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Feb 16, 2022

♫ Guajira guantanamera · Compay Segundo

The Official Story, by Caitlin Johnstone

Killing the Bill of Rights: Democrats repress dissent to stay in power, by Philip Giraldi
Why Hasn’t the US Returned to Compliance With the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement? (Video)
The great exodus continues while Russia wraps up her maneuvers, by The Saker
     Washington Has Been Predicting a Russian Invasion of Ukraine for 8 Years, by Paul Craig Roberts
Pelosi Just Gave The Game Away Over Ukraine: White House Ukraine Crisis is Manufactured
     Zelensky changed his mind. Now he is sure of the coming “invasion”
Americans are accusing Russians of what they prepare themselves! by Hannah McKennett
Lavrov’s Trolling Reveals the Joke Is Actually on Russia, by Tim Kirby
Red Capitalism, by Observer R
Palestine/Israel Crisis Resolved, by Dan Lieberman
Kash Patel Unraveling Biggest Political Scandal in US History, by Jim Hoft
     The List Gets Longer: All The Ways Hillary & The Government Spied On Trump, by Anders Hagstrom
How Europe Squandered Its Chance to Become a Global Power, by Claudio Gallo
Putin and Scholz hold press conference in Moscow (Video)
Stress Test for a Fading Superpower, by Patrick Buchanan
Amnesty Apartheid Report: Why Israel Fully Deserves Its Place as a Pariah State, by David Hearst
     Amnesty’s imperfect ‘apartheid’ report helps transform mainstream debate, by David Letwin
Pelosi delegation to Israel draws ire for enabling new wave of violence against Palestinians, by Michael Arria
     Phil Weiss & Terry Rogers: The challenges of Palestinian activism – a 30 year perspective (Audio)
Palestinian Intellectuals Offer Their ‘Vision for Liberation,’ by Romana Rubeo (Video)
Editorial Responses to Trudeau Regime’s Invocation of Tyrannical Rule, by Stephen Lendman
UK commanders in Ukraine met neo-Nazi-linked National Guard to ‘deepen military cooperation,’ by Matt Kennard
The Daily Sceptic: Latest Update
     Cary Watkins confirms embalmer Richard Hirschman’s story about the telltale blood clots, by Steve Kirsch
Virginia Senate passes bill banning mask mandates in schools, Youngkin expected to sign, by Ashley Sadler
JNF Greenwashing as a Means to Hide Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine, by Yousef M. Aljamal
The Unseen Environmental Crises Destroying Humanity, by Ryan Matters
Is Old Music Killing New Music? by Ted Gioia
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