USA tour and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

“I’m for truth no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is
for or against.” Malcolm X

The tentative schedule for our (Jessie and I) tour in the USA starting
Monday (over 1 month, 11 states talking about sustainable human and natural
communities) is here

If you live at or near the cities mentioned above, please contact us to
HELP spread the word or HELP with logistics (travel etc)

Our institute signed an MOU for collaboration with Women of the Sun

PIBS MoU with Women of the Sun Charity

Join event August 20 about the freedom flotilla and keep the besieged
devastated Gaza with its >2 million residents (2/3rd of them refugees) in

Recording of earlier presentation and discussion of “My Tree” documentary
(Israelis and Palestinians expose the fraud of the Jewish National Fund and
its role in ethnic cleansing

Dr Salman Abu Sitta on UNRWA and erasing the Nakba

UNRWA's Western donors carry out the mission of David Ben Gurion

Anthropologists boycott apartheid Israel

Ethnic cleansing continues

Excellent Conference “The Impact of Israeli settlement policies on the
Palestinian population in Jerusalem”

Judea vs ‘Fantasy Israel’: Ilan Pappe on the Collapse of Israeli Pillars
and the Opportunities for Palestine

Judea vs ‘Fantasy Israel: Ilan Pappe on the Collapse of Israeli Pillars, and the Opportunities for Palestine

Report on human rights and international law violations in the occupied

Stay Human and keep Palestine and the hope alive

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