The US ‘peace movement’ Now Parrots US Empire Propaganda – Part 1, by Ray Zwarich

I hope that folks who have the time and interest, and are perhaps somewhat concerned about the fact that WW3 is now in progress, might please direct your attention to this propaganda article, from a duped employee of the PseudoLeft propaganda-site Common Dreams, named Brett Wilkins. The article explains that the weak remnant scraps of the American ‘peace movement’, (such as it is, gasping on life-support, a victim of its own confused ideology), is having some misgivings about the war in Ukraine.

Under the influence of PseudoLeft media ‘stars’ like Chris Hedges, these people first howled out their initial mob spasms of deep-throated loyalty to the US Empire’s military aggression against Russia. Then after having fully expended their unreasoning mob passions demonizing Russia for defending itself against US Empire, their mob passions have now cooled somewhat, and it is now apparently dawning on them, after three months of tragic war that these ominous events in Ukraine are shaping up as the advent of the apocalypse.

Well… duhhh…. (as we used to say in grade school)…

Better late than never? Yea… Well… An informed and reasoning person reading this article can ‘see’ that even having awakened from their blind mob passions, these people yet have little if ANY self-awareness of their own confused ignorance, and worse, they are yet completely and obviously ignorant of the true nature and danger of this burgeoning apocalypse.

One person quoted in the above linked article, an academic, (an ‘instructor’, not a professor, or a PhD), at Cameron University named Stuart Hooper, (he’s copied in here), opines that the only solution to this apocalyptic danger is “negotiations”.

Oh… well… That sounds somewhat hopeful…  But first, before suggesting negotiations, this clearly ignorant academic has to ‘get in his own licks’ against Russia. Echoing US Empire propaganda, Mr. Hooper tells us “Russia should not have invaded Ukraine, and immediately lost any moral high ground it may have had upon doing so, and the Ukrainians had a right to defend themselves and seek help”.

This ‘brilliant’, though reality-challenged, academic, Mr. Hooper, clearly is not aware that the Ukro-Nazis who have dominated Ukraine since 2014, refuse to allow negotiations.

These Ukro-Nazis led the US engineered violent overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government in 2014, which included barricading dozens of civilians in a public building in Odessa and burning them alive. (About 50 civilians were burned alive).

These self-same Ukro-Nazis prevented the negotiated and signed Minsk Accords from being implemented, a peace agreement that Vladimir Putin had worked tirelessly to get the opposing parties to negotiate and sign.

These ugly and hateful Ukro-Nazis publicly threatened Zelensky’s life should he make any attempt to implement the Minsk Accords, or any peace overtures toward Russia.

These Ukro-Nazis hate Russia, and all Russian people, (even ethnic Russian people who are citizns of Ukraine), with such Nazi passion that they actually glorify Hitler because he had attacked Russia and killed an estimated 27 million Russians.

These same Ukro-Nazis, like the notorious Azov battallion, who comprised, (before their recent annihilation by Russian troops), the most active elements of Ukraine’s miltary, had already killed, (murdered would be a better word), an estimated 14,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens in East Ukraine with artillery shelling of residential neighborhhoods, and were staging their forces for a full-on military assault on those people, when Russia felt morally compelled to take action to protect them.

Did you not know any of that, Mr. Hooper?

Is morally pontificating concerning matters of which you know little, if anything, a habit of yours?

By doing so, by taking action to protect these people against the brutality of these hateful crazed Ukro-Nazis, (actual Nazis who glorify Hitler for being an enemy of Russia), Russia “lost any moral high ground it may have had”, the ‘brilliant’ Mr. Hooper tells us.

It is precisely through ignorant, weak-minded people like this Stuart Hooper, so absurdly posturing himself as a ‘peace advocate’, that the US Empire most effectively disseminates it’s propaganda to defeat ALL opposition to its crazed, and OPENLY STATED determination to rule over all the other nations on Earth.

The ‘brilliant’ academic then goes on to echo more US Empire propaganda, stating that  “With Russian forces clearly on the ropes after weeks in a stalemate, why was there not a significant effort to push for a peaceful withdrawal and resolution to the conflict?”

Within the propaganda bubble under which the entire US population is imprisoned, a propaganda bubble now ‘total’ (as in totalitarian) in scope as even so called alt-media have been fully incorporated into the Mass Media echo chamber, even these absurdly posturing ‘peace advocates’ are now dutifully echoing the narratives of US Empire propaganda.

“CLEARLY on the ropes”, this ridiculous, duped ‘peace advocate’, Stuart Hooper tells us. What’s your source on that, Mr Stuart? (He’s reading this). Is your source not “clearly” US Empire propaganda? “Squawk! Squawk! Russia is on the ropes!”. How does an ‘instructor’ in Lawton OK pretend to know this, Mr. Hooper?

If this low-level academic, Stuart Hooper, is even capable of more complex, more nuanced, analysis, he might apply whatever mind-power he can muster to this analysis from a man named Pepe Escobar, whom most Americans, living so contentedly within their delusional propaganda bubble, have never even heard of, but who is among the most respected of international writers among the population of planet Earth, (88% of whom, as Mr. Escobar points out here, are NOT supporting the US Empire’s military aggression against Russia).

“Golly gee”, Mr Hooper must surely say, with smoke pouring out his ears from his overheated brain. Hybrid warfare? Ukrainian bio-labs? Russia cunningly leaving its dollar assets exposed, (as Hannibal had his center give way at Cannae), luring the stupid leaders of The Empire into taking the bait and thus instantly destroying all nations’ faith in the US dollar?

“This is way too complicated”, the hapless, confused, and ignorant Mr. Hooper must be saying. “It’s SO much simpler and easier just to parrot US Empire propaganda. Squawk! Squawk!”.

Eh? Mr. Hooper? (again… he’s reading this). Care to comment?

Geezus… These people are truly completely oblivious to, completely ignorant of, the actual reality of what is happening. All they know is what the US Empire wants them to know. All they think is what the US Empire wants them to think.

Granted that truth is ALWAYS the first casualty in warfare. The propaganda is thick and sticky as cold molasses on EVERY side. It is VERY hard to discern the truth when it is buried in the sticky gooey mess. I do NOT recommend that anyone should accept what Pepe Escobar says as the truth, unless you are as familiar with his work as I am, (having read his work for years, and even having communicated with him for some time).

The massive influx of US/NATO weapons into the poor bleeding nation of Ukraine is having an effect, to be sure. There is apparently a massive buildup of US/NATO equipped forces in Western Ukraine, where Russia apparently has no remaining presence. But Russian forces, as far as I can tell, (and I don’t have any direct sources in Ukraine), are NOT “on the ropes”. The famed Azov battalion of Ukro-Nazis defending the key Black Sea port of Mauriopol has been routed and has surrendered and thrown down its arms. Russia will apparently then have secured a land-bridge to Crimea. Ukrainian forces throughout Donbas are being decimated. They cannot be re-supplied. It appears to be only a matter of time until all Russia’s primary military objectives in Ukraine have been achieved.

At that point, economic attrition alone, the total control of what remains of the Ukraine economy by Russia, (as Mr. Escobar explains in the article linked above), will force Ukraine to break with US/NATO and seek quarter from Russia through negotiations.

Some noted commentators, such as Scot Ritter, think Russia’s decision not to interdict US/NATO weapons from entering Ukraine is a big mistake. I don’t agree, but Mr. Ritter tells us he is a ‘military expert’, and I’m a chicken farmer. I think Russia’s motivation in allowing these weapons into Ukraine is to avoid the risk of nuclear war. Interdicting the weapons would bring Russian forces into direct conflict with NATO forces. I think Russia figures that once it secures Donbas, and secures Crimea’s safety through the land bridge, (at one point the Ukro-Nazis had cut off Crimea’s water supply), Putin will figure that time is then on his side, as the above mentioned economic factors insistently manifest themselves.

Is all this too complicated for you, Mr Hooper? I feel for ya, buddy… much easier to spout simplistic ignorant BS.  Much easier to just parrot the propaganda that surrounds and imbues your life there in Lawton, OK. Eh?

Negotiations? Russia has PLEADED for negotiations, for YEARS. The US Empire has answered Russia’s plaintive pleas, over YEARS, for a negotiated settlement, with ever increasing military aggression.

Russia, whom this midwit academic from Cameron University, (in Lawton, OK… I’d never heard of it before), says is “clearly on the ropes” in Ukraine, has been eager for negotiations with and about Ukraine for years. Russia was the driving force behind the Minsk negotiations, which Ukraine actually signed, but the Ukro-Nazis would then not allow to be implemented. Russia was eager for negotiations before US military aggression by proxy finally forced it to take action to protect ethnic Russian people in Ukraine.

And Russia tells us that it remains eager to engage in negotiations now… now that its most immediate military objectives in Ukraine are very near successful completion.

So… We might ask the propaganda-site Common Dreams’ propaganda-parroting ‘expert’ (Squawk! Squawk!), the Sage of Lawton, Stuart Hooper, why aren’t negotiations happening?

Because the US Empire is teetering on the brink of complete and utter collapse. That’s why. This military aggression by proxy against Russia reveals the US Ruling Elites desperation. A negotiated settlement would be such a loss of face for The Empire at this point, that it would quickly bring about The Empire of Lies’ total fall into the ignominy and ruin.

That is this Evil Empire of Lies’ INEVITABLE fate. The Empire is a dangerous cornered beast. Thus this Evil Empire is “all-in” in Ukraine. Negotiation is defeat. “Rome does not treat with enemies still bearing arms”. (from Caesar’s ‘Commentaries’)

The Evil US Empire is already doomed… We Americans had best get ourselves oriented to that inevitability… The primary question, and fear, that is foremost in informed, reasoning people’s minds now is: “will these demented, depraved US Ruling Elites, whose openly stated objective has been to rule over the entire Earth, now take us all with them as they fall into defeat and utter ruin?”

The US Empire is in a dangerous state of utter desperation. No creature is more dangerous than when cornered, with its back “against a wall”. The US economy itself is a weak, hollowed out shell, a proverbial ‘house of cards’ already vibrating ominously in the rising winds. Our depraved Ruling Elites, unable to restrain their stupid, demented greed, have long ago exported our entire manufacturing base to nations that we now declare as our enemies. If your fancy stainless steel $2000+ refrigerator,  imported from our declared enemy, China, breaks down, you likely can’t get it fixed for months, if at all, because for some ‘mysterious’ reason, (duhhh..) our supply chain, from our declared enemy, and Russia’s close ally, China, has ‘mysteriously’ broken down.


Want to buy a new car? There aren’t any to buy. And if you can find one, expect to pay at least 10% or more over sticker price. US car lots are empty of inventory, because parts made by our declared enemy, and Russia’s ally, China, ‘mysteriously’ are not available to assemble in Mexico, or in the few remnants of our once burgeoning auto manufacturing industry.


Russia recently announced that in response to US sanctions, it would stop supplying rocket engines to NASA. “If they want to get into space, they can maybe use a trampoline, or ride on a broomstick”, Russian rocket scientists are quoted as saying, taunting a hollowed out NASA that no longer has the expertise, that no longer has an installed base of trained rocket scientists, to build American-made rocket engines. (You can sure bet they’re furiously working to train some now. How long do we think that will take?)

China educates and graduates 10 STEM scientists for every ONE in the US. The US is years behind both Russia and China in the development of hypersonic missile technology, which has already rendered our primary war-strategy, our proud dinosaur behemoth Carrier-Fleets, obsolete. In an all-out war, these lumbering dinosaurs would all be sunk within 30 minutes. They have NO defense, none at ALL, against Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile technology.

The flagship US fighter, the F-35, a corrupt boondoggle in our mega-corrupt Military Industrial Complex weapons development and procurement system, is widely regarded to be a joke when measured against Russian and Chinese 5th generation fighter technology.

The ONLY thing that our nation can build anymore, is anti-personnel weapons and bombs. The ONLY thing we are any good at building anymore is things that shoot, explode, and otherwise kill people.

The US Empire is a hollow shell. Our economy is already teetering on the very brink of complete and utter ruin. The US dollar is already beginning to topple, as the world’s nations have suddenly lost all faith in it after the US stupidly stole Russia’s dollar assets. Why was Russia so stupid as to leave those $300 BILLION exposed. “Heh-heh-heh”, Putin must surely be chuckling to himself. “Look how stupid Hannibal was at Cannae”, (where every single Roman soldier, about 100,000 if I recall, died when they stupidly took Hannibal’s bait).

And now here comes the moribund US ‘peace movement’? Well… I guess we should be encouraged? Better late than never?

But… but… After howling out their mob passions demonizing Russia for daring to defend itself against the overt military aggression (by proxy) of US Empire, it is now dawning on these dull-witted ‘peace movement’ people that this could actually be the start of WW3.

Any reasoning person aware of the facts concerning events in Ukraine, going back decades, can easily see that the US Empire backed Russia into a corner, until it had NO OTHER OPTION but to defend itself against The Empire’s overt aggression.

But this poor, dumb, and duped Common Dreams propagandist, poor pathetic Mr. Brett Wilkins, (he’s reading this), interjects his editorial support for The Empire of Lies’ propaganda narrative, into Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov’s pleading that Russia, if forced to, WILL use ALL its power to defend itself, by stating that Lavrov was “ignoring his country’s brutal invasion of its sovereign neighbor”.

Obviously, this poor pathetic lackey errand boy for the lying Common Dreams propaganda site, is as ignorant and completely uninformed as the poor pathetic Sage of Lawton, Stuart Hooper.

Apologies for reptition here… Apparently the poor dumb, duped Mr. Wilkins did not ‘get the memo’ about the events of 2014, when the US engineered a ugly violent coup, that used the brutality of ugly Ukro-Nazis, (actual Nazis who praise and revere Hitler), which at one point trapped dozens of civilians in a building and burned them alive, while shooting at those who tried to escape by jumping out of upper stgory windows, to overthrow the elected democratic government of Ukraine, whereupon the US installed a puppet junta government in Ukraine. The poor dumb, duped, and apparently completely ignorant Mr Wilkins doubtless does not even know that a US citizen, investment banker Natalie Jaresko, was soon installed as Finance Minister in the US puppet junta, after hurriedly being granted Ukrainian citizenship only two dauys before taking office.

This mega-corrupt government, run from the US Embassy in Kiev, is what the poor, dumb, duped propagandists for US Empire, such as the propaganda-site Common Dreams, and its ignorant duped lackey employee, Brett Wilkins, calls Russia’s “sovereign neighbor”, which apparently the poor dumb and pathetically ignorant Mr. Wilkins thinks was just peacefully minding its own business before being attacked, for no reason at all, by its “brutal” neighbor, Russia, which apparently the poor dumb, duped Mr. Wilkins thinks, having fully absorbed the US Empire narrative, is an evil nation ruled over by evil “brutes”.

Okey doke, then. With that I’ll call an end to Part 1.

Tomorrow, (or as soon as I can), I want to take a relatively detailed look at this ridiculous edifice that calls itself the US ‘peace movement’. I have an acquaintance with the representation of MA Peace Action, Cole Harrison, whom Brett Wilkins quotes in his article. I also have painful experience with that group dating back several years which I think illustrates how these people got to be so clownishly self-righteous in their neon ignorance.

If Cole Harrison (he’s copied-in here) wants to get briefed in advance with a preview, he could consult with a punk-ass goon named David Ascher, (at, the punk-ass Stalinist who ruled over the Boston Peace Community’s public form with his bozo-the-clown ‘iron fist’. (the punk-ass coward, Mr Ascher, is copied-in here as well), as I tried to reason with this self-delusional Boston ‘peace community’.

I have an extensive WRITTEN archive of my sordid experience with these poor, ignorant, self-deluded people.