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Dec 14, 2021

Contemplating Covid
♫ Four Winds “The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee Set”

Confronting Covid Crimestop, by Ron Unz

The Biden-Putin Talk, by Paul Craig Roberts
SC Editorial: Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ Is a Vile Circus for New Cold War
John Pilger: A Judicial Kidnapping
     Hedges on Assange Ruling With the Editor-in-Chief w/Joe Lauria (Video)
CN Live! — ‘The Survival of Julian Assange,’ w/Alexander Mercouris et al (Video)
Absurd Guardian Article Declares China World’s Only Imperialist Power, by Caitlin Johnstone
Russia’s Straight Talk v. US/Western Mass Deception, by Stephen Lendman
Darkest Christmas, by Linh Dinh
This is the Moment, by George Monbiot
The Evidence That Vaccine Passports Are Worse Than Useless, by Will Jones
     Fauci says whether Omicron-specific booster needed
Fauci on Your Phone? by Ron Paul
     Durden: Hospitalizations, Mortality Cut In Half After Brazilian City Offered Ivermectin To Everyone Pre-Vaccine
Is Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death Mostly a Statistical Illusion? by Will Jones
     Panic? US Mega-Corporations Rush To Abandon Vax Mandate, by Daniel McAdams
Four States Calling In National Guard To Alleviate Healthcare Staffing Crisis, by Tyler Durden
     The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/12
The Growing Franco-German Estrangement, by Diana Johnstone
Interventionist Blinken’s Southeast Asia Tour, by Stephen Lendman
‘Haaretz’ publisher says Israel is ‘an apartheid state,’ by James North
Israel: spy chief’s ‘stupid’ remarks about Iran
What Americans Need To Know About China – Caleb Maupin Chats with Li JingJing (Video)
Russia is the last refuge of Western Civilization
     Is a ‘Russian Century’ Shaping Up (by Default)? by Stephen Karganovic
MSM Brainwashing, Pushing Health and Freedom Destroying Policies, by Stephen Lendman
Macron’s Treacherous Role in Lebanon, by As`ad AbuKhalil
Was Thomas Merton “Eliminated” Because of His Outspoken Opposition to the Vietnam War?
Black Lives Matter Rejected in Oakland: Police Funded in Heavily Anti-White City by the Bay, by Paul Kersey
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