What is Ms. Cohn Smoking? by Simus Cognitius

What is Ms. Cohn Smoking?
From: Ken Freeland
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2023 01:39:55 PDT

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From: Simus Cognitius <Cognitius@thecommonpeopleunited.org>
Date: Sat, Oct 21, 2023, 10:20 AM
Subject: What is Ms. Cohn Smoking?
To: Marjorie Cohn <marjorie@tjsl.edu>

Dear select writers and activists, both ‘on the right’ and ‘on the left’:

Copied below please find comments I have attached, (under one of my pen names, Jack Everman), to an article by American legal scholar, Ms. Marjorie Cohn, originally published on the woke cult left propaganda site, ‘Truthout’, and republished this morning on the ScheerPost woke cult left propaganda site.

I am working on an essay concerning my distress in observing the convoluted, fatally confused behavior of people like Victor Davis Hanson, and/or Tucker Carlson, or any number of prominent personages ‘on the right’ we could name, whose thinking, concerning the domestic threat to our nation from the overtly totalitarian marionette forces of ‘the left’, is so clear, and so eloquently expressed, but who obviously do not understand the power dynamics of the US Empire, as exampled by the support they are now expressing for the ghastly moral depravity of Israel.

I have SUCH a high degree of respect and admiration for such people, and it is amazing to me, not to mention highly distressing, how such brilliant people could fail to ‘see’ what is so obvious. On the one hand, they decry the marionette forces of ‘the left’, then now they turn around and support the very puppet masters that hold those marionettes’ strings in hand. They now turn around and support the Elites Forces who rule over our nation, and are using their ‘puppet-master’ control over the confused forces of the ‘woke left’ to create the fatal divisions that divide us, that divide the American Common People, into political impotency.

Fatally confused people like Dr. Hanson, a scholar of military history who should know better, (and/or people like the courageous Mr. Carlson), are violating one of the most basic precepts of warfare, (and let’s remember von Clausewitz’s observation that politics and warfare are different versions of the same activity), “Identify the Enemy”.

Poor Professor Hanson needs to bone up on his SunTzu, (or Caesar, or von Clausewitz). “Know your enemy”, (paraphrasing from memory), “and know yourself, and you need not fear the outcome of any battle”.

As I explain in my essay below, addressing Ms. Cohn, Dr. Hanson (and Mr. Carlson) clearly do not yet understand the forces that rule over the US Empire. They clearly have thus far failed to “identify the enemy”, which is allowing that very enemy to make puppets of them, just as the enemy makes marionettes of the woke left.

Anyway… My essay-in-progress addressing Dr. Hanson’s confusions, (he’s reading this), are an extension and elaboration on my essay copied below. Both argue that we, the American Common People, must “identify our common enemy”, the enemy of both ‘the right’ and ‘the left’, to have any hope of defeating this immensely powerful enemy so that we can reclaim our nation to be a true democracy under our own control.

Hope all are well and strong.

Simius Cognitius

My comments, as posted under the name Jack Everman, on ScheerPost, (assuming they are allowed to post):


One wonders what entity Ms. Cohn thinks would have the power to enforce laws on the US Empire, and on its wagging-the-dog controlling appendage-state, the self-declared “Nation-State of the Jewish People”, Israel?

If Ms Cohn were simply advocating that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, as all can see that the morally demented Nation-State of the Jewish People now is, as it has been for many decades now, that would be one thing. She would then simply be adding her own helpless voice to the general cacophony of voices all over the world that are pleading helplessly and powerlessly to stop Israel’s ghastly evil act, which Israel is committing in broad daylight, against people that Israel’s leaders openly and publicly call “animals”, with not one trace of shame, or fear of punishment, before of the very eyes of entire world.

Ms.Cohn, a highly accomplished American legal scholar, is absurdly suggesting that some overarching legal entity exists that can legally prosecute, and then have the power to punish, the rulers of these two nations that believe that the US Empire must rule the entire world, and use its world ruling power to protect and benefit Israel. Both Israel and the US Empire routinely and periodically commit the most heinous crimes against Humanity imaginable, without the least fear of prosecution or punishment. Who does Ms. Cohn think is going to prosecute them for their ongoing criminal behavior? What entity could possibly prosecute this Empire that is so crazed that it thinks it must rule over all Humanity?

I’ll not recite here (though I could) the list of nations, other than Palestine, in which these crimes against Humanity have taken place, but the US Empire has killed an estimated 10 MILLION innocent civilians, in many nations, in the less than 8 decades since the end of WW2. The US Empire is an overtly CRIMINAL entity that routinely kills large numbers of innocent people for no other reason than to pursue and maintain its own crazed aspirations to rule over all Humanity.

The US Empire’s ghastly crimes against Humanity also include, of course, a litany of crimes committed against the American people, such as, (to mention merely one as an example), it is a proven fact that US Empire operatives intentionally introducing crack cocaine into the communities of a targeted segment of our population, in order to achieve the US Empire’s targeted result of rendering that segment of our population politically impotent, and therefore unable to foment political resistance against the Empire’s power. We could, of course, talk about any number of such crimes against the American people that these morally depraved rulers of the US Empire have routinely committed to render us, the American Common People, powerless against them.

Surely a scholar such as Ms. Cohn has read Walt and Meirsheimer’s ‘The Israel Lobby’, or any among a myriad of other meticulously documented books, and papers, and articles that demonstrate with incontrovertable proof that highly organized American Jewish people now effectively control all levers of social, economic, and political power in our nation, a degree of control that gives them, that gives this highly organized segment of the population of Jewish Americans, (only comprising about 60% of all Jewish Americans, according to this comprehensive Pew Research study), effective control over our government itself. These highly organized Jewish Americans use their purloined degree of control over our nation’s power, and thus over the entire power of the US Empire, to the benefit of the otherwise tiny and insignificant nation of Israel, and to the GREAT detriment of the interests and welfare of the American Common People.

To put that in other terms: The entirety of the power of the US Empire is being applied by the people that control that power, for the benefit of the 7.1 million Jewish people who live in Israel, which comprises about 8 one hundredths of one percent (.08%) of the world’s population. All the Jewish people in the entire world comprise 2 tenths of one percent (.2%) of the world’s population, and 83% of all Jewish people who don’t live in Israel live in the US. More Jewish people live in the US, 7.5 million, than live in Israel, and according to the above cited Pew Research study, 60% of Jewish Americans say they have an emotional attachment to Israel.

Jewish people who live in nations other than Israel have such a degree of genius for political organizing, exerted through control of Mass Media, through control of banking, finance, and even national currencies, and through control of major social institutions, such as Academia, that the 1.5 million European Jews, (.2% of the total estimated population of Europe, at 746 million), have caused it to actually be ILLEGAL in several nations to even mention the degree of political control held in the hands of European Jews. In several European nations, which still ridiculously call themselves ‘democracies’, I would be prosecuted and imprisoned, with a heavy (life-changing) fine imposed against me, for writing and publicly circulating this essay, for merely writing the truth.

It is now ILLEGAL, in both France and Germany, punishable by fines and imprisonment, to publicly express any support for the Palestinian people. In both those nations, Ms. Cohn would be prosecuted, imprisoned, and have a heavy (life-changing) fine levied against her, for writing this essay she has publicly posted.

The heavy-handed regime of overtly totalitarian censorship that is steadily spreading and gaining power over our own nation, was initiated by Jewish Americans who, using their consummately high degree of organized power, have sought, with great success, to cause it to be defined as a “hate crime”, to cause it to be ILLEGAL in America, to so much as express any criticism at ALL of the “Nation-State of the Jewish People”.

People in certain segments of our society are already subject to losing their jobs, to having their entire lives destroyed, if they DARE to say anything critical about the degree of control exerted by highly organized American Jewry over our entire nation, including over our government.

The full power of Wall Street, which as we all surely know is dominated by highly organized Jewish Americans, is now being applied to demand that Harvard release the names of all students who signed a statement calling for the end of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people, so that those Harvard students can be put on a permanent ‘no-hire’ blacklist, so they can NEVER get ANY jobs that a Harvard degree would otherwise assure them of getting.

Let’s add up 2+2, shall we? Highly organized Jewish Americans, (as so meticulously documented in works like Walt and Meirsheimer’s ‘The Israel Lobby’), are now running the US Empire for the benefit of the 7.1 million Jewish people living in the tiny “Nation-State of the Jewish People”, to the ENORMOUS detriment of the interests and welfare of us 322 million or so of the American Common People who aren’t Jewish.

What is Ms. Cohn ‘smoking’, (a colloquial expression from the 60s, which, like me, she surely remembers), as she conjures up her phantasmagoric ‘pipe dreams’ of an international legal entity that has the power to legally censure, and presumably to even punish, the Jewish controlled US Empire, which is so crazed and powerful that it thinks it can literally ‘rule the world’?