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Dec 11, 2021

You Must Obey!
♫ Chartrand Babineau at Celtic Colours

As Fascism Casts Off Its Disguises, by Caitlin Johnstone

2021 Nobel Peace Prize: Freedom for the Press or the US? by Fredrik S. Heffermehl
UK High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Assange [RIP], by Glenn Greenwald
      Assange ruling a dangerous precedent for journalists and British justice, by Jonathan Cook
Democracy Dying in the Darkness of the Assange Case, by Joe Lauria
World’s Top Hot Spot, by Stephen Lendman
Biden to Russia: Don’t You Dare Eat This Moldy Bagel! by Dmitry Orlov
Watch Scott Horton’s One-Sided Debate Beatdown Of Warmonger Bill Kristol, from Caitlin Johnstone
Ukrainian Navy Ship Heading Toward Kerch, Ignores Demands to Change Course, FSB Says
     Biden Administration Reportedly Plans to Press Ukraine to Cede Autonomy to Donbass
Biden answers if US troops will head to Ukraine
You Must Obey! by Mark Shaw
It’s “Déjà Vu All Over Again” as Govt Hawks and Corporate Media Play Up Ethiopian Atrocities in Tigray
On ‘Gassing the Arabs’ and Other Diseases: Is Israel a ‘Sick Society’? by Ramzy Baroud
     Weiss: Israel needs U.S. Jews to take its side against Biden on Iran deal, Israeli minister tells NY synagogue
Israeli “Visitors” to Al-Aqsa Part of Plan for Third Jewish Temple, by Jessica Buxbaum
     Palestine in Pictures: November 2021
Bending on anti-Zionist politics is a betrayal of the Palestinian liberation struggle, by Omar Zahzah
Elon Musk Explains Government In 43 Seconds, by Tyler Durden (Video)
Foreboding – U.S. Productivity Declined 5.2 Percent in Third Quarter, Largest Quarterly Drop in 61 Years
Daily Drumbeat of Fake News on All Things Flu/Covid, by Stephen Lendman
Disclosing Pfizer vaccine data ‘may take until 2096’

Vaccine Hesitancy: Pfizer Refused to Distribute Vaccine in Countries Which Didn’t Grant Indemnity
     Vaccine Safety Update 20, by Will Jones
The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/09
     Plan B isn’t a conspiracy to hide the Downing St party – ‘Mr Bean’ Boris is too chaotic to plan a cover-up!
Verdict Reached in Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax Trial — Guilty on five charges (Video)
U.S.-Saudi Relations: Old Wine, New Bottles, by Michael Arria
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