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Feb 5, 2022

♫ Julie Fowlis – Bíodh an Deoch Seo ‘n Láimh Mo Rúin

Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers! by CJ Hopkins

We Are All Ensnared in the Elite’s Web, by Paul Craig Roberts
Joint Statement of the Russian Fed’n and the People’s Republic of China on International Relations
US Again Tries To Pass Off Government Assertions As Evidence, by Caitlin Johnstone
     Biden’s Insane ‘Russia False Flag’ Conspiracy Debunked, by Daniel McAdams
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” by John Rachel
SC Editorial: Western States, Media are Sore Losers, Taking Gold Medal for Cynical Olympic Gaming
B’tselem: Israeli Soldiers Locked Palestinian Family in Storeroom, Assaulted, Abused them
Parler, Spotify, and now substack: The system goes after the few remaining free-speech zones on the internet
     Jimmy Dore Show: The silencing of Dr. Malone & the capture of the US gov’t by the Big Pharma/Media complex
Allowing the FBI To Use Pegasus Spyware Is an Attack on Liberty, by Andrew P. Napolitano
Military Industry Healthier Than Ever, by William D. Hartung
Russia Bashing Press Agents in Action, by Stephen Lendman
What a US Trap for Russia in Ukraine Might Look Like, by Joe Lauria
     How American Duplicity on NATO Expansion Ultimately Led to Today’s Crisis, by Claudio Gallo
Russia Squeezed Israel Out of Syria (Ruslan Ostashko)
What Matters Most to Nations and Peoples? by Pat Buchanan
Wang Yi ‘Overwhelms’ Blinken, Confirms China Backs Russia on Ukraine, NATO in Furious Call
UK “Fully Vaxed” Account For 92% Of Cases, 70% Of Hospitalizations & 81% Of Deaths In The Last Month
     What Gov’t Health Officials Don’t Want You To Know: Micro Blood Clots, The Key to Explaining COVID Harm
Prof Slams Media, Own Institution For Hiding Bombshell Study That Found Lockdowns Are Ineffective
     COVID-19 “Turning Point of Critical Mass”: London Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation, by J. Hagopian
Stunning German analysis finds that COVID-19 vaccine death rates are FAR higher than previously reported
     Daily Sceptic Latest Update
Crimes Against Humanity Redefined, by Stephen Lendman
     What is a disease without a cause? by Jon Rappoport
Erdogan in Kiev, Putin in Beijing: can neo-Ottomanism fit into Greater Eurasia? by Pepe Escobar
ADL’s Greenblatt: Accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ is equivalent to supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS, by Phil Weiss
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