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Apr 24, 2022

The Right of Return, Come Hell or High Water
♫ Órla Fallon – Mo Ghile Mear ~ My Land

Ukraine War Day #59: Premature Resurrection, by yalensis

Minsk II: Two Words You’ll Never Hear on Mainstream News, by Walt Zlotow
Russia to ‘Blockade’ Azovstal, G20 Summit Splits on Russia/Ukraine (Alexander Mercouris Podcast)
Putin, Messiah Dude, and the Mad Negro, by Ray Zwarich
U.S. Media Are Lying About Russian Atrocities in Mariupol, Says Embedded Reporter at Ground Zero
A West-mandated Russian “default”: who wins and who loses? by Jorge Vilches
      MoA: EU Commission, U.S. Submit To Reality
Ben Norton on the US-Backed Coup in Pakistan, Neverending War in Ukraine, and a Multipolar World (Lowkey Podcast)
Russia to ‘Blockade’ Azovstal, G20 Summit Splits on Russia/Ukraine
Russia is NOT the Savior You Want Her to Be, by Ian Kummer
The Feds Spent $22 Million Researching Invisibility Cloaks, UFOs, and a Tunnel Through the Moon, by Fiona Harrigan
Is Global `Democracy’ America’s Mission? by Patrick J. Buchanan
Ukraine – Everything You Need To Know – But Didn’t Dare Ask, by Richard Steven Hack
     The Ukraine War: What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Say, w/Mark Weber and Keith Knight (Video)
Colonel MacGregor Tells Tucker Carlson No One Knows Where These US Weapons Are Going, by Andrew Anglin (Video)
With Hadi’s Ouster, Saudi Arabia’s True Ambitions in Yemen Come to the Fore, by Ahmed Abdulkareem
Scott Horton Show: Jim Bovard on the Michigan Acquittals, Terrorism Entrapments and the FBI’s All-Around Awfulness
Sitrep: Urgent Briefing from the Russian MoD re new provocations
Cycle of Violence: Israeli Authorities Prod Extremist Militias into Seeking “Vigilante Justice,” by Jessica Buxbaum
Is Israel Scared Of A Repeat Of Last Year’s Gaza War? by Robert Inlakesh
     Are We Seeing The Return Of Netanyahu, What Does This Mean? by Robert Inlakesh
Where the West is stuck: The fascism of the 1930s and the ‘fascism’ of the 2020s, by Ramin Mazaheri
California, There We Went, by Larry Sand
The US Forces Its Flawed Food System on the World, by Jim Goodman
Rockefeller Foundation President Starts Countdown Until All Hell Breaks Loose, by Tyler Durden
Black Crime: Why Our Rulers Hide It, by Jared Taylor