What are we prepared to do? by Ray Zwarich

This morning Max Jones, a very talented intern, or possibly a paid staff writer, for ScheerPost, and a recent graduate of the University of Southern California’s prestigious Annenberg School of Journalism, published an article reporting that the Valedictorian for the USC Class of 2024 will not be allowed to give the traditional Valedictorian’s Address during USC’s upcoming commencement ceremonies, because of unspecified threats made by unspecified people and/or forces.

The student honored as Class Valedictorian is a young Muslim woman, and a first generation American, whose family is from South Asia.

In a recent piece, I asked this question: Are we, the American People, going to stand by bleating like sheep as Jewish Supremacist Powers complete their starkly fascist take-over of our nation?

I hope all will read young Mr.; Jones’ article, as linked above. Copied below are the comments I made in reply, (as Jack Everman), which as I write this are yet “awaiting moderation”

I hope all are well, and in Strong Spirit.

Simius Cognitius

My comments, as attached to young Mr. Jones’ article:


I’m disappointed that Mr. Jones doesn’t seem to have made any inquiry into financial pressure that was very likely applied to the spineless, cowardly USC provost who clearly has no idea whatsoever what ‘freedom of speech’ means. A more thorough journalist would have made inquiries into USC’s wealthy donors, to see which might likely have the motive to silence criticism of Israel’s, (the self-declared “Nation State of the Jewish People”), very obvious moral depravity, which is, of course, now fully apparent to ALL Humanity, as a result of the bloody mass murder of defenseless people by the 7 million Jewish people in Israel.

Exerting financial pressure, by threatening to cancel donations to various university research programs, endowments, major campus construction projects, etc, is the primary means through which powerful Super-Wealthy Jewish Americans exert their illegitimate control over not just American Academia, but over our Mass Media, and, of course, over our government itself.

These people are out-and-out fascists. They are determined that they have the right to use their raw power to bludgeon other Americans into docile obedience. These people are undisguised fascists. There’s no ‘two ways’ about it. Fascism doesn’t get any worse that what these people are doing, perpetrating mass murder, then destroying the lives of anyone who DARES to so much as criticize them for their murderous behavior.

Like the monstrous fascist fiends that they clearly are, the morally demented Nation State of the Jewish People, and the Jewish American zealots who support that murderous nation, are now fully focused on ending freedom of speech in America, once and for all. These people, a tiny group that comprises less than 2% of our population, are fanatically determined to take over our nation, and, in fact, largely already have.

This is the EXACT same thing they have done in EVERY nation and/or society, (any city-state, etc), they have EVER lived among, through all these two millennia of the Jewish Diaspora. Comprising only a minuscule percentage of the population, they have ‘conspired’, they have worked together in a HIGHLY disciplined and HIGHLY organized manner, as a cohesive and highly insular ethnic ‘tribe’, to capture every nation and/or society’s crucial levers of power. They capture control of the means of communication, and of the monetary system, as well as of the legal system, and of academia. They have done this SAME thing for 2000 years.

These people bat their lashes like innocent maidens and want us to believe that they have come to be so passionately hated in EVERY society they have EVER lived in, for no reason at all. ALL those people, in ALL those nations and/or societies, were evil people who hated the poor innocent Jews for “no reason at ALL”, (just like students in American colleges, for “no reason at ALL”, have come to hate witnessing the depraved behavior of Israel.)

They, often referred to as simply “the Jews”, have been forcibly expelled, en masse, from over 100 different societies, and, of course, have suffered horrific degrees of violence as people they’ve lived among have come to express their hatred of this insular tribe of people that openly declares itself to be ‘God’s favorite people‘.

I don’t know of a SINGLE instance, in all these 2000 years of the Jewish Diaspora, of these people living in ongoing peace and harmony with the non-Jewish people they’ve lived among. Can anyone cite a SINGLE instance, in all these tragic people’s long history, of them living in ongoing peace and harmony with non-Jews? Anyone?

What the German Nazis did to them was an HORRIFIC atrocity. No morally decent person would argue that it wasn’t. But those German people who perpetrated that HORRIFIC crime against Humanity had been themselves driven mad by the degree of suffering wrought on them by the Jewish banking powers that played a large role in forcing the Treaty of Versailles on them, whose cruelly draconian measures caused horrific deprivation and suffering among the German people.

A mad-man like Hitler was only able to rise to power by exploiting the raw hatred the German people felt for Jewish people because of what Jewish powers were doing to them. Tragically, as so often has happened, the German people came to hate ALL Jewish people for the behavior of SOME Jewish people.

These self-declared “chosen people” NEVER LEARN… They are crazed zealots who believe that they are superior beings, superior to the ‘goyim‘, their highloy derogatory word for non-Jews which is analogous to the ‘n’ word used to refer to people of African descent.

A recent report told us that Israel is now training ‘operatives’ to comprise a ‘task force’ whose task will be to infiltrate US college campuses to make sure that all criticism of Israel is punished in a similar manner that Mr Jones reports that the NYU president of the Student Bar Association was punished, (by being stripped of her office, and having a job offer rescinded).

That student, clearly an outstanding NYU law school scholar, will now likely find herself on a national ‘no-hire’ list. That is what is already being done to American students NOW, and the tiny, weak foreign country of Israel is now training its foreign operatives to infiltrate US college campus to act as a fascist-police militia to punish anyone who DARES to criticize Israel’s OBVIOUS moral depravity.

This is what these crazed religious zealots, less than 2% of our population, are now doing in OUR nation. They are taking over by exerting raw fascist power. “Obey us or we will destroy your lives”. And they are making good on that threat. Anyone who DARES defy them will find themselves ‘canceled’. Their lives will be attacked and destroyed by raw Jewish Supremacist Power.

The American People are now faced with a very difficult but IMPERATIVE task. These Jewish Supremacist Powers fully intend to set us under their yoke, like cattle, to serve and obey them as they use our tax dollars to rule over all Humanity.

These people are CRAZY people. They are as certifiably CRAZED as were the Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. What are we going to DO about them? Are we going to allow ourselves to be yoked like so many head of cattle?

What are we going to do?

THAT is THE question that dominates our “interesting times”. That question now dominates the minds of all Humanity, as we ALL are forced to watch as these crazed morally demented zealots murder masses of defenseless people right out in broad daylight, right before our very eyes.

A foreign country is training fascist secret police operatives to infiltrate American college campuses, to make sure that any student who DARES to criticize Israel’s utter moral depravity will be ‘canceled’. They will have their lives completely destroyed.

Foreign operatives are being sent into our nation by a foreign country to function as fascist secret-police ‘brownshirts’ on our nation’s college campuses, to terrorize our CHILDREN!

What are we prepared to DO?

One thing we must NOT do is allow our own hearts and minds to become dominated by hatred of all Jewish people. We must NOT come to hate ALL Jewish people for the behavior of SOME Jewish people.

It is currently estimated, through interpretation of polling data, that about 35% of Jewish Americans are as HORRIFIED by the behavior of the SELF-declared “Nation State of the Jewish People” as anyone else. There are about 7 million Jewish Americans, in total. 35% of them, (thereabouts), or about 2.5 million of the 7 million, reportedly feel NO affinity for Israel, and are HORRIFIED by Israel’s morally depraved behavior.

We must NOT allow ourselves to come to hate ALL Jewish people for the behavior of SOME Jewish people.

But what are we prepared to do about the HIGHLY organized Jewish American powers that are clearly intending to rule over our nation? Are we going to stand by, bleating like sheep, as the foreign agents, from a tiny, weak foreign nation, send their foreign ‘operatives’, to infiltrate American colleges and universities, to function as a fascist ‘brownshirt’ militia force to destroy our OWN children’s lives, if our children DARE to speak out to criticize Israel’s OBVIOUS utter moral depravity?

What are we prepared to do?