Witting or Unwitting?.. Either Way, Confused and Dangerous, by Ray Zwarich

We all know that we now find ourselves in a deadly predicament. An ‘existential’ predicament, many like to say. Our very ‘existence’, not just as individual living beings, not just our own lives, and those of our families, and friends, and everyone we love, but our very existence as a species of animals living on a habitable planet, is “blowing in the wind”. How many times can we look up, before we see that the sky is falling, (apologies to the Great American Bard, and to the famed ‘chicken little’)?
(All human wisdom can be found in the body of literature comprised from the lyrics of ‘old songs’).
“It’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s goin’ down” — S Stills, from ‘For What It’s Worth‘.
Stop… Look… See… Are we not capable of that? Are we not capable of setting aside the powerful emotions that are fatally controlling us, to engage our greatest gift, the gift that raises us up from among all the other animals, our gift of Reason?
Our predicament is indeed as complex as it is deadly. But if we reduce it to its common denominator, it becomes much easier for anyone to grasp.
I have a caliper, for example, that I use in my wood shop, which reads to 1/128th of an inch. It’s incomprehensible. Quick… How much is 81/128ths of an inch? Reduce it to its common denominator, however, and it’s just a smidgen more than 5/8 of an inch. There’s an old carpenter’s saying (I’m an old carpenter), “Close enough is good enough”. A carpenter might call 81/128ths “5/8ths strong”. But really, in the real world where we carpenters build things, the difference between 81/128ths and 5/8ths is so small, (about 1/100th of an inch), that it is just not significant; it just doesn’t make any difference. (The wobble of even the truest saw blade, or drill bit, is way more than 1/100 of an inch).
Is that a metaphor, or a parable, (or something else)? There is a difference, but does that difference even matter?
Everyone reading this, (remember that this is NOT a mass mailing), understands perfectly well that our nation has been captured under the power of a relatively small group of VERY powerful people. Everyone reading this knows that our government no longer functions as anything even resembling a ‘democracy’.
I am a ‘leftist’, for reasons I’ll not try to define or explain in any depth here. These terms, ‘the left’ and ‘the right’, have been so bastardized that they have lost most every semblance of their true and original meaning. To put it simply, I am a ‘leftist’ because I am a person from among the Common People, whose allegiance is TO the Common People, (and FOR the Common People), and I thus believe that the primary purpose of government, among we humans, is to protect the Common People from the unbridled greed and uncontrolled lust that always arises from the class of Elites, that themselves always arise in EVERY human society, and always have, since the dawn of human civilization, and always will, as long as our species survives. (This is an extremely important concept to grasp, but I’ll save discussion of it for a different essay).
Many people reading this are my fellow leftists, but tragically, many of them regard me as an ‘enemy’. But I regard them as confused, self-destructive friends. Regarding this modern, confused, self-defeating American left is like regarding a beloved friend, sibling, son, or daughter destroying herself or himself as a drug addict. “What in the world ever became of Sweet Jane, living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine, all a friend can say is “ain’t it a shame” “. — Grateful Dead, from ‘Truckin‘. Great song. Great literature as well. “The do-dah man once told me, “you’ve got to play your hand”, else the cards ain’t worth a dime, if you don’t lay them down”. That’s what I’m doing here. Stupid old ape that I am, Simius C. I’m playing my hand. I’ve always been a ‘roving gambler‘. “Whenever I see a deck ‘a cards, I lay my money down.” A Gambler knows that sometimes the odds against don’t matter. You can never win unless you ‘take a chance’, unless you play your hand.
But many people reading this would likely describe themselves as ‘on the right’. They’re VERY good people. Despite the fact that I may disagree with them concerning certain things that we all consider very important, they’re my fellow citizens, and many are my friends and neighbors, for whom I would gladly do favors, as they gladly would for me. I have a tractor, and when it snows I clear the driveways of several of my ‘right wing’ neighbors. When I was in the hospital for several days some months ago, one of my ‘right wing’ neighbors ‘looked after’ our farm for me, doing the daily chores, feeding and watering the livestock, etc.
People ‘on the right’, these days, are most certainly more pleasant to spend time among than many of the constantly hysterical ideologues on the ‘woke’ left. Folks ‘on the right’, for the most part, are not NEARLY so hateful as people on the left. They love their families. They want to raise their children to be good and decent citizens. Other than a very small fringe element, they are NOT the least bit racist. They believe passionately in justice and human freedom, for ALL, regardless of race, creed, or religion.
People ‘on the right’ still believe in freedom of speech. And they don’t just believe in it, they practice it. Thus their public forums are not censored. That means, of course, that those on their forums those who hold more extremist opinions are free to express those opinions, in spite of the fact that most people who participate on those forums despise those opinions. (“I despise what you say, sir, but I will defend to the DEATH your right to say it”. — Voltaire). Thus opinions that I consider ‘ugly’ often appear on the right’s public forums. Thus the hysterical hateful ‘woke’ left has deduced, in its hysterical, over-the-top bigotry, that all people ‘on the right’ hold the same opinions as the very few most extreme.
Public forums ‘on the left’ are ALL heavily censored. I’m not aware of a single one that is not. We ALL know perfectly well that our most basic human right, and political right, our freedom of speech itself, has been COMPLETELY banished from this odious, deliberately engineered social construct, the American ‘woke’ left.
But these people are also ‘good people’. They have merely been duped into their self-defeating behavior. Their motives are derived, deep down, from noble concerns for the Common People. But they have been cunningly ‘engineered’ by forces they simply do not yet understand, such that they have embraced their odious, self-defeating beliefs and behavior.
Deliberately engineered? Well, folks… It’s simply a fact of History that Herbert Marcuse, so ignorantly celebrated as ‘the father of the New Left’, was a close associate, in the WW II era OSS, (the precursor to the CIA), of Allen Dulles and Bill Donovan, the founders of the CIA. It was this brilliant evil genius, Marcuse, who taught Dulles and Donovan the cunning ways of the Ancient Tribe. It was this evil genius, Marcuse, acting on behalf of the CIA, who laid the foundation stones of the crazed, confused ideology of the ‘woke left’. Yes, boys and girls… It’s REALLY true. the ‘father of the New Left’ which was the ideological precursor to the odious ‘woke left’, was a CIA mole…
Gloria Steinem, perhaps the most famous and celebrated ‘feminist’ in feminism’s nascent days, was CIA as well. Here is an article that mentions Ms. Steinem’s role, and explains how the CIA has used ‘feminism’ to advance its own agendas. Here is another, tremendous article, that does an even deeper dive into the CLOSE relationship between the CIA and the New Left. (This article does not mention Marcuse, however, who was such a ‘deep’ mole that his role has yet to be much explored).
The ‘New Yorker’ article (linked above), does not mention contemporary leftist publisher Robert Scheer, but does mention the role played by his employer at that time, ‘Ramparts’ magazine, in ‘blowing the cover’ off the CIA’s cozy, twisted relationship with the New Left. One wonders if Mr. Scheer himself perhaps contributed research to the ‘Ramparts’ shattering expose, when it was being written. Such speculation into the possibility that he did, makes it hugely ‘ironic’, (to use a kind word), that Mr. Scheer now frequently and habitually publishes actual CIA propaganda, even from CIA serpent John Brennan’s own close associates and mouthpieces.
Anyway… This is getting long… So much to say… So little time remaining… Sunday is my birthday, (shared with MLK). I’ll turn 75 this year.
There is ‘process’ and there is ‘substance’. The huge irony that leftists who still believe in freedom of speech, (like me), must grapple with, is our intense disgust in regarding the ‘process’ these ideologue ‘woke crazies’ have embraced, despite the fact that we may agree with much of the ‘substance’ of these people’s most basic advocacy. And vice versa… We feel MUCH more comfortable with the MUCH more honest and democratic ‘process’ of ‘the right’, which actually respects actual ‘democracy’, and democracy’s very taproot, freedom of speech, despite the fact that we disagree with some of the critical ‘substance’ of current right-wing advocacy.
The most CRUCIAL aspect of this HUGE irony, that people on both sides must come to ‘see’, is that BOTH sides share the SAME Common Enemy.
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies. (I’ll elaborate in future essays).
If we intend to defeat this Common Enemy, (the Elites who rule over us ALL), we, the Common People must reach across our deliberately contrived differences. To defeat these IMMENSELY powerful Ruling Elites, we must first UNITE as the powerful, unstoppable political force, The Common People. “The People, UNITED, can never be defeated”. It’s much more than a cliched chant. It’s the truth.
Divided almost perfectly in half, each half regarding the other as ‘the enemy’, we can NEVER defeat our Common Enemy. It’s every bit just that simple. “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half”. Divide and rule. Jay Gould’s boast is every bit as true today as it was in his day. Divide and rule is every bit as devastatingly effective today as it has been for 10,000 years, since the dawn of human civilization.
C’mon, folks… We can squabble over our more minor differences once these cruel and murderous Elites are defeated. The thing we must try to understand is that once we defeat them, and once we then create a FAIR distribution of the wealth our nation produces, once NONE of us are relegated to living in the indignity, misery, and constant crushing anxiety of the Demon Poverty, (NONE of us, not a single one), we’ll find that our differences, which now seem like matters so important that we’re on the verge of actual bloodshed, will shrink to insignificance. The Demon Poverty is the very taproot of ALL our social problems. When ALL live in dignity, when even the least among us live in decent housing, in safe neighborhoods, with a good school down the street to ensure equal opportunity for our children, when the social parasites, the Ruling Elites, have been put in their place, when every single one lives in dignity, what then will remain to squabble over?
Well… We’re only poor dumb humans… I’m sure we’ll find something to fuss and fight about, but whatever it may be, it won’t have us on the very verge of mass bloodshed, where we find ourselves now.
I have a friend in Chicago whose counsel I greatly value, who has often criticized my own advocacy for so often getting too ‘personal’. Much of his criticism his personal criticism of me has  been very valuable to me. But I simply don’t agree that ‘politics’ should not be ‘personal’. I think we must begin assigning PERSONAL responsibility to those people whose cunning or else foolish advocacy, (in the latter case whose over-arching purpose is usually simply to feed their own desperate egos), is either the cause of, or else heavily contributory to, these fatal divisions that have rendered us, that have rendered the nation’s Common People, completely powerless at the hands of our Common Enemy, these evil murderous Ruling Elites who are not nearly satisfied to rule over our tragically hapless nation, but have openly declared their intention to rule over all Humanity, and are now perpetrating a war SO dangerous that it threatens every single ONE of us with near term annihilation.
In that vein… One of the most celebrated writers on the ‘woke’ American left is a man with a desperately GIANT ego, Christopher Hedges. This man’s habitual behavior and advocacy serves to keep us, to keep the Common People, fatally divided. The fact that he is so widely ‘celebrated’, (the applause like a drug to him),only points to the fatal self-defeating confusions embedded in the crazed ideology of the ‘woke left’. All his written work, virtually ALL of it, supports the primary agenda of our Common Enemy: divide and rule. His behavior is thus perfectly consistent with that of a ‘deep cover’ operative.
I’m not actually accusing him as such, however. I think it’s MUCH more likely that it is simply the vagaries of his own human psychology, particularly his always desperate ego, that causes him to behave as he does. He simply ‘plays to the mob’ in his desperation for their applause.
Nonetheless, those among us who realize that the ‘father of the New Left’ was a CIA mole, do recognize that Mr. Hedges’ behavior, though maybe simply caused by his pathetically desperate ego, is also PERFECTLY consistent with how a deeply embedded ‘operative’ would behave.
Thus… Copied below is my reply to Mr. Hedges’ most recent article, as published by the above-mentioned Robert Scheer, who DOES, after all, publish material from the mouths of people like CIA serpent, John Brennan, himself.
In this article, as all can see, Mr Hedges references disparagingly the Shakespearian character, Caliban, calling this rather ‘mystic’ character, neither human nor beast, but rather a little of both, “monosyllabic”. Mr. Hedges makes the patently absurd allegation that Caliban provided inspiration to the big orange buffoon, Donald Trump.
A close friend of mine, also a harsh critic of Mr. Hedges, uses that name as a pen name, (as I use Simius C). I don’t think Mr. Hedges’ reference is coincidental. I think it is, and was intended as, an accusation. Methinks the brilliant and always cunning Mr. Hedges is aware of my own association with this person calling himself ‘Caliban’. Hence the opening of my reply to him, which is copied below, and which was posted in the comments section of his article, (though I don’t even know if my reply has been allowed to appear, since this is a ‘leftist’ forum).
Hope this finds all well and strong. Please know and never doubt, folks, that I fully intend to not just rail against our Common Enemy. I FULLY intend to DEFEAT them. Hear??… In order to do so, we, the nation’s Common People, must reach across our differences to UNITE our overwhelming strength and power.
I’m confident that when the time comes, (when the poopy goes splat, splat, splat), I can count on the good sense and support of everyone reading this.
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.
Simius Cognitius
Witting or Unwitting?.. Either Way, Confused and Dangerous
“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices, that, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming, the clouds methought would open, and show riches ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked, I cried to dream again”.

                                           — Caliban, Act III, Scene 2

Poor Caliban is “monosyllabic”, and an inspiration to Donald Trump, Mr. Hedges avers in expressing his unreasoning hysteria of hatred for anyone who disagrees with HIM about anything.

Only Mr. Hedges could find dour, hopeless gloom in such a pure expression of exalted reverence for beauty itself, as Caliban’s mystic words, in Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Tempest’, so often express. (“Beauty is truth. Truth beauty, That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know” — John Keats, (if I recall correctly)

“Monosyllabic”…Hmm… Interesting interpretation. I think Mr. Hedges could find dour hopelessness in a child’s unrestrained laugh of pure joy.

Methinks Mr. Hedges is playing a key role in the Kabuki theater that he (so coincidentally) describes so well. He struts and frets his hour, lamenting the futility of all our yesterdays, leading fools but to dusty death. Out, brief candle! Only The Idiot tells our tragic human tale. And Mr. Hedges, while pretending to be a ‘progressive’ imagining a better, more hopeful future for Humankind, constantly reminds us of the utter futility and hopeless failure of ALL our attempts thus far.
What is his purpose in this, as he pursues our Enemy’s primary priority, (to make us all feel hopeless and powerless to resist their tyranny), with all the zeal of his magnificent intellect?
Abandon hope all ye who follow Hedges. “The future is hopeless. See that above all else”, he says so eloquently, while so desperately, and with such stupendous irony, wanting us all to shower him with praise for the brilliant, dour gloom that so avidly and constantly pours from him.
He is the ally of that which he says he despises, as he cultivates, with such magnificent intellectual prowess, the very hopelessness that our powerful and cunning Enemy, the Elites who rule over us,  most want us all to feel?
Witting? Or unwitting? That is the question. Alas poor Yorick. Once a jokester, now but a moldy skull. Why even live, when the same fate awaits us all?
Apathy, or its evil step-child, Nihilism, beckon enticingly from Hedges’ every word.
Aye, “The irony.. The irony”, (paraphrasing Brando’s Colonel Kurtz). Hedges wants our applause and praise so desperately, even as he tries to quash all hope in our hearts.
One can barely catch one’s breath when reading Mr. Hedges’ ongoing revelations of the sheer power of his magnificent intellect. He has in his skull a brain more powerful than that possessed by any but a rarefied few other humans now alive on Earth. If we crudely compare the human brain to a computer, Mr. Hedges’ has been gifted with the fastest, most powerful centa-core CPU, and many terabytes of the fastest  RAM, while the rest of us must make do, as best we can, with a mere quad-core CPU, and a few gigabytes of RAM.
But a brain alone, no matter how powerful, does not comprise a ‘mind’,  and the intensely self-contradictory advocacy Mr. Hedges constantly projects certainly demonstrates that.
Are his obvious contradictions witting, or unwitting? An ordained ‘priest’? But what master does he serve best?
There is so much truth to be cherished in what Mr. Hedges presents here, as he ‘shows off’ his intellect, but also inadvertently reveals his lack of ‘mind’. So much truth in his words, that are only apparently intended to lead us toward utter despair. He even finds monosyllabic idiocy on the highest plateaus of poetry, celebrating hope in the very perception of sheer beauty.
Amidst all his brilliant observations of the fatal foibles of our intensely ‘sick’, morally depraved society, whose foundation has become a demented culture of unbridled, depraved Desire, (the ‘Culture of the Self’, which Mr. Hedges describes with his customarily brilliant eloquence), Mr. Hedges also cunningly promotes the key themes of ‘woke’ craziness that have been, and currently remain, the Ruling Elites’ PRIMARY vehicle of engendering the very social confusion, (social madness we could say), that these evil forces that rule over us are using to keep us confused, hateful, discouraged, divided, and, above all, of course, hopeless, and thus totally and completely politically powerless against them.
He sows the seeds of hatred even as he pretends to want to dispel them. Even as he laments “the polarization of the electorate into antagonistic tribes”, he demonizes, with ugly, hateful labels, anyone who disagrees with HIM about anything.
People currently being demonized for no other reason than their immutable biological identity, in the most bizarre display of nakedly pure and raw, hateful racism imaginable, who are responding with their deep heart-felt concerns for the well-being of their own families, for the safety and well-being of the people they love, are here demonized again by the cunning Hedges as evil “white supremacists”.
He again throws up his ‘crocodile’ pretense of concern for American working people, the large majority of whom he had just demonized, in his previous breath, as “white supremacists”, (for loving their own families).
He again so ridiculously advocates for American working people, (most of whom are demonized “white supremacists”, don’t forget), to organize into labor unions, in the very breath following his declaration of his full-throated support for importing hordes of ‘les miserables‘, more hordes of the tragically and desperately poor, across our now non-existent southern border, to serve the Elites as “excess labor”, to serve “the billionaire class” (as he calls the Ruling Elites), as huge numbers of tragic, desperate “scabs”, which, of course, makes effective labor organizing IMPOSSIBLE.
Even as he pretends to lament our fatal division into “antagonistic tribes”, he blows, as hard, and loudly, (and cunningly?) as he can, on all the ‘woke’ dog whistles, the very ‘dog whistles’ he pretends to lament, the very dog whistles which have so fatally divided us.
Witting or unwitting? That is the question. Cynical intent? Or merely the desperate confusion of a magnificent intellect, hoist upon the petard of his desperate ego, the desperate confusion of a powerful brain, that due to its desperate need for applause, cannot yet quite become a coherent ‘mind.

Simius C