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Apr 22, 2022

♫ Julie Fowlis – Hug Air a’ Bhonaid Mhoir (Scottish Gaelic)

Anniversaries of Silence in the Media, by Ron Unz

CIA Torture Queen Now A Beauty And Life Coach, by Caitlin Johnstone
Assange’s Extradition Is Another Building Block of The Controlled Explanation, by Paul Craig Roberts
Kramatorsk train station attack: The key to finding the perpetrator lies in this overlooked detail, by Scott Ritter
Ukraine War Day #57: Let The Games Continue, by yalensis
Andrei Martyanov: Mariupol, Dmitry Medvedev, West’s suicide, incompetence as a virtue. Narcissism of the West(Video)
Big Tech’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Love Affair, by Pepe Escobar
Elon Musk Ponders the Mystery of Who Is Behind the Systematic Censorship Agenda, by Andrew Anglin
Former Intel Officials Want Efforts to Break Up Big Tech Stopped, by sundance
Dark Day For Press Freedom As British Court Orders Assange Extradition, by Kevin Gosztola
2005-22: The crisis of western capitalism behind the left and far right radicalism, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Globalization Without an Epicenter, by E. Ahmet Tonak and Vijay Prashad
      87% of IMF Loans Forcing Austerity on Crisis-Ravaged Nations, by Brett Wilkins
Russia Tests Nuclear-Capable ICBM As Putin Warns Enemies It’s “Food For Thought,” by Tyler Durden (Video)
Migratory birds of mass destruction, by M. K. Bhadrakumar
French presidential debate: Le Pen goes mainstream, proving Yellow Vests right, by Ramin Mazaheri
US Trashes ICC, But Wants It to Charge Russians, by Marjorie Cohn
Virtually No One Shows Up To Hear Biden Claim He Was The “Poorest Man In Congress,” by Steve Watson
“We Hope You Enjoyed Your Ride Through Fantasy-Land, Now Watch Your Step As You Exit,” by Charles Hugh Smith
My Journey to the Jewish Question, by RockaBoatus
Prison Food, by John Kiriakou
WashPost’s Doxing of @LibsOfTikTok Reveals Who Corporate Journalists See as Their Targets, by Glenn Greenwald
Israeli ethnic cleansing is troubling, but everybody does it– J Street rabbi explains at Passover, by Jonathan Ofir
Who is Macron? Does Marie Le Pen = change? What is at stake? Ania Konieczek talks with Jeff Brown (Podcast)
Four Months Into 2022, Every Homicide in St. Louis Is by a Black Individual, by Paul Kersey
The Missing Link in a UN Cold Case? A French Death Warrant Against Dag Hammarskjold Comes to Light, by Maurin Picard
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