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Jan 26, 2022

Bad idea..
♫ Galway Girl – Sharon Shannon, Mundy & Galway City

Is Washington Under Alien Control? by Philip Giraldi

Speech Is Only Free If Dissenting Voices Get Heard, by Caitlin Johnstone
U.S. and Russian Threats Over Ukraine — What They’re About and Who’s the Aggressor, by Dee Knight
Weapons of Mass Deception: MSM War of Words on Russia, by Stephen Lendman
Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Spectacular Failure of Covid Shots
     Sen. Johnson Holds Star-Studded COVID-19 ‘Second Opinion’ Hearing (Video)
New York Times Mentions ‘Original Antigenic Sin,’ by Noah Carl
     WHO warns against comparing Covid to flu, we’re only at ‘halfway mark’ of pandemic
Pro-Ivermectin Legislation, by Stephen Lendman
Macron: “No Vaxx, No Citizenship” as France Unveils New, Stricter Vaccine Passports, by Josie Appleton
     COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality
Alberta Accidentally Posts Data Showing Over Half Of Vaxed Deaths Counted As Unvaxed – Ryan Cristián Podcast
     Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/25
Biden Regime Thinks 7% Inflation Not High Enough, by Paul Craig Roberts
Assange Hearing Day Oh God It Never Ends, by Craig Murray
This Is The Epitome Of What’s Wrong In The World Right Now, by Marty Bent
Biden Busted On Hot Mic After Being Asked About Americans’ Biggest Worry, by Tyler Durden
Is Biden Right? Does the Left Own the Future? by Pat Buchanan
How Israel’s ‘Facebook Law’ Plans To Control All Palestinian Content Online, by Ramzy Baroud
     Velshi salutes martyred Palestinian Hajj Suleiman in groundbreaking MSNBC broadcast, by Philip Weiss
Israeli Soldiers Will Not Be Prosecuted after Death of Elderly American Palestinian
      Israeli army tear gasses refugee camp, ruining youth center’s hydroponic rooftop garden, by Hubert Murray
Israel Prevents Urgent Medical Equipment from Entering Gaza
     Palestine Action raids and dismantles Israeli arms factory
Palestinian Academic Suspended by UK University Following Israeli Lobby Pressure
Tuesday morning headlines (a little change of tone or not?), by The Saker
Andrei Martyanov: Couple of Items for 01/24/22 (Video)
As the West Normalizes Moral Depravity, Russia Moves Against Pedophiles, by Robert Bridge
In the Dark Political Prisoners Wish for Light, by Vijay Prashad
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