commonly so translated. “Thou Shalt!”

Adam Trask’s servant, Lee, (who “emptied the ashtrays on a whole other level”, like Hattie Carrol), was also Adam’s best friend… “No”…The wise Confucian Lee told Trask… “NOT ‘thou shalt’, but rather ‘thou mayest’ “…

Free will… It’s a real bitch… eh?

Any of you boys and girls ever even read Steinbeck?

I just have never thought vanden Huevel was even worth communicating with. I thought a LOT of her late husband, and communicated with him directly… If he was still ‘carrying that weight‘, he’d be reading this…She sure looks good in her fancy ‘feminist’ power suits. This essay from her supports my belief. Sounds like hollow suit… She was probably in a hurry to catch a boat, for one of The Nation’s ‘whine and cheese’ cruises for pathetic liberals.

Hmm… Carrying The Weight…. “Pulled into Nazareth… feelin’ ’bout half past dead..”  Any room in The Inn?

It’s a VERY old story… ask Hedges to preach you a sermon on it. “Nah… I gotta go”, Carmen said, “But my friend here can stick around”. Ask Hedges about Carmen’s friend. Old Cane Toad has a CLOSE acquaintance there… (I know that ole boy REAL well myself).

Hmmm…The Empire is now asking for quarter. Hmmm….Do you even understand that? Saving face is important. I’m NOT a Bolshevik. I think the Elites SHOULD rule. A society would be stupid not to look to its ‘best and brightest’ for leadership.

Did ANY of you know that Putin wrote his doctoral dissertation on this VERY topic? He kicked the ‘bad’ Elites out… They all scurried off to Israel, to torture some Arabs instead of Russians. But Putin nurtured relationships with those he considered the ‘good’ Elites…

“Consent of the governed”, (as Jefferson phrased it). TRUE Democracy is the key. As long as the Elites ask for, and secure, our GENUINE, (NOT coerced), consent, it works.

In the Roman Republic, before it fell to Empire, the Ten Tribes each elected a ‘Tribune’. The Tribunes had absolute veto power over the Senate. Senators weren’t even elected. They ruled, but under the veto power of the People’s Tribunes… It worked reasonably well… For a few centuries… “I think we can do bettah” — R Kennedy. (That was his standard stump speech, before ‘they’ murdered him, as ‘they’ had his brother, and as ‘they’ did the Gracchi, in Rome, as the Republic’s foundation stones began to rumble… ).

It’s when the Elites lay aside their burden of responsibility, and in lust and greed take up raw POWER… It’s when they stop asking for consent and start murdering their opponents, as Bolsheviks ALWAYS do… THAT is when ELITES become evil, as ours have… And as the Bolsheviks did in Russia…

You folks think I don’t communicate with the NY Times? You think they don’t read my writing? LOL… Did you get the part I wrote about the hypersonic missiles, carrier fleets sunk… no more Russian rockets for NASA? Sounds to me like those high falutin’ NY boys and girls did. They’re not stupid… “Gulp”… I can hear their hard swallows from here… I can feel their scrotums shrink… (Don’t know what the ‘feminist’ equivalent is… Some of them NY Times honchos are split-tails, after all)…

Reality lurks beneath all this delusional craziness… The Truth is way beyond merely patient. The Truth does not wait at ALL. It doesn’t care if we puny humans live on… or not…

No… I don’t even write to them folks in NY directly. That branch of my communications tree runs through the Boston Globe, where I nurtured personal relationships with individual writers for years… (before being ‘banned’, of course, from the comments section… for speaking the truth a bit too pointedly)… They’ll no longer allow my comments to be published, but their honchos and writers still read my writing.

Greenwald is a happy man… If he was in my shoes, censored, silenced, you think he would write with such obvious self-adoring satisfaction? How ’bout that self-adoring Mama’s boy, Taibbi? You think he might be a bit ‘angrier’ if HE was ‘banned’.

And you people wonder why I’m so pissed at you?

“A government that does not allow dissent, forces revolution”. You people are so STUPID that you think all these Old Maxims only apply to ‘them’, but not to YOU. That is about as STUPID as STUPID gets…

Do ANY of you nit-wits understand a fucking word I’m saying? Or are your egos all so massive you can’t see past them?

It was YOU made me an enemy. I make a MUCH better friend.


Lenin would have advised “no quarter”. I do NOT agree. I am EAGER to open direct communications with the Elites. I would recommend allowing them quarter, allowing them to ‘save face’, but with the sharp points of our swords gleaming before them in the New Morning Sun.

But I am only one voice… Only one vote… I HATE power…

It’s been eight centuries since the Magna Charta… High time to sit down and forge a Magna Nova… (Keep your table polished, Rabbi Al… I’m still planning on using it). They’ll be sweating bullets. Our swords will be ‘on the table’, pointed at THEM…

I make a MUCH better friend than an enemy, boys and girls… Your choice… But as I recently warned the children at Common Dreams, you have not yet seen even the HALF of my power.

Do I sound like a man who stands alone?