What’s Going On, by Ray Zwarich

The comments below were attached to an article by Caitlin Johnstone, which suggests that a carefully and powerfully wrought Big Lie, perpetrated by our centrally owned and centrally controlled Mass Media, (controlled by our Enemy), can ever be ‘walked back’, simply by presenting mere uncontravertible ‘proof’ that it is a lie.

As much as I admire Ms. Johnstone’s body of work, this contention that a Big Lie can be ‘walked back’ is just absurdly naive. Only the very Mass Media that perpetrated the Big Lie would have the power to effectively ‘walk it back’.

Why would they?Ms. Johnstone’s foolish arrogation of power she does not have is a disturbingly widespread, in fact universal, (afaik), phenomenon among our very BEST writers/commentators, (among whom I certainly include her).

I am among those who are NOT content to merely write about our Enemy’s moral depravity and demented behavior. I intend to defeat this Enemy. I intend to ‘throw off the yoke of this Enemy’s power. To accomplish this determined objective, we must shed our illusions, and/or delusions, and come to understand the full horrific truth of ‘What’s Going On’.

Seeing parts of it, seeing self-selected facets of ‘what’s going on’, may sometimes be useful, but only when we, the nation’s Common People, see it ALL, in all its horrific reality, can we begin to lay realistic plans for extricating ourselves from the DEADLY dangerous predicament we are in.

NONE of our best writers, (none that I’m aware of anyway), not Ms. Johnstone, nor Glenn Greenwald, nor Matt Taibbi, nor Patrick Lawrence, (nor any others we could name), seem yet to fully understand the true nature of the deadly dangerous predicament we are in. Those of us who DO understand ‘What’s Going On’, (remember the old Marvin Gaye song? TREMENDOUS video), are gape-jawed that EVERYONE cannot ‘see’ what so few seem to. It is SO obvious. How can ANY be blind to it?

But the power of the human mind to deceive itself knows no bounds. People can only ‘see’ what we are willing to ‘see’. We so easily ignore that which we fear, or even dread might be true.

“Walking back the Russian troll scare”? Ms. Johnstone does not appear to understand mass psychology NEARLY as well as her own avowed Enemy does.

How many tens of millions of our duped fellow American citizens still believe that Trump and Vladimir Putin were close associates acting in directly coordinated conspiracy to weaken and/or defeat the American nation? VERY few of them will be dispossessed of this deeply embedded belief by mere Reason alone. That’s just NOT how the human mind works. Embedded beliefs become cherished beliefs, and once they do, people become deaf to evidence, or even ‘proof’, that challenges their beliefs.

Does Ms. Johnstone think she’s engaged in an orderly intellectual debate, which is going to be decided by a panel of erudite judges guided by Reason? LOL… (I shouldn’t laugh. I should weep instead).

These people, our very BEST writers, are not yet capable of drawing the very conclusions toward which ALL their writing, in ALL its cogent, truth-seeking power, leads us.

Cases in point:

It’s been a year or so ago that I watched Mr. Greenwald, a superlatively courageous and perceptive commentator, (one of our BEST), lay out a case for how absurd are the allegations that the events of 1/6/21 comprised an “insurrection”. In a more recent video he would later say, “they’re trying to make us disbelieve what we saw with our own eyes”. Yea… No shite, sherlock… Mr. Greenwald sees, “with his own eyes” but does not yet ‘see’.

We are living under the tyranny of a degree of raw, crazed Orwellian EVIL that even Mr. Greenwald has not yet fully accepted as ‘the truth’, despite the fact that he’s described it, in every minute detail, with such brilliant perception, for such a long time.

In the video about the Orwellian allegations about 1/6, Mr. Greenwald so capably reported as to how the actual leadership of virtually all the the right-wing organizations who participated in organizing the 1/6 protest demonstration, (as was, of course, their legal, Constitutional RIGHT), were heavily infiltrated by the US Security Establishment, (the FBI, DHS, CIA, etc, etc, there are 18, count ’em, 18 in all).

He went on to report on how on the day of the Constitutionally protected 1/6 protest demonstration, National Security provocateurs were interspersed throughout the crowd, doing their best to do what provocateurs do, (provoking people to do things they otherwise would not do, such as ‘storming’ the Capitol Building).

As Mr. Greenwald reported, some of these provocateurs were caught on video provoking the crowd to ‘storm the Bastille’, and have been identified by name, and located by address, but NONE of them have ever even been questioned, let alone arrested. Yet over 1000 of these obvious provocateurs’ ‘victims’, (people duped into acting at the provocateurs’ behest), HAVE been not merely arrested, but have now been imprisoned for over two years, many of them in the inhumane condition of solitary confinement.

Then, in this video laying out this convincing evidence proving his ‘case’, that the illegal events of 1/6 were actually instigated by the US Government’s so-called ‘deep-state’ forces, in summing up his case, Mr. Greenwald then incredibly, inexplicably said, “I’m not saying that 1/6 was a government conspiracy”.

Say WHAT? Mr. Greenwald’s argument did, in fact, convincingly prove that the illegal riot that rose out of the legal protest demonstration on 1/6, was exactly a well-planned and capably executed “US Government conspiracy”.

After so convincingly proving his case, he then negates it in his closing arguments? Isn’t Mr. Greenwald a trained lawyer? He negates his own case in his summation to the jury?

What’s “going on” here, folks? What is the root of the weird psychology being revealed here? What is this ‘factor’ that is keeping our best writers from believing their OWN damn arguments?

Ms. Johnstone, in all her brilliance, has written so prolifically for so long about the sheer, raw ‘insanity’ of the US Empire’s Ruling Elites. She knows full well that these forces, via their complete control of ALL Mass Media, control the ‘public consciousness’, the ‘collective mind of the masses’, with constant outright, self-aware Big Lies, yet here she behaves as if she’s engaged in a reasoned debate to be judged by an objective erudite panel?

Earth to Caitlyn… Come in please… Over…

Just yesterday I got a piece from Mr. Taibbi calling for “Truth and Reconciliation on Russiagate”. Uhh… Whew!!… Uhh… Matt, buddy… c’mon… time to wake up, coffee’s hot, smells good.

The impossibly, inexplicably naive Mr. Taibbi, (were you just ‘born yesterday’, ole buddy?), says (in writing) that the “…situation can’t be resolved until the corporate press swallows its pride and admits the clock has finally run out on its seven years of loony Russia conspiracies”.

Oh, geez!…. How can a writer who so often shines as brilliantly as does Mr. Taibbi, say such a stupid thing?

Uhhh… Earth to Matt… Come in please… Newsflash… This just in… ALL US Mass Media are centrally owned and controlled by the SAME Ruling Elite forces who are currently prosecuting an actual shooting war against Russia, a nation that actually has a bigger nuclear arsenal, and better means of delivery, (hypersonic missile technology), than does the US.

And our brilliant ‘naughty boy’ commentator, who so relishes the role of the ‘class smart aleck’, is so childishly naive that he thinks these crazed, demented Ruling Elites, who have FULL control over the “corporate press”, are going to “swallow their pride” and admit that they’re a bunch of psychopathic liars, to countervail their own war propaganda against their enemy, while engaged in a shooting war against that enemy? LOL… I shouldn’t laugh… I could just as well weep…

Patrick Lawrence’s brilliance is so often just absolutely stunning. But his humble, unassuming style, and his incredibly skilled mastery of unadorned but soaringly poetic prose, constantly lead us to the very conclusions that he HIMSELF will not yet draw.

He has, at least, started using the lower case term “imperium”, but has not yet once, afaik, used the term EMPIRE!. (The ‘Jedi Knights’ are ALL fighting on the other side, people).

C’mon, folks. Coffee’s hot. Smells good…

To solve a problem as complex as the DEADLY predicament we are ALL, (people of every political persuasion), mired in together, we first must correctly define and understand the problem.

These brilliant writers, our BEST writers, clearly have not yet come to fully understand the deepest, truest nature of our predicament, despite the fact that they ALL have described it so well, and in such perceptive, even artistic detail, for so long.

We are living in the proverbial ‘belly of the beast’, of an unspeakably EVIL Empire. The people ruling over this Empire are certifiably INSANE! In their crazed blood-lust to rule over all Humanity, these people are already engaged in a shooting war in pursuit of their crazed lust for world rule, and are giving signs that the may very well be SO crazy that they are already actually planning an actual nuclear holocaust.

They, the clearly INSANE ‘powers-that-be’, in their crazed blood-lust to rule the world, seem to now be preparing us for nuclear annihilation.

Like we were as children in the 1950s, (I was in grade school then), drilled to hide under our school-desks when we saw the mushroom cloud in the distance outside the window , magazine articles are now appearing advising us of what to do in case of nuclear war. Here’s an article in ‘Business Insider’ ‘assuring’ some of us that due to the likely priorities of those who might attack the US with nuclear weapons, “people in big cities like New York and Los Angeles most likely shouldn’t worry about being struck by a nuclear weapon”, (because the attack would more likely be aimed, according to this article, at military targets).

We are living under the rule of crazed people who are FAR more INSANE than the writers whose work I am addressing here yet seem to realize. If we were living in Germany, in the late 1930s, we would NOT be living under the control of people more EVIL and INSANE than the people whose control we ARE living under.

If we expect to throw off the yoke of these crazed US Ruling Elites, before they kill us ALL, (remember Major Kong, in Dr. Strangelove?) He’s now in power over our tragic, bleeding nation), we first must surrender whatever Thomas Jefferson notions we have about “a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way”.

C’mon, folks… Coffee’s hot… Smells good… All that heroically noble ‘American way’ BS was all just ‘make-believe’. The CIA was overthrowing elected governments, to install their own chosen tyrants, (as in Iran, in ’53), as sson as WW II was ‘in the books’. We were already at war again by June of 1950, a war in which we exterminated several million civilian people, (an estimated 30% of the total population of North Korea), even as Superman huffed out his chest to teach us about “truth, justice, and the American way”. The CIA has planned this war against Russia in Ukraine as long as it has existed, (since September 1947). These people, this IMMENSELY powerful Enemy, are simply not (apparently) capable of sanity, let alone Reason

What say we acknowledge the true nature of our predicament, the true ruthlessly evil nature of the Enemy, so we, the Common People, can roll up our sleeves and start to solve this problem, instead of merely feeding our own egos by writing about it.


Simius C