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Jan 10, 2022

♫ Soutoukou · Mamadou Diabate

China Shows Its ‘Trump’ Card, by Eamon McKinney

Globalism’s Achilles’ Heel, by James Rickards
PCR: Americans Do Not Know That January 10 Is An Important Day: Accommodation or Conflict?
     Russia Will Not Bow to US Pressure or Make Any Concessions, Deputy FM Says Ahead of Geneva Meeting
Last Chance Saloon: best chance to ease East-West tensions cannot be missed, by Tony Kevin
Leading geopolitical analyst Gilbert Doctorow sorts out the clash between Russia and “the West”
Jimmy Dore interviews Dr Malone: The capture of the US government by the Big Pharma/Media complex (Video)
The insufferable hypocrisy of Western governments hell-bent on destroying Julian Assange (Video)
Who “lost” Kazakhstan and to whom? by The Saker
     Kazakhstan: Another Western-Ordered ‘Maidan’ in the Making? by Robert Bridge
Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On, by Tyler Durden
     Smashing US-Orchestrated Violence in Kazakhstan, by Stephen Lendman
2021 Year in Review: Part 2 – The Rise of Centralized Healthcare, by David Collum
Craig Murray, Roger Waters & Randy Credico on Julian Assange, Torture, the Ruling Class & Censorship (Video)
List of MSM Lies Is as Long as Pinocchio’s Nose, by Kevin Barrett
Durden: Top Lawyer Arguing Against Biden Vax Mandates Before SCOTUS Has COVID Despite Being Boosted
     The ‘COVID Chronicles’ Movie. “A Concise Look at the Pandemic” – Dr. Joseph Mercola (Film)
TLAV: The COVID Narrative Has Officially Collapsed, But That Does Not Mean The Agenda Has Been Stopped
     Mass Formation Psychosis (Video)
The Corona Crisis: Is the Tide Turning? Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0 (Video)
     Finally, an honest drug company ad! Schizer: Because We Care (Video)
Draconian Australia v. World’s No. One, by Stephen Lendman
     End Covid Vaccination of Children Because the Risks Outweigh the Benefits, Government Told By MPs and Scientists
Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter, by Rabbi Hillel Handler, Hagar Schafrir et al
     You’ll never take our freedom! Thousands Gather at Scotland Anti-Lockdown Protest
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/09
Quoth the Raven: Mainstream Media Is “Being Swallowed” By Joe Rogan (Video)
The Cruel Farce of U.S. Regime Change Policy in Venezuela, by Daniel Larison
Queen Refuses To Pay For Prince Andrew’s Pedo Defense, Forcing Him To Unload Chalet In Fire Sale
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