Year-end and predictions for 2023, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

This is the last day of 2022. Here are some highlights of what happened
this year, predictions for next year, and thoughts about what to do. If you
are in the Bethlehem area in occupied Palestine, we invite you to visit/get
together to talk, to plan and to live a better future one hour at a time.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2022: Russia-NATO war in Ukraine raged and millions were made
refugees.  There was dramatic increase in military spending (US in lead
which spends more on its military than the next 9 countries combined).
Poverty, Inflation and interest rates increased globally. The rich got
richer especially those invested in energy and the military-industrial
complex). Severe winter storms battered the US and Japan. Qatar’s hosted
the world cup: win by Argentina but Palestine was most prominent to the
consternation of normalizing governments. Brazil regained left wing
president Lula who defeated the genocidal Bolsanaro giving the Amazon
rainforest a little breathing time [pun intended] . More than 150
Palestinian homes were demolished, 235 Palestinians killed, some 3500
injured, over 6300 imprisoned (many Children). This is about to increase
dramatically because this week, the new fascist Israeli government came
into power promising much more devastation to Palestinians both within and
outside the so-called Green Line (See ). Climate change and
biodiversity conventions were held (see Statements from the Palestine
Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability )........[add your own

1) There is a high chance (?40%) for catastrophic global war  (which now
has a chance of 40%). This will include US vs China in the pacific and
around the issue of Taiwan.
2) Massive waves of war and climate refugees to drive immigration systems
to breaking point
3) Massive shortage of food, fuel, water and other basic commodities makes
more people destitute and drives growth of conflicts
4) Climate change has become irreversible and we expect acceleration of
chaotic climate events ranging from hurricanes to tsunamis to severe
weather fluctuations
5) Development of technology makes for more devastating weapons of mass
destruction- accelerating arms race.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE (It is not all gloom and doom): We have seen
increasing public awakening and embracing of the other (as happened at the
world cup games). We have seen growth of empathy and care by millions of
people.We have seen more intentional communities. Young people are
rejecting hegemony.  We have seen the mobilization for the environment at
the grassroot level. These trends are bound to increase in line with the
increased threats.

For all who act we say thank you. For all others (including the "leaders")
we implore you to wake-up and act because peace (based on justice) in
Jerusalem/Bethlehem and the rest of Palestine is critical to
sustainability, to world peace, and to tackling our other problems like
climate change (instead of spending trillions on militaries and wars and
oppression). All know it deep in their hearts. Blessed are those who act on
it and blessed are the peacemakers.

Here are 12 RECOMMENDATIONS for good health (physical and psychological)
from an old student of science (aka scientist) who strives to do better and
welcomes your views*:

1)  Children of all ages need to be in nature. Play with dirt and smell
nature. It improves immunity (latest epidemiological studies of those who
died with COVID19).  Plant things, harvest, and enjoy (ornamental plants,
herbal plants, fruits, vegetables. You can even do it on walls, ceilings,
balconies and window-sills).
2) Eat healthy seasonal food always. Not processed food.
3) Open your mind: shed the chains imposed on your brain from your
background (education, religion, culture, society, conformity,
nationalism), The world changes - do not try to be fossilized.
4)  Corollary: Read a lot and challenge yourself to read more every year
than the year before. Knowledge is power. You can also teach yourself or
via the internet speed reading.
5) Talk less and listen more (ask questions, art of attentive talking). No
matter your age, listen to young people, listen to old people, listen to
all people of all backgrounds.
6) Find your passion and follow it, be it music, poetry, agriculture,
painting, biology, computers or whatever. Never study something or do a job
because you think there is money in it. Follow your passion and money will
follow (or at least follow your passion while doing a job that you can eat
from temporarily). You also really do not need a lot of money to live a
decent healthy life.
7) Corollary: be passionate about a cause bigger than yourself: political,
human rights, helPing disenfranchised people etc. Getting involved in
something bigger than yourself makes you live longer and healthier
(physical and emotional) and life.
8) Time is your most valuable asset. Never waste it.
9)  Walk a lot (important for all ages). Minimum one kilometer every day.
Run if your health allows it. Preferably in natural areas.
10) Challenge your mind and your body to do new things.
11) Make friends with people who care about society and about nature. Hang
around them and have fun while doing productive work (service. See #6).
12) Be kind to all (all animals including humans and plants) and never give
up (especially on the potentiality of the future) no matter the challenges.
Keep the hope alive.

If you care to act for peace and justice, here are 74 ways:

Thanks and love to you all and may you have a blessed, productive,and
action filled 2023

*Mazin Qumsiyeh started studying biology (including human biology) as a
teanager over 50 years ago. Since then published over 160 research
publication and several books, became professor at medical schools
including at Yale and Duke Universities (and now Bethlehem University),
established and run clinical laboratories (those that study cancer and
birth defects among others) and also institutions concerned with
sustainability of human and natural communities (e.g. the Palestine
Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability
In these 50+ years, Qumsiyeh also read tens of thousands of scientific
papers and thousands of books. He learns and does new things every day and
makes mistakes also everyday (the two are connected)!!  So please send your
ideas to