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Jan 24, 2022

♫ Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain

The CIA’s War on Democracy: Edward Curtin in Conversation with RFK Jr (Video)

Eurasia on a roll. What Next? by Tarik
The Covid Deception Is a Power Grab, by Paul Craig Roberts
Anonymous Officials Claim There’s An Evil Russian Plot Again But The Evidence Is Secret Again, by Caitlin Johnstone
New Data From Life Insurance Companies Confirm That Americans Are Dying In Unusually Large Numbers
Godot Likely To Arrive Before Russia Invades Ukraine, by Ray McGovern
     German Navy Chief Resigns; Britain Spreads Fears of Russian ‘Coup’ & Wider War, by Joe Lauria
Ukrainian opposition party branded US sanctions against its members as ‘political terror’
     An aftermath of Washington Post–Zelensky interview, by Lilia Shumkova
Facts vs. Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine
     Latest MSM Fake News on Russia, by Stephen Lendman
Ukraine Crisis: US ‘Toolboxes’ Are Empty, by Scott Ritter
     US Personnel Leaving Ukraine Ahead of Planned Biden Regime War? by Stephen Lendman
Dr. Malone on Carlson: There’s Gonna Have to be a Reckoning, the Science Is Settled on Forced Jabs (Video)
BBC HardTalk: Marandi on Vienna Nuclear Talks (Video)
Biden family received $31 million from Chinese officials with links to the highest levels of Chinese intel
As a socialist, here’s why BLM and ‘Defund The Police’ do the left no favors, by Dakotah Lilly
The British Public is Having a Periodical Fit of Morality, by James Alexander
Simulation of a Cyber Attack against the Global Financial System. Israel’s Operation “Collective Strength”
Truth Or COVID? by Michael Lesher
     Royal College of GPs Calls For Cancellation of NHS Vaccine Mandate as Thousands March in Protest
British Medical Journal Demands Immediate Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Data
     Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/23
Bari Weiss Tells Bill Maher Pandemic Policy Will Be Remembered as a ‘Catastrophic Moral Crime’ (Video)
Can the Drone War Be Made More Humane? by John Kiriakou
Nicaragua Once Again Inaugurates the “People as President,” by Nan McCurdy
A Dam in Syria Was on a ‘No- Strike’ List. The U.S. Bombed It Anyway
Russian River Transport Revolution – A Project With Geopolitical Ramifications, by Tim Kirby
Holey Ghosts, by George Monbiot
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