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Feb 3, 2022

Ukraine Ready To Fight
♫ Mister Magic · Grover Washington, Jr.

Propaganda Warps Our Very Humanity, by Caitlin Johnstone

The World Needs a Russian/Chinese Pax Romana, by Paul Craig Roberts
Surprise, Surprise! WaPo Publishes a Commentary Full of Lies Against Putin, by Eric Zuesse
Latest update from Banderastan zoo, by The Saker
     Ukraine: The crisis is rooted in Washington’s obsession with Russia, by Michael Brenner
Ukraine: Another Biden Débâcle? by Alastair Crooke
     Alexander Mercouris & Scott Ritter: ‘A Bear Trap in Ukraine?’ – CN Podcast
NATO — Strategic Asset or Liability? by Pat Buchanan
Jung-Freud: The Only Way to Understand the Ukrainian Crisis Is by Analyzing Jewish Supremacist Power
Trucker Convoy to DC Planned, by Stephen Lendman
Amnesty apartheid report: The walls protecting Israel are finally crumbling, by Jonathan Cook
     Amnesty International Calls For Ending Israeli Apartheid, by Robert Inlakesh
‘Battletested’ on Palestinians, blacklisted by White House, NSO group is closely tied to Israeli security establishment
As Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Unravels, Congress Launches New Pro-Israel Caucus, by Jessica Buxbaum
Shutting Down Israel’s Death Machine in Britain, with Three Activists Who Were There – Lowkey Video
The Daily Sceptic: Latest Update
     Johns Hopkins: Lockdown/Masks Had Little Effect On COVID Mortality & Flu Vanishes Again – Ryan Cristián Podcast
The British Medical Journal Story That Exposed Politicized “Fact-Checking,” by Matt Taibbi
     QTR: Has The Red Carpet Been Rolled Out For A Mainstream Pivot On Ivermectin?
Why, As a Doctor, I Have Declined Vaccination Against COVID-19, by Simon M Fox
     Gordon Duff Debates Kevin Barrett on COVID Data & RFK Jr.’s Speech (Transcript and Video)
Grading The Governors: Who Locked Down And Who Opened? by Michael Betrus
Big Pharma Profits Are Just Smokescreens Hiding the Real Agenda Behind Covid-19, by JD Rucker
USAID, NATO Threaten Intervention as Ethiopia, Eritrea Unite & Form Economic Cooperation with China (Video)
Tom Brady Confirms Retirement, Snubs Patriots In Emotional Statement, by Tyler Durden
Joint Declaration on Covid War Crimes, by Jeff J. Brown and James Bradley
     All Things Flu/Covid Are State-Sponsored, MSM Supported Crimes Against Humanity, by Stephen Lendman
The Lab Leak “Conspiracy Theory,” by Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea (Video)
Critical Ethnic Studies at SFSU threatens Zionist forces who seek to silence Palestinian narratives
The biggest obstacle to saving the Jordan River and the Dead Sea is Israel, by Hamada Jaber
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