Think Like Your Enemy – What’s Going On – (Not a question) Part 1, by Ray Zwarich

Think Like Your Enemy – What’s Going On – (Not a question)

Part 1
“Picket lines and picket signs
Don’t punish me with brutality
Come on, talk to me
So you can see
What’s going on, (what’s going on)
We got to find a way to bring some loving here today”
                      — Marvin Gaye, ‘What’s Going On
Just as a reminder, this is NOT a ‘mass mailing’. I am not addressing the ‘general public’, (at least not yet). My dispatches are being sent to a select list of people which has been cultivated over several years time. If you are reading this, it is because I think it is important that I communicate with you personally. I hope, of course, that people here will be inclined to share this material, or at least the ideas contained herein, with your own circles of association. No copyright is claimed here. All may feel free to share this, post it, or publish it, anywhere and anyhow you please.
I am addressing selected people from across a broad spectrum of political beliefs. Despite the fact that I write under a ‘pen name’, there is no ‘secrecy’ intended, or even possible. Many or most people here know my identity, and, to reveal my own awareness that secrecy in communications is impossible in these times, one recipient here is a known close associate of ex-CIA director John Brennan, and other recipients are people whom I consider ‘unfriendly’ (shall we say) to my, and our, priorities.
Secrecy in our communications is simply not possible. That’s a ‘given’. Assuming that secrecy is even possible will only hinder us from achieving our objectives. Any plan that depends on secrecy to succeed will be certain to fail. Whatever we do, we must do it in broad daylight, as all the world looks on.

Indeed… Some people addressed here, including personages of significant social ‘rank’, are in other nations. I consider these people, who are looking on in aghast horror at what is happening here in the US, which has become a crazed, morally corrupt, spiritually depraved society ruled over by lies and mass hysteria, to be a very important segment of my intended ‘audience’. It is surely obvious to all here that such people in other nations are in such a state of aghast horror, just to witness that a nation so obviously crazed and morally demented as ours now is, (under the ‘leadership’ of morally depraved and unspeakably evil people), nonetheless possesses the raw power in hand to cause the extermination of all Humanity, and are currently engaged in a deadly  dangerous war of aggression against Russia, which is causing great suffering to the largely innocent people of Ukraine.

There is no recent development more important to our priority of gaining sufficient political power to defeat our immensely powerful Common Enemy, to defeat the Elite Forces that rule over us, that rule over the Common People, than the event that took place on Sunday, February 19th, in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Although the event itself was less than impressive, (I hope people have read my critique of it elsewhere), it was THE first instance of the artificially (and intentionally) divided and mutually hateful factions of the Common People reaching across our inflicted differences to join in alliance to fight our Common Enemy, to fight the Elite Forces that have rendered ALL our lives, whatever tribal faction to which we belong, into ever increasing miseries, and whose war of aggression against Russia in Ukraine now threatens all Humanity with near-term extinction. 
Surely all of us on this select list are aware of how these Elite Forces have used their immense power, primarily their complete control of Mass Media, to render our population, to render the Common People, into the moral morass and mire in which we now find ourselves. Surely we all are aware that the Elites’ primary strategy being used against us has been to divide us into mutually hateful factions and/or tribal groups, in order to keep us, in order to keep the Common People, from UNITING against the Elites’ power. 
Divide and rule. It’s worked ‘like a charm’ for 10,000 years, since the misty dawn of human civilization, and it obviously is still devastatingly effective today. This ‘divide and rule’ strategy of social control is, quite literally, THE ‘oldest trick in the book’. We, the Common People, have NO chance at ALL of prevailing over our Common Enemy, of prevailing over these morally demented Ruling Elites, until or unless we stop ‘falling for’ this devastatingly effective ‘trick’ of social control. We must stop allowing ourselves to be divided along cultural and/or tribal fault lines, in order to find a way to UNITE to defeat our Common Enemy.
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.
Only when we, the Common People, find a way to reach across our cultural and tribal differences to UNITE in all our irrepressible and unstoppable power, only then can we throw off the Elites’ accursed yoke of downward oppression into the mire of increasing misery. 
February 19th, although disappointingly unimpressive in itself, (for identifiable reasons as discussed below and elsewhere), represents our first step toward creating the powerful Common People’s Alliance that can, and WILL defeat our Common Enemy, the evil, morally depraved Few who rule over us, who rule over the Many, with such cruel and even murderous greed. 
I am trying to raise people’s consciousness toward that end. Too many of us do not yet understand the ways and methods of our IMMENSELY powerful and IMMENSELY cunning Enemy. Until we begin to understand and anticipate our Enemy’s ways and methods, we will remain helpless to counter them.
Although February 19th represents an important step forward, we must make ourselves ‘aware’ that the efficacy of this event’s political impact is ALREADY the focus of our Enemy’s powerful and cunning efforts to completely negate it, or worse, to turn it in their (the Enemy’s) own favor. A failed effort to go in this crucial direction will be worse than had no effort been made. A step in the wrong direction could be far worse than had no step been taken at all.
We MUST be ‘aware’ of this. For this effort to be successful, our state of consciousness MUST expand to be ‘aware’, (from the Proto-Indo-European root, even deeper than a Latin root, meaning “perceive, watch out for“). We must be ‘wary’, (same root), of the dangers, of the many snares and traps, that are ALREADY being laid, and ALREADY have been laid, to lead this nascent Common People’s Alliance to failure.
If this effort to create this crucial alliance fails, we will be far worse off than before it was even begun. If it fails, people who had been engaging, through this effort, in the always difficult process of expanding their consciousness, will retreat into the ‘comfort zones’ of their ‘safe spaces’. They will retreat into the comforts of their deeply divisive sectarian ideologies. And all too many will then believe that the failure proves that the objective is impossible. And thus our self-defeating cultural and tribal differences will then simply cause us to remain perpetually in our condition of complete political impotence, ruled over by a relatively small group of evil people crazed with greed and lust for power.
My grampaw (on my mother’s side) was a good-ole country boy from way down deep in the Missouri Ozarks. He’d never read Sun Tzu, of course, but he took me into the backwoods and taught me how to hunt and fish. “If you want to bag a rabbit for dinner, you gotta think like a rabbit. If you want to catch a bass, you gotta think like a bass”. This is very basic Sun Tzu. “If you want to defeat your enemy, you must think like your enemy”.
Our Enemy is brilliantly cunning. Just look how successful this cunning Enemy has been in dividing us into political impotence. If we recognize that dividing us into mutually hateful (and therefore politically impotent) factions and tribal groups has been the Enemy’s primary strategy to render us into political powerlessness, and if we realize how brilliantly cunning this Enemy is, we ourselves must surely realize that what our Enemy fears most is that we, the Common People, will learn to reach across our differences to UNITE in all our irrepressible power. 
The capacity to divide us is the Enemy’s greatest strength. The possibility of us UNITING against them is the Enemy’s GREATEST fear.
What took place on February 19, 2023 was an historic event, precisely because it was the FIRST instance of we, the nation’s Common People, doing what our Elite Rulers fear most.
But I think it is all but certain that the Enemy is ALREADY laying elaborate plans to subvert this effort, and most likely played an instrumental role in its taking place at all.
Let me explain.
Control the Opposition
The Enemy is far too brilliantly intelligent to think they can prevent water from flowing downhill to the sea. Instead, they dam it up, and then divert its flow into directions most beneficial to THEM.
The Enemy is using the guise of ‘democracy’ to hide their intentions to rule by their own ‘dictates’, not just over us in their home country, not just over us in the US, but over the entire world. Crushing the opposition with an iron fist is not conducive to maintaining their cunning guise of ‘democracy’. In their immense cunning, the Enemy has learned to ‘Control the Opposition’ rather that crush it with an iron fist.  
Fearing the formation of a powerful alliance against them, they would not try to keep an alliance from forming. They would instead encourage, foment, and likely even finance the formation of a powerless alliance, to forestall the formation of a powerful one. Don’t crush the opposition with an iron fist. Just control it instead.
The means of communication are the means of power. A ‘movement’ is an exercise in acquiring power. Thus a movement must be a very well developed exercise in creating the means through which it can communicate with the population. 
The nascent alliance that has come into existence with the February 19 event, has no means to communicate with the population. Does it have any concrete plans to develop any such means?
Well… Yes it does. The problem is that the plans this nascent ‘movement’ has announced are woefully inadequate to meet the task at hand, and therefore will surely fail to achieve this movement’s objective, which is presumably to communicate with the population in order to amass REAL political power.  
Under the auspices of a ‘identity front’, called ‘Rage Against the War Machine’, that apparently was created specifically to organize the Feb 19 event, only two people are named as ‘organizers’ of this event, (the web site is linked above), one young man named Nicholas Brana, identified as the ‘Party Chair’ of the People’s Party, and one young woman named Angela McArdle, identified as ‘Party Chair’ of the Libertarian Party. How these people acquired their positions as ‘chairs’ of their respective ‘parties’ remains unknown, as is how they came to be the only named ‘organizers’, (apparently an official ‘title’), of this event. Did these two do this by themselves?
Well… All that is well and good, I suppose, considering the nature of this event as a hopeful beginning of a nascent ‘movement’, but during the event Mr. Brana announced the already-planned future course of action that this not-yet-even-fully-born ‘movement’ would follow.
How could these two unknown, unproven people, hoping to create a ‘national movement’, think they have either the capacity or the right to make these kinds of crucially important decisions, decisions that will determine the success or failure of this hoped-for ‘movement’, alone? Did anyone help Mr. Brana and Ms. McArdle make these decisions? If so, who? And what made these people come to believe that they have either the capacity or the right to make such decisions on behalf of what they hope is going to become a powerful ‘movement’ that can defeat the most powerful power structure that has ever existed in all of human history? 
Well… If their decisions were sound, if their decisions determined courses of action that we could see would be effective, that would at least lend them credibility. 
But Mr. Brana announced from the stage that we all would go back to our home territories, cities, districts, etc, and do two very specific things. 1) we would attend sit-ins in the offices of our local political representatives; and 2) we would attend more rallies just like the Feb 19 rally, only local.
That’s it? Yea… That was ‘it’. (Oh geez… Sigh…)
And Mr. Brana even went so far as to announce that by means these tactics/actions alone we would force the passage of legislation that would represent the accomplishment of the ‘movement’s’ objectives, (which, remember, involve defeating the most powerful power structure that has EVER existed)
Oh geez… Sigh… C’mon folks… We GOTTA do better than this… Sigh… We CAN do better than this! (“Si. Se puede”).   
Well… A ‘movement’ is an exercise in creating means of communication with the general public, (the means of communication are the means of power). Sit-ins and local rallies are both attempts to communicate with the general public. The problem (obviously) is that successful communication through these tactics/actions depends entirely on ‘coverage’ by the Mass Media, and since the Mass Media are totally controlled by the very Enemy these tactics are meant to defeat, and since the Enemy is very unlikely to help us defeat themselves, it would sure seem, to a rationally thinking person, that this plan is a perfect recipe for failure. 
This plan for this ‘movement’ to go forward is very obviously, whether wittingly or unwittingly, a plan for this ‘movement’ to fail, and since failure will leave us, will leave the Common People worse off than had this Feb 19 event not taken place at all, (and therefore is consistent with our Enemy’s primary strategy to keep us divided and therefore politically impotent), the supposition is therefore suggested that somewhere in the process of creating this event, somewhere in the process of creating this woeful ‘plan to fail’, our cunning Enemy’s hand was somehow involved.
Control the opposition. Don’t try to prevent the water from flowing downhill, just make it flow where you want it to flow.
THIS is how our cunning Enemy operates.
Until we become ‘aware’ of these tactics, we will remain helplessly controlled by them.
Lots more to say. I do myself have ideas for plans to consider for moving this nascent Alliance forward, just as I’m sure many others do as well. What a pity that the ‘organizers’ of the Feb 19 event failed to try to provide any means through which ‘the people’ could democratically contribute our ideas for moving forward. Just to start by mentioning the most obvious ‘little things’ that could be already done, (but haven’t been), at the very least, the Feb 19 event could have involved a ‘crew’ of a couple dozen people or so, (less than the number of speakers), circulating through the crowd, subscribing people to comprise a communications list. We, this nascent Common People’s Alliance, could already have a group of several thousand people who are interested in forming the Alliance, with whom, and among whom the Alliance could communicate. Instead, (instead of having thousands ‘signed up’), we are left to sit and wait as to where we should report for sit-in duty, and wait to be informed as to when to attend a local rally. (C’mon, people… fer crissakes…) 
This is already too long. I will cut this off and send as Part 1. And save more for later.
This Feb 19 effort seems deliberately designed to fail. This is consistent with the hand of our Enemy at work. (Don’t crush the opposition, just control it to flow to failure). I am NOT making accusations. People, including ‘organizers’, (especially young and obviously inexperienced organizers, like Mr. Brana and Ms. McArdle), are relatively easy for highly sophisticated and highly trained ‘operatives’ to influence to behave in ways that serve the operatives’ priorities.
That sure looks to me like what has happened, and is happening, here. I sure wish that after traveling 400 miles and back to attend this event, I had at least achieved the capacity to communicate with other attendees. I sure wish I had acquired channels of communication through wish I could hear what people like the brilliant young Anya Parampil thinks, or about what Tulsi Gabbard thinks, about how we, as a nascent ‘movement’, which hopes to defeat the most powerful power structure that has EVER existed, should move forward.
Instead all I acquired is being told to wait for my orders to report for ‘sit-in’ duty. (Sigh…)
Don’t crush the opposition. Just control it instead.  
Simius C.