Dec 5, 2021

A Chronicle of the Decline and Fall of the Western Empire

Welcome to SitRepWorld. This site is a sequel to One Democratic State (the Legacy Website) which is now read only, though the links are still active. There you will find a great deal of material aside from the daily links. ’By the Editor’ consists of my own essays from the last decade, an ’About’ page, a ’Donations’ page, ’Archives’ going back about eight years, material on ’Historical Revisionism,’ an extensive listing of ’Quotes’ and so forth.
The One Democratic State movement is now going mainstream but I found myself increasingly covering what is going on elsewhere, as everything is connected. So I created SRW, which contains 25-30 links daily, a heady mixture of the best, most articulate and relevant writings (and videos and Podcasts) on US and international affairs that I can find – and after ten years of doing this, I know where to look. It’s an effective antidote to the toxic virus known as the Mainstream Media, if you choose to make use of it.

Fauci – Pope Of Science

♫ Angelina Carberry – Ceoltóir na Bliana

Now comes the final countdown to either peace or war, by The Saker

Andrei Martyanov on the possibility of war (Video)
     Lavrov gives press conference after OSCE Ministerial Council in Stockholm (Video)
Near-Octogenarian Joe Biden Taps Teen Spirit to Snub China and Russia, by Finian Cunningham
The “Great Reset” and the UN Resolution Prohibiting the “Glorification of Nazism,” by Carla Stea
Obituary for Russiagate, by Patrick Lawrence
Escalating Fake News About a Nonexistent Russian Threat to Invade Ukraine, by Stephen Lendman
     This Is How the Russia-Ukraine War Will Unfold – Strategic Infographics
Offensive Double-Think: Russia ‘Not Allowed Sphere of Influence’ As NATO Missiles Encroach on Russian Border
Critical Exposés Everywhere as the Corporate State Worsens, by Ralph Nader
RFK Jr: Fauci should be ‘criminally prosecuted,’ investigated alongside Bill Gates
How Liberals Censor Leftists, by Ted Rall
‘Go and Tell’: largest Protestant association says listen to Palestinian stories and struggles, by Jeff Wright
The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.” Report by 1500 Health Professionals
     The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/03
Chossudovsky: The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries
      An Australian Horror Story, by Jeremy Salt
“We are in Deep Trouble!” Following the Science behind the COVID Catastrophe (Audio)
Daily Dose of Omicron Fake News, by Stephen Lendman
     Evidence that COVID-19 is a Designed Bioweapon with a Toxic Structure, by Joe Hoft
Why Doesn’t Russia Debunk Phony Delta and Omicron Fear-Mongering, by Stephen Lendman
     Covid policy: An Interview With Phil Magness, by Noah Carl
What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At The Fastest Pace In History, by Michael Snyder
“What If?” Thinking: Imagining Alternative Histories as a Way to Know, by Robert S. Griffin
Laotian Lives Matter, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
DSA won’t expel Bowman over Israel, but they may withhold endorsement in 2022, by Michael Arria
Babylon Bee: Fauci Dons Funny Hat, Declares Himself To Be Pope Of Science
Atlantic Hurricane Season Blows Open US Inequities, by Marina Lazetic and Karen Jacobsen
US Census & the Birth of Computers, by David Lindsay Roberts

Dec 4, 2021

Spectacled Bear, Ecuador

♫ Coig – D Jigs (Old Crow Magazine)

More Evidence That the Covid Conspiracy Theory Is a Fact, by Paul Craig Roberts

Applied Wisdom for Sceptics, by Edward Chancellor
Assange’s Judge Is Longtime Friend of Minister Who Oversaw Arrest, by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis
Scientist Under Investigation by the Royal Society of New Zealand for Defending Science, by Toby Young
Lavrov/Blinken Meeting Much Ado About Nothing, by Stephen Lendman
The Scapegoating of the Unvaccinated, by Kathrine Jebsen Moore
‘Unity and Resistance’: Ramzy Baroud Delivers Speech at Casa Arabe in Madrid (Video)
Outrageous Predictions 2022: Revolution, by Saxo CIO Steen Jakobsen
The West’s Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name, by Patrick Buchanan
Israel’s Mass Surveillance of Palestinians Is More Than an Obsession
Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs, by Tyler Durden
     Merkel Demands Mandatory Vaccination Law as Germany is Set to Impose Restrictions on the Unvaccinated
Humor: German Health Minister: ‘We Must Take Large Groups Of Unvaccinated And Concentrate Them Into Camps’
     Durden: Twitter Slaps ‘Unsafe’ Label On American Heart Association mRNA Vaccine Warning!
Dr. Zelenko Issues Emergency Warning to the World: ‘The COVID Vaxx is WWIII’ (Video)
     The Daily Sceptic News Roundup 12/02
Biden Regime’s More Scariant Than Variant Omicron Scam, by Stephen Lendman
     Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin
CN Live! — The Espionage Act & Julian Assange (Video)
Lee Smith’s Seminal Outline of the Media Role in Creating the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory, by Lee Smith
Magnificent Cape Town, Quiet Windhoek, Sane Africa, by Linh Dinh
Let’s go to the movies — or not, by Jon Rappoport
The Rhodes Scholars Are Back, And They’re Still Proof Of America’s Laughingstock Elite
The Australian surveillance state is very real. But it’s no product of the ‘plandemic,’ by Paul Gregoire
High Court in Ecuador Rules in Favor of ‘Rights of Nature,’ by Andrea Germanos
First ‘living robots’ can now ‘spontaneously’ self-replicate, scientists say
Henry Kissinger’s Last Crusade: Stopping Dangerous AI, by Belinda Luscombe
Beware of Economics Textbooks, by Dan Lieberman
BAP on Israel’s Problem

Dec 3, 2021

Gollum Mainstreams Precious

♫ Catherine Ashcroft & Maurice Dickson – King of the Pipers

A Sincere Plea to the Pro-Vax Mandaters, by Chris Waldburger

Russia is primed for a Persian Gulf security ‘makeover,’ by Pepe Escobar
Dictator Fauci Runs Public Health As A Personal Profit-Making Operation, by Thomas DiLorenzo
Revival of Class Politics in the U.S.… Will It Be Socialism or Fascism? by Finian Cunningham
Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ​System, by Mike Whitney
     Science Exposes the Made-in-the-USA Mother of All Diabolical Hoaxes, by Stephen Lendman
The Daily Sceptic: News Round-Up 12/1
     Test for new Omicron variant? We don’t need no stinkin’ test, by Jon Rappoport
PANDEMIA is being censored, by Alex Berenson
“Fully Vaccinated’ NBA star LeBron James enters COVID protocols, forced to sit out
     Covid-19 quarantine escapees arrested after manhunt
COVID hysteria, Big Business corruption exposed in new book by former NY Times writer
     Ursula von der Leyen Says It’s Time to Discuss an E.U. Wide Mandatory Vaccination Law
The NYT Has a Death Wish for Unwanted People Worldwide, by Stephen Lendman
     Omicron Variant Is a Mild Mutation and Governments Must Drop the Hysteria, Says WHO
Durden: Jim Cramer Demands Biden Impose Military-Enforced Vaccine Mandate For All Americans
     COVID patient left for ‘dead’ recovers after court forces hospital to allow ivermectin treatment
Tyrannical USA, Inc., by Stephen Lendman
The Global One World State: Interview with Michael Rectenwald
Annual Write-Up On What I’m About And What I’m Doing Here, by Caitlin Johnstone
Wadi: UNGA’s Latest Resolution Illustrates the Int’l Community’s Complicity With Israel’s Colonial Expansion
Oppression by Orgasm?: The Porn Industry as Jewish Anti-Fascist Activism, by K. Vinther
     Triple Ex-Thnics: Jews in the American Porn Industry, by Nathan Abrams
The Big Hollywood Lie: Denying Jewish Control
Humor Dept: Jen Psaki Announces President Biden Will Visit Family Of Traumatized Waukesha SUV Driver
Mnar Adley interviews Camila Saab, Wife of Venezuelan Diplomat “Kidnapped” by US Gov’t (Video)
Return of the ‘Law and Order’ Issue, by Patrick J. Buchanan
Bill Gates Should Know Better: How the Israeli Occupation Ravages the Environment in Palestine
     DSA Palestine activists call for Jamaal Bowman to be expelled from the organization, by Michael Arria
Arkansas Newspaper Fights Against Attempts to Force Allegiance to Israel
     On steadfastness and survival: Ahmed Mansour’s new film “Angel of Gaza,” by Nadia Yaqub
In Chicago Protesters Angry Over Rittenhouse Acquittal Demand Communist Revolution
Epstein’s Pilot Names Names, Recalls Shuttling Clinton, Trump, Spacey And Prince Andrew
Police Bodycam Footage Of MSNBC ‘Producer’ Who Tailed Rittenhouse Jury Way Worse Than Reported

Dec 2, 2021

♫ Palestrina: Missa Gabriel archangelus – Kyrie

The US Manufactures Weapons And Consent, by Caitlin Johnstone

Now or Never: The Great ‘Transition’ Must Be Imposed, by Alastair Crooke
Joe Rogan: “No One Is Being Held Accountable” Over ‘Russian Collusion’ Fake News (Video)
Russian Foreign Ministry Statement on the planned US «summit for democracy»
Coral and the Great Global Warming Lie, by Chris Morrison
Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, by RFK Jr
     The Corporate Media Launched a Disinformation Campaign to Protect Fauci, by Glenn Greenwald/Woodhouse
The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book, by Thomas DiLorenzo
Biden’s Upcoming Democracy Summit Chokes on Unipolar Hypocrisy, by Matthew Ehret
‘Settler violence is part of Israel’s official policy,’ experts say — but WaPo buries that angle, by Philip Weiss
Barbarians at the Gate, by Stephen Lendman
This is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline, by Simon Black
Distorted American Aristocracy, by Walt Garlington
AK Dewdney on Truth Movement vs. Deep State (Who’s Winning?) – Truth Jihad Podcast
Israeli ‘apartheid’ is antithetical to our values, Chicago Episcopalians say, by nearly 3 to 1, by Steve France
News Round-Up: The Daily Sceptic 11/30
     Judge Ponders ‘Natural Immunity’ in Ruling Against Biden Mandate, by Aaron Keller
How many people have been murdered with the Covid-19 Vaccines?
     MSM Daily Dose of Flu/Covid Fake News, by Stephen Lendman
The Omicron Deception; how long can they string out the mutation-stories? by Jon Rappoport
Why Did Switzerland Vote For Vaccine Passports? by Mike Hearn
     The Made-in-the-USA New Abnormal, by Stephen Lendman
Have we been getting the pandemic wrong? Effect of population structure on transmission, by P Lemoine
     New Omicron variant could spell end for Covid-19 pandemic – top Russian scientist
Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation, by Whitney Webb
Hondurans Repudiate Corrupt U.S.-Backed Coup Regime at Polls, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Greeks Commemorate 1973 Massacre by U.S.-Backed Junta, by John Kiriakou
Ex-Australian PM denounced for calling for coexistence with China
Spinoza scholar declared persona non grata by same Jewish community that banned Spinoza, by Jonathan Ofir

Dec 1, 2021

Palestinian International Day of Solidarity

♫ The Máirtín O’Connor Band plays the Inagh Valley set

Seasons Greetings from New Normal Germany! by CJ Hopkins

The resignation of Jack Dorsey: Will Twitter Become an Ocean of Suck? by Matt Taibbi
Here Comes China: From Clichéd Debt Trap to Democracy Trap with peripheral hot spots, by Amarynth
Too Many Governments Have No Sympathy for Destitute, Despairing Refugees, by Brian Cloughley
Our World Is Increasingly Like a Science-Fiction Novel, by Tom Engelhardt
The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 11/30/21
     Hundreds of Google employees call for end to company’s COVID shot mandate
NYT Fake News Warning About More Scariant Than Variant Omicron, by Stephen Lendman
     Omicron Is “Extremely Mild” Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain; Numerous Mutations “Destabilize” The Virus
Sweden: Get Your Covid Vaccine Passport in a Chip in Your Hand, by Cristina Laila
     White House Quietly Delays Vaccine Mandate As Another Federal Judge Objects, by Tyler Durden
Craig Murray Is a Free Man, by Joe Luria
Kyle Rittenhouse, Both Right and Righteous, by Pat Buchanan
Virus mutation in Jewish deli infecting all of Africa came from Beverly Hills, by Jon Rappoport
Int´l Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: a reflection, by Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison
When Eisenhower and Nixon reined in Israel and defied the lobby, by Alison Weir
Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally on Trial! Don’t expect much – the cover-up has already begun, by Philip Giraldi
     ‘Partner In Crime’: Maxwell Prosecution Opens With Sordid Details Of Epstein Sexual Predation, by Tyler Durden
More Fake News About Nonthreatening Russia to Ukraine, by Stephen Lendman
Israeli settlers are establishing farms to push Palestinians off their land, by Jessica Buxbaum
The Iran Nuclear Deal: The US Is Losing Patience; Iran Is Not, by Ted Snider
Knives Out for Boris Johnson the Cartoon Prime Minister, by Finian Cunningham
A Win For Indian Democracy, by Vijay Prashad
     India! by Baron Ash
Latin America, the 1947 UN Partition Plan, and decolonization, by Ramona Wadi
Sandinistas Won a Landslide Victory Because They Uplifted Nicaragua’s Poor and Defeated Intervention Efforts
Erasing White American History: Wright Brothers’ 1st Bike Shop in Dayton, Ohio to be Torn Down, by Paul Kersey
U.S. Court Issues Landmark Ruling on Paramilitary Violence in Colombia, by Alice Speri
The DOT’s Twitter Meme Doesn’t Just Offend Comedy.. It May Also Be Illegal, by Chris Queen

Nov 30, 2021

♫ Daoirí Farrell – Van Diemen’s Land

The upcoming Summit for Democracy as a time machine, by The Saker

New Paradigm of US Foreign Policy and Relations with Russia, by Dmitry Suslov
Dorsey’s Twitter Resignation Sparks Fears Of More Internet Censorship, by Caitlin Johnstone
The NATOstan Clown Show, by Pepe Escobar
     The Great Made-in-the-USA Russian Threat to Ukraine Hoax, by Stephen Lendman
Ukraine Is Not Russia. That Is for Sure, but How Do the Two Countries Compare? Strategic Infographics
What Is The Relationship Between The Political Left And Globalism? by Brandon Smith
On Palestine Day, UN Chief Says Situation is Challenge to International Peace
Reduce Expectations of Government, by Ron Paul
As U.S. Retailers Struggle Against Smash-and-Grab Flash Mobs, Liberals Blame ‘White Supremacy,’ by Robert Bridge
Vaccination Causes Covid Variants, by Paul Craig Roberts
     The new African virus mutation: a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant, by Jon Rappoport
Omicron Fear-Mongering Mass Deception on Sunday Talk Shows, by Stephen Lendman
     Durden: WMA Chair Demands National Lockdowns, Compulsory Jabs, Fears “Variant As Dangerous As Ebola”
Goldman Slams Omicron Panic: “This Mutation Is Unlikely To Be More Malicious,” by Tyler Durden
South African Doctors Expose the Omicron Scam, by Stephen Lendman
     A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas Exposes The Real COVID Disaster, by Jeffrey Tucker
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia Is Murdering Its Patients for Money, by Paul Craig Roberts
     Carlotta Masala: 27-Yr-Old Dies From Myocarditis Months After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
The Daily Sceptic: News Round-Up 11/29
To see Putin and die, by Rostislav Ischenko
‘Believing the Propaganda That the Government Follows the Law’ (Video)
FBI et al Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes
The Recovery Files: scrutinising the billions from Brussels, by Lise Witteman, Peter Teffer
     Macron’s predatory deal with Draghi, by Thomas Fazi
Putin Urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to Ease Tensions in Rare Meeting
‘Please save us’: Refugees face death at Poland-Belarus border, by Nidal Ibrahim
Gun Rights Steer Clear of NRA’s Dire Straits, by Robert Spitzer
Humor Dept: White Smoke Emanates From Wuhan Lab Chimney Signaling A New Variant Has Been Named
Tesla Speeding Down Middle Eastern Freeway Slams Into Camel, Sending It Flying (Video)

Nov 29, 2021

The New Normal

♫ Planxty/ Andy Irvine -the West Coast of Clare

The “Great Reset” or the “Great Pretext” … for Dystopia, by Diana Johnstone

Humanity Is Still Trying To Be Born, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Elephant in the Room: Cell Phones, by Edward Curtin
The Menticide Manual – ‘The Second Subjunctive,’ by Thorsten Pattberg
Russian Foreign Ministry on US Sanctions, Ukraine and Other Issues, by Stephen Lendman
Tucker Carlson Today w/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Video)
White Racialism in America, Then and Now, by Ron Unz
     Race and Crime in America: The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime, by Ron Unz
Jordan Peterson: “Something Major Is About To Take Place (Video)
China, Russia and India: Foreign Ministers Joint Communique
Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport” by Peter Koenig (Video)
Why the Palestinian Voice Should Take Center Stage, by Ramzy Baroud
Taiwan: U.S. Deployment Area Against Mainland China Since 1945, by Werner Rügemer
Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action, by F. William Engdahl
     Daily Sceptic: Today´s Update 2021/11/27 (Omicron is an Anagram of Moronic)
MSM Blind to the Elephant in the Room, by Stephen Lendman
     Invention of “The Covid Narrative”: The PCR Test Sustains The Myth, by Nicole Delépine
PCR: German Statisticians Find the Same Result in Germany: It Is a Pandemic of the Vaccinated
Trends in Mortality and Morbidity in the Most Vaccinated Countries : 21 Proven Facts, by Gérard Delépine
     Should Ivermectin be made freely available everywhere as probably the best drug against Covid? by J Campbell
Omicron Sequel to the Delta Hoax, by Stephen Lendman
     A Judge Stands up to a Hospital: “Step Aside” and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin, by Mary Beth Pfeiffer
Big Three U.S. Automakers Agree to Not Mandate Vaccines for UAW Union Members, by Sundance
Quebec revokes vaccination requirement for health workers
Jimmy Dore Show: US Media’s Blatant Lies About Cuba & Colombia
Israeli President Storms Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron (Video)
Frank Olson and the Macabre Fate of a CIA Whistleblower in the Early Cold War, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
America is Under Attack by Marxist Globalists – Martin Armstrong, by Greg Hunter (Video)
Babylon Bee: Amazon Creates Online Looting App To Allow The Timid To Loot From Home

Nov 28, 2021

The View from DC

♫ Kan – Night Ride To Armagh

A Sense Of Perspective, If You Please, by Caitlin Johnstone

The tribal left’s a mirror image of the tribal right, by Jonathan Cook
Preserve Human Dignity – Autonomy and Natural Law, by Rudolf Hänsel
What war with Russia over Ukraine would really look like, by Anatol Lieven
The Cynical and Dangerous Weaponization of the “White Supremacist” Label, by Glenn Greenwald
Andrei Martyanov: Distant Early Warning Signs of Uncle Sam’s Demise (Audio)
Biden Regime Press Agents, by Stephen Lendman
Edward Curtin: There is a Direct Link Between JFK, 9/11 & Covid-19 (Interview, Video)
The Metaverse: Heaven for Soy Boys, Hell on Earth for Us, by Joe Allen
Pompeo’s unlawful activities reflect broader culture of elite impunity, by Daniel Larison
Fauci and the Great AIDS Swindle, by Laurent Guyénot
Defeating the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ before It Destroys Us, by Robert J. Burrowes
Jimmy Dore Show: NYTimes Tells Dems: Do Nothing to Help People
The Daily Sceptic: Today’s Update
     We are mandating a vaccine where there is no scientific evidence that it has ever saved a single life
Futures Tumble: Sudden Fears Over “Dramatically” New Covid Strain With “Extremely High Number” Of Mutations
     Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes How Your Government Is Captured By Multinational Corporations, by Ben Bartee
Medical Proof that Mass-Jabbing Is Unparalleled State-Sponsored Murder, by Stephen Lendman
GR Selected Articles: The Evil Behind COVID-19 Lockdown and Mandatory Vaccination
From Anti-War Progressive to Pro-Drone Militarist: Tulsi Gabbard’s Odd Political Trajectory, by Alan Macleod
Ineptly, YouTube Tries to Pick Up Where Dr. Goebbels Left Off, by Stephen Karganovic
Weiss: Anti-Zionist Jews are ‘Jews in name only’ and ‘more dangerous than external antisemitic threat’ – Rabbi
Ex-Mossad chief: Israel should think twice before attacking Iran
Chavismo Triumphant in Venezuela, by Stephen Lendman
Inside a Most Unusual Mexican Migrant Camp, by Todd Bensman
Transgender Girl Scout Leader Under Investigation After Dominatrix Photo is Discovered, by Shane Trejo

Nov 27, 2021

♫ Zoë Conway and John Mc Intyre – I Will Find Solace

We’re Sleepwalking Into Nuclear War, by Caitlin Johnstone

SC Editorial: U.S., Russia Top Generals Hold Critical Talks Amid Dangerous Tensions
Possible motives for a provocation against Russia, by The Saker
     Biden Regime Plotting Proxy War on Russia and Belarus? by Stephen Lendman
“Vladimir the Terrible” Fits the Needs of the U.S. Military-Ind´l Complex for an “Evil Foreign Enemy”
The West, a Mockery of Freedom, by Thierry Meyssan
Klaus’ Great Narrative: Locking the Plebs Into Plato’s Cave for the 21st Century, by Matthew Ehret
Kyle Rittenhouse’s Perilous Future, by George Parry
Israel, the hidden superpower surveilling everybody else, by Kenny Stancil
     France denies talks to buy Israeli Pegasus spyware, by Mathieu Pollet
Ultimate Dog Whistle: World Misses Israel’s Hebrew-Language Incitement Against Palestinians, by Miko Peled
They Live Amongst Us: Anatomy of a Cult, by Dustin Broadbery
Masar Badil: The New Palestinian Movement that Has Both Israel and the PA on Edge, by Robert Inlakesh
Aboriginals hunted by military (Video)
Fauci as Darth Vader of the Covid Wars, by Pepe Escobar
     RFK Jr. on the Growing Totalitarian State: “This Is Armageddon. This is the Final Battle” (Video)
Our Inflexible, Outdated Constitution, by Ted Rall
Did women in academia cause wokeness? by Noah Carl
Jorge Arreaza on Venezuela Recovering from Sanctions In New Post-Petro Economic Plan, by Mnar Adley
Football: where money trumps “the virus,” by Jon Rappoport
“I Believe We Are Facing an Evil That Has No Equal in Human History.” Mike Whitney Interviews Riley Waggaman
     The Daily Sceptic: Today’s Update
Another Flu/Covid Scariant Scare, by Stephen Lendman
     Children Aged 5 and Older Harmed by Kill Shots, by Stephen Lendman
Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization, by Victor Davis Hanson
California city declares itself ‘Constitutional Republic’
32 Black-On-White Homicides, Including Five Home Invasions: October 2021
Two Articles on Critical and Revolutionary Theory, by Gabriel Rockhill
The Big Misconception About Electricity, by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev (Video)

Nov 26, 2021

The Eurasian Chessboard

♫ An Ròn -The Song of the Seal – Julie Fowlis

Cull, Track and Control, by Linh Dinh

The Culture of Remembrance and Oblivion in the Western System, by Tom Sunic
Thanksgiving is Awesome: In reply to the haters, by Matt Taibbi
     The Demonization of Thanksgiving, by Paul Craig Roberts
Efforts To Groom Us For War With China Getting More Forceful, by Caitlin Johnstone
Lying with Malice Aforethought in Mind, by Stephen Lendman
RFK Jr.’s book exposing Fauci is #1 bestseller on Amazon despite ‘total media blackout’
US COVID Deaths In 2021 Have Surpassed 2020’s Total… Despite Vaccines, Treatments, by Tyler Durden
     Suppressing Why Flu/Covid Outbreaks Are Surging, by Stephen Lendman
Austria Imposing Mandatory Vaccination Regime Violates International Law, by Robert Bridge
     The Lancet publishes rare dissenting voice on COVID-19 vaccines, by Calvin Freiburger
Data Shows 71% of Adults Hospitalised with Covid Are Vaccinated, by Will Jones
     Germany’s New Leaders Shockingly Reject Merkel’s Request For 2-Week Covid Lockdown, by Tyler Durden
French presidential candidate slams compulsory vaccination, calls COVID passport ‘useless’
Falling Into Line: Turning Endless Deficits Into a Power Base – Kevin Barrett and Michael Hudson
Even without Netanyahu, Israel wants to blow up the Middle East!
The Politicisation of Science Funding in the U.S., by Noah Carl
Why Do So Many Still Buy Into The Narrative? Dan Astin-Gregory interviews Mattias Desmet (Podcast)
Fair Harvard Complicit in Pushing Kill Shots, by Stephen Lendman
     UN vote affirms Palestinian sovereignty over their natural resources
Thanksgiving Thanks for The Early “Nader Raiders,” by Ralph Nader
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up, by Luke Perry
How Starmer’s Labour reversed 40 years of progress on Israel and Palestine, by Jonathan Cook
‘I’ll never get used to the power cuts,’ tales from Gaza’s electricity shortage, by Ghada Hania
     The olive harvest showed me what it means to have a family, by Noura Selmi
Comedian Mona Shaikh: Antivaxxers to the Gas Chambers? No, COVID Itself Is the Final Solution!
Two outstanding exposés about JFK’s assassination, an interview and the story of someone who was there
PSOE-Podemos government cracks down on Spanish metal strike, by Alice Summers