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Dec 7, 2021

The Woke #MeToo Bible
♫ Skipinnish – “”Walking On The Waves”

The Power To Imprison — Life in Pandemicland, by Joseph Mercola

The Fragility of Freedom in the Free World, by Paul Craig Roberts
Vaxxing, Anthony Fauci, and AIDS, by Ron Unz
Weak men make hard times, by Christian Chensvold
“Unregulated Capitalism is a Suicide Pact”: Chomsky Talks Climate, China, and More with Lowkey (Podcast)
Offensive Double-Think… Russia ‘Not Allowed Sphere of Influence’ As NATO Missiles Encroach on Russian Border
     Waging Forever Wars on Multiple Fronts, by Stephen Lendman
In That Final Moment, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Ukraine: The USA is responsible for the escalation and must stop it before provoking a world war
The Gray Man, by Jon Rappoport
Chris Hedges: The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Is an American Satyricon
     Jeffrey Epstein Was Blackmailing Politicians For Israel’s Mossad, New Book Claims
Slip Of The Tongue Temporarily Derails Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, by Dave Paone
The Big Lie: A NYTimes Specialty, by Stephen Lendman
China Poised To Establish 1st Ever Naval Base In Atlantic, Alarming US Officials, by Tyler Durden
The EU’s Strategic Balance Sheet – Well, Good Luck With That… by Alastair Crooke
     Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’ Is a Joke, by Ron Paul
US Empire Seizes UK’s National Health Service, by Stewart Player and Bob Gill
Nicaragua’s Evidence-Based Democracy Threatens U.S. Oppression Domestically and Abroad, by Lauren Smith
With Symbolic Hebron Chanukah Visit, Israeli President Greenlights Al-Aqsa Destruction, by Miko Peled
     It’s time for the U.S. to treat Israel like a normal country and tell it to screw off, by Philip Weiss
The Rittenhouse Verdict is Only Shocking if You Followed the Last Year of Terrible Reporting, by Matt Taibbi
The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/05
     Parade of Usual Suspects on Sunday Morning Propaganda Shows, by Stephen Lendman
COVID Outbreak On US Cruise Ship Despite Fully Vaxxed Passengers, by Tyler Durden
     Biden’s Industry-Friendly Covid Test Reimbursements, by Julia Conley
Anger continues to boil over in Europe at Covid clampdown
     Children offered secret ride to vaccination clinic
The Babylon Bee Presents: The 12 Most Inspiring Verses In The Bible
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