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Mar 1, 2022

Aleppo after shelling by U.S. proxies
♫ “Pipes Solo – Lark in the Morning”, Cillian Vallely & Alan Murray

The Single Most Important Question In The World Right Now, by Caitlin Johnstone

Ukraine: Putin, the Pope, and Wayne Gretzky, by Larry Romanoff
Difficult to Find a Way Out of the War that is Enveloping Us, by Paul Craig Roberts
Day 4 of the Russian offensive in the Ukraine, by The Saker
     A Quick Decisive Victory Can Prevent a Wider War, by Paul Craig Roberts
It All Comes Back to NATO, by Ron Paul
America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century, by Michael Hudson
Neocons, Ukraine, Russia, and the Western Struggle for Global Hegemony, by Kevin MacDonald
US war lobby fuels conflict in Russia, Ukraine, and Syria: ex-Pentagon advisor, by Aaron Maté
     Current CIA Director, Bill Burns, Knew Exactly What Would Trigger Vladimir Putin to Enter Ukraine
Biden’s CIA Director Doesn’t Believe Biden’s Story about Ukraine, by Peter Beinart
‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale, by ‘Sundance’
EU Provides $500 Million To Buy Arms For Ukraine; Turkey Readies Closure Of Straits To Russian Navy
Why a war may be the only solution Americans can bring to this conflict, by Scott Ritter
The Daily Sceptic: Latest Update
     Is Russia in Ukraine because of the USA’s 13+ exclusive-use WMD germ warfare laboratories there? by Jeff Brown
George Soros Admits Responsibility for Coup and Mass Murder in Ukraine
Report: Putin Rejects Israel’s Offer to Mediate between Russia and Ukraine, by Ramzy Baroud
Putin the Apostate: We thought he would be our bastard. Then, he became his own bastard, by Matt Taibbi
The Land Where History Died, Part 1, by David Stockman
     Politics of the Ukraine – Past and future possibilities, by Straight-Bat
Russia as Metaphor and Why Patriots Need to Stand with Russia Against Virulent Judeo-Nazism, by Jung-Freud
Dmitri Alperovitch on the risks of escalation
Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better, by Ida Auken
      UN Agenda 2030: Viktor Orbán Warns ‘Serious Stress Test’ is Coming ‘Greater than this Pandemic,’ by Amy Mek (Video)
Ukraine – Sacrificial Lamb, by Dan Lieberman
As Workers Win Victories in Mexico, It’s Important to Remember Past Machinations Against Them, by Kim Scipes
Humor Dept: “I Have Other Assets” – Texas Politician Poses Topless On Oil Well, by Tyler Durden
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