Three announcements, 4 negative news, 7 positive news items, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

1) Our trip to Australia and New Zealand has had a high demand and we will
extend our stay by one week 17 April – 7 June) and the high demand for
hearing from me about Palestine now got us to start planning a trip to
South America (one of my books is translated to sSpanish),
2) Let us me know if you want to join us online at 6 PM Palestine time
today for one-hour briefing on current situation followed in the second
hour by our monthly staff and volunteer and supporter meeting showing
monthly developments at the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and
Sustainability Including on our planned Australia- New Zealand tour
3) We will launch our ten year events on April 15. Let me know if you like
to know more detail or receive an invitation

Now positive news first before negative ones about Palestine

ITEM 1: (from Bethlehem) This research paper of ours was just published in
the journal “Cities and the Environment, vol 17, issue 1. ” The Importance
of Urban Eco-gardens for Biodiversity and Human Sustainability: A Case
Study from Palestine” by the team of our institute
Our institutional work is ongoing daily seven days a week. The past few
days taw us giving a number of talks relating to environment, children
coming to the museum an the gardens almost daily (including yesterday on
children’s day a clown and egg-hunt with an environmental twist Friday), a
meeting of the oversight board to set the agenda for next 5 years etc,
Here is a formatted report of our achievements since founding in 29014 and
opening to the public in 2017
and a short article on what we do

ITEM 2: EU corporate Due diligence Guidelines can and should be used to
challenge corporate complicity in genocide

ITEM 3: UK government lawyers say Israel is breaking international law,
claims top Tory in leaked recording: Chair of foreign affairs select
committee Alicia Kearns said at a Tory fundraiser that legal advice would
mean the UK has to cease all arms sales to Israel without delay

ITEM 4: For the defenders of Israel’s war on Gaza, the game is up

ITEM 5: Panel of experts on confronting “Christian” Zionism

PC(USA) webinar on ‘Confronting Christian Zionism’ is scheduled

ITEM 6: McDonald corporation (restaurant chain) floundering due to BDS and
making such decisions to buy failing enterprises

ITEM 7: Interview with Norman Finkelstein

ITEM 1: More on the continuing genocide
Israel used artificial intelligence to set 37,000 bombing locations. Even
when a potential single fighter was found in a building with 100 civilians,
it was OK. But most buildings had no hHamas fighters (they were and are in
tunnels). Read this unprecedented language and orders (never in history did
any military do this)
A side effect: The debunking of the lie that resistance forces like Hamas
used “human shields”
Israel’s intentional targeting of three cars killing seven people from
World Central Kitchen including internationals

Genocide will continue even if the bombing stops tomorrow

ITEM 2: More massacres
Israeli forces shown intentionally killing palestinian collecting food aid
Torture and executions are common now. Some chose to ignore

Alshifa massacres

Children are targetted by Israeli snipers
Israeli doctor blows whistle on israeli abuses

Israeli Doctor Blows Whistle on War Crimes

UN human rights body demands Israel be held accountable

ITEM 3: US Special forces operating in Gaza

ITEM 4: Obscured by the fog of the Gaza war, Palestinians face a different

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh