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Dec 9, 2021

The World´s Reserve Currency
♫ Genuit Puerpera Regem – Gregorian Chant

US Hegemony Makes The World More Dangerous, by Caitlin Johnstone

In First Post After Prison, Craig Murray Rips COP26 (Video)
Did a major shift finally happen between the USA and Russia? by The Saker
     What Putin really told Biden, by Pepe Escobar
Understanding What Happened in Ukraine in 2014, by Joe Lauria
Mainstream Economists Are Struggling To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse, by Brandon Smith
War Drums Menacing to World Peace Audible in Central Europe, by Stephen Lendman
Biden’s Hypocritical Democracy Summit, by Scott Ritter
Great Climate Conspirators of Our Time, by Luke Perry
The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/07
     Widespread Injuries and Deaths from Pfizer Kill Shots, by Stephen Lendman
Studies “Consistently” Find That Costs of Lockdown Outweigh Benefits, Say Researchers, by Noah Carl
     Bill de Blasio’s New Vaccine Mandate is the Final Nail in the Coffin of this Bloviating Buffoon, by Toby Young
Even Tom Friedman says leaving Iran deal was a mistake — but risk of an Israeli attack grows, by James North
Zafar Bangash on Saudi Mismanagement of Pilgrimage, Eric Walberg on Post-US-Occupation Afghanistan (Podcast)
Countless More Americans Will Be Moving From Blue States To Red States In 2022, by Michael Snyder
By charging Israel with ‘apartheid,’ former Israeli AG joins list of those deemed antisemitic, by Philip Weiss
Canadian Armed Forces providing military training to Ukrainian neo-Nazis, by James Clayton
How not to win an Olympic gold medal, by Pepe Escobar
     Amid Rumours of US Boycott of Beijing Olympics, How Could the Move Affect the Games? by Daria Bedenko
Tucker Carlson’s Bit on Washington’s Plan for War with Russia is the Best News Segment Ever (Video)
Pakistan slips on a slippery slope of religious militancy, by James M. Dorsey
Guillaume Durocher’s “The Ancient Ethnostate: Biopolitical Thought in Ancient Greece,” by Kevin MacDonald
NYC: Stabbing Spree That Left Italian Ph.D Student Dead Believed To Be An Act Of Black Terrorism, by Eric Striker
US Navy Ordered to Suspend Jet Fuel Tanks at Pearl Harbor, by Ann Wright
The Menticide Manual – Wokeness [or: Euphoria], by Thorsten J. Pattberg
Biden Warns Russia That If They Invade Ukraine, US Will Evacuate Haphazardly And Leave $86B In Weapons Behind
DeSantis Leads Florida Military Into Germany To Liberate Unvaccinated Concentration Camps
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