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Feb 1, 2022

♫ Tom Waits – Blue Valentines

Let’s Back Up A Sec And Ask Why Free Speech Actually Matters, by Caitlin Johnstone

How Erosion of Social Cohesion Makes the World a More Dangerous Place, by Claudio Gallo
CIA News and The Matrix Revealed, by Jon Rappoport
Checkmate in Ukraine, by Scott Ritter
     UN Security Council on Ukraine, by Joe Lauria (Video)
Virtual Ukrainian invasion virtually imminent, by Lilia Shumkova
Are Western People Too Sensitive to Have a Functioning Military? by Paul Craig Roberts
Amnesty’s Explosive Report to Denounce Israel as an Apartheid State
Do Xi Jinping’s Davos Remarks Prove He Is a Globalist Shill? by Matthew Ehret
As Washington Considers Multiple Wars at Once, Retrenchment Should be Strategy for the Future, by Doug Bandow
We Are All Canadian Truckers Now! by Ron Paul
     Corporate Media And Big Tech Align Against #FreedomConvoy, by Mark Jeftovic
American Pravda: Anne Frank, Sirhan Sirhan, and AIDS, by Ron Unz
Psychotherapist Fran Shure on 9/11 & COVID Psy-Ops – Kevin Barrett Podcast
Too Late To Triangulate: The New Shape of the World, by Ted Snider
In Washington the global US military empire is a bipartisan affair, by Daniel McAdams
Russia Bashing on Sunday Propaganda TV, by Stephen Lendman
Ukraine Wants US to Dial Back Russian War Talk to Save Economy, by Dave DeCamp
What Is Going On with Covid In Israel? by Paul Craig Roberts
     Ivermectin Found Effective Against Omicron & The Pandemic Of The Injected – Ryan Cristián Podcast
The Truth Is Coming Out About Covid Deaths, by Dr. Joseph Mercola
     Breathing New Life into the Mass-Jabbing Scam, by Stephen Lendman
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/31
Poll Shows Majority in US Want Diplomacy, Not War With Russia Over Ukraine, by Brett Wilkins
Greenwashing Provides Cover for Zionist Settler-Colonialism, by Omar Zahzah
Anatomy of the Hate Hoax, by Andrew Joyce
Pegasus spyware row is really about who controls cyber weapons, by Jonathan Cook
The Fed Has Two Options: A Recession, Or Years Of Very High Inflation, by Seth Carpenter
Poem: A song to simplicity, by The Baron
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