Third open letter: Action is the best antidote to despair, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

My first open letter was addressed to the people of Gaza . It
had hundreds of responses mostly asking us not to give up and asking for
list of actions to do (these are available at and )

My second open letter was addressed to Jews and Israelis who support the
Israeli government (
It had 13 sets of questions. Only two real committed zionists had the
courage to answer. A third person told me after answering that he is now
abandoning Zionism and wishes to join the ranks of post-Zionist (though not
anti-Zionist) Jews. Other reactions were from honest Jews, Christians,
Muslims, atheists etc around the world were predictable and supportive.

As promised this third open letter is addressed to other fellow human
I will start by saying THANK YOU on behalf of all Palestinians. Thank you
for keeping your humanity. Thank you for not succumbing to the lies and
distortions you heard from corrupt politicians and from corrupt media (yes
corrupt is anyone who supports a 75 year apartheid and racist regime – see Q#6 to 9). Do not underestimate your individual power to act.
……More at

David Hearst articulated the evolving plans of ethnic cleansing of
Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza that predate this latest bout

Beyond Grief: To Love and Stay with Those Who Die in Our Arms by Devin G.

Stay human and act
Mazin Qumsiyeh