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Mar 10, 2022

The Empire’s Honor Guard: The Azov Battalion
♫ Mec Lir performing for Celtic Colours

The US Chose This Conflict, by Caitlin Johnstone

The Sanctions Bite the West, Not Russia, by Paul Craig Roberts
The Face of Western Civilization, by Francis Lee
Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them, by Glenn Greenwald
CIA Front Group Hides Records Showing Tens of Millions Paid Out to Ukrainian Puppet Government, by Shane Trejo
Gideon Levy: The Zionist left provides the ‘laundry’ for Israeli apartheid, by Philip Weiss
     Support for Israel trumps everything: GOP election deniers and their Dem critics both find support from AIPAC
Ukrainian Front – strategy without tactics (Video, English Subtitles)
In These Days of Great Tension, Peace Is a Priority, by Vijay Prashad
Durden: Zelensky Ready To ‘Discuss & Find Compromise’ On Crimea, No Longer Insists On NATO Membership
Now Let’s Do the US Oligarchs, by Richard Eskow
A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Now Imminent? by Brandon Smith
Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 13, by Stephen Lendman
Biden’s Sanctions on Russia Will Cause Havoc in Western Markets, by David Stockman
     Carnage Everywhere As Market “Begins To Break,” by Tyler Durden
Media: More Russian Objectives, Europe’s Troubles, Biden’s Betrayals, by Tom Luongo
Poland’s Offer Of Jets For Ukraine “Raises Serious Concerns For Entire NATO Alliance”: Pentagon
Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Refuse To Take Biden Phone Calls, Both Spoke to Putin
The new Gladio in Ukraine, by Manlio Dinucci
Kevin Barrett: Guy Mettan on “Creating Russophobia” (Audio)
Provoking China, Punishing India, by Ted Snider
Washington Seeks Access to Venezuela Oil as Gas Prices Spike, by Kyle Anzalone
     Duplicitous Biden Regime Mission to Venezuela, by Stephen Lendman
Laying the groundwork: Canadian banks champion WEF-proposed Digital IDs, by Ken Macon
Germany and the Netherlands oppose Ukraine’s EU membership
MESA and BDS: Why I voted for the resolution, by Ian S. Lustick
The rise of East Asia and an epochal threat to American freedoms, by Eamonn Fingleton
President Zelensky appoints Nazi Aidar Battalion commander as Odessa governor
26 Black-on-White Killings: Another Month In The Death Of White America
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