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Jan 2, 2022

9 Out Of 10 Americans Support Tossing Dr. Fauci Into A Volcano
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New Year, Same Old Hegemon USA Menace, by Stephen Lendman

Matthew Ehret: How Will Unipolarists Respond to Putin’s Red Line? An Expert Round Table Discussion
Galloway & Lauria on What to Expect in 2022 (Video)
Jimmy Dore Show: The appalling corruption of Big Pharma and the drug regulatory establishment
Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set to Continue, by Patrick Wood (Video)
     The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics, w/Patrick Wood (Video)
Once again, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to criticize Israel. Why? by Peter Larson
377,000 Yemenis Dead As Biden Goes Back On Promise To End The War, by Robert Inlakesh
NYT New Year’s Day Fake News Edition, by Stephen Lendman
How serious are Israel’s latest war threats against Iran?
Russia now has the world’s best air defense shield, by Andrei Martyanov
How the Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function, by Joseph Mercola
     Paul Kingsnorth: why I changed sides in the vaccine wars (Video)
Major Oxford Study into Vaccine Side-Effects Finds Myocarditis Risk in Younger Males Up to 14x Higher After..
     Pharma-Controlled CDC on PCR Tests, by Stephen Lendman
Fauci Goes There: Finally Admits Kids Not Being Hospitalized From COVID, by Tyler Durden
     French Tennis Star Benoit Paire Rages After Testing Positive For COVID For “250th Time,” by Kat Roberts
The Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/31
Neil Oliver: From the Establishment’s point of view, it seems nothing has changed (Video)
Student Loans: A Silent Scandal No More, by Ted Rall
Nancy Pelosi Buys Millions In Call Options, by Tyler Durden
Assange: Can Exposure Bring Justice? w/Fidel Narvaez and John Kiriakou (Video)
Burnt alive in Odessa (documentary)
Israeli Military Presents Government With Plans to Strike Iran, by Dave DeCamp
     Israel Is Trying to Push War With Iran — and the US Press Barely Cares, by B. Marcetic
Lebanon’s Western-Backed Fascist Seeks Civil War At All Costs, by Robert Inlakesh
Social Breakdown; Breaker Morant and the Boer War – Mark Weber Podcast
In 2021, Police Killed Four Unarmed Blacks; Blacks Were Suspects in the Murders of 26 Police, by Paul Kersey
Poll: 9 Out Of 10 Americans Support Tossing Dr. Fauci Into A Volcano
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