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Feb 18, 2022

♫ The Unusual Suspects of Celtic Colours

Another All-Time Media Faceplant, by Matt Taibbi

Russian Invasion Prognosticators Are Like Cult Leaders Repeatedly Predicting The Apocalypse, by Caitlin Johnstone
FM Zakharova Asks Joe Biden for Next Ukraine Invasion Dates So She Can Coordinate Vacation Plans for Moscow Officials
Meet the New Proactive Russia: The Kremlin Moves on to Plan B, by Gilbert Doctorow
Signs that Today Is History’s Turning-Point, by Eric Zuesse
Perpetual Anti-Russia Hysteria, by Stephen Lendman
     Am I in Russia, or Something? (Overheard on the Net), by Vladimir Golstein
NATO insists on Russian invasion narrative to justify new European battlegroups, by Paul Antonopoulos
Biden’s Latest Ukraine Update Is a “Bunch of Malarkey” Except for One Key Point, by Andrew Korybko
Live Updates: Donetsk Resident Wounded in Shelling by Ukrainian Forces, DPR Says
The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship, by Glenn Greenwald
Whose Side Is India On? by Ted Snider
UK government welcomes genocidal apartheid upholders, by Muhammad Hussein
Fired 20-year Global News, News Director Anita Krishna Speaks Out (Video)
Greg Hill: A call for courage, honour and truth (Video)
     New poll: Overwhelming majority of Canadians want all COVID restrictions dropped
“A Recurring Fountain Of Revenue”: FDA Exec Admits Biden Planning Annual Shots, Including Toddlers, by Tyler Durden
     Triple “Vaccinated” Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of All New COVID Cases Are Fully Jabbed, by Ethan Huff
The Daily Sceptic: Latest Update
     Majority of likely US voters support Canadian truck driver protest, poll finds
The Freedom Convoy: Fringe Minority, Eh? by Matt Taibbi (Video)
     Trudeau’s Emergency Bid to Wage a War on His Political Opponents Is Unconstitutional
Freedom Convoy Protesters Are About To Get Arrested En Masse, by Tyler Durden
     Canadian Prime Minister Blocks Domestic Travel in Effort to Stop Protests Against His Government
Trudeau’s Justice Minister Says Being “Pro-Trump” is a Factor That will Decide if Your Bank Account is Frozen
What to Do About Inflation, by Paul Craig Roberts
Nightmare Scenario for the 2022 Congressional Elections? by Boyd D. Cathey
‘It’s a Bloodbath’: Deep Blue San Francisco Overwhelmingly Votes to Recall Far-Left School Board Members
Hillary Clinton Responds To Trump Spying Scandal, by Tyler Durden
The first U.S.-Israeli showdown – in 1957– and the next one, by Derek Leebaert
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