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Dec 29, 2021

♫ Mamadou Diabaté – Tunga

Refusing To Oppose US Tyranny Is Siding With It, by Caitlin Johnstone

The Democrats’ Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump, by Matt Taibbi
The Minnesota Department of Health Proves that there Is NO Systemic Racism, by Paul Craig Roberts
A More Aggressive Israel Lobby Is Coming in 2022, by Philip Giraldi
How We Forfeited the Fruits of Cold War Victory, by Pat Buchanan
Desmond Tutu, Fierce Opponent of South African and Israeli Apartheid, Dies at 90, by Julia Conley
Christmas in Palestine: Then and Now, by James J. Zogby
The importance of holding politicians accountable on Palestine, by Susan Abulhawa
Frank Capra’s Defense of Humanity: Cinema Considered as a Moral Institution, by Matthew Ehret
Ideology Drives Procreation. The Strategy Session with Tim Kirby – Strategic Podcast
NATO Preparing for Large-scale, High-intensity Armed Conflict with Russia? by Rick Rozoff
Monopoly — Who Owns the World? by Tim Gielen (Video)
Covid vaccines “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history,” says Dr. PeterMcCullough
     Video: “Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Committed.” Who Will be Held Liable Under the Law
Judicial Ruling Against Known Safe and Effective Meds, by Stephen Lendman
Protests Erupt In South Korea Over Vaccination Deaths, by Tyler Durden
     Pharma’s Man at the Industry-Controlled FDA, by Stephen Lendman
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up
French media pushes anti-China narrative in a monolithic block, but at least one man is fighting for objective views
Is This Erdogan’s Exit Strategy? by Tom Luongo
Signs of Hope! —Americans Push Back Against Anti White Radicals, COVID Hysteria, by John Derbyshire
Latakia Port Near Russia’s Hmeimim Base in Syria Targeted by IDF Airstrikes (Videos)
Iran and Iraq Issue Joint Statement on Soleimani Assassination
Russian mercenaries deploy to eastern Ukraine
Invisible powers of the Good, by Ashley Howes
Schiffty Character, by Dominick Sansone
Music as a way of survival and healing, by Ayman El-Hallaq
The Woketrix | A Matrix Parody (Video)
The Babylon Bee Presents: Top CNN Moments Of 2021
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