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Mar 20, 2022

How Ukraine Will Be Partitioned After Kiev Capitulates
♫ Chet Baker – Almost blue

Erasing History To Own Putin, by Caitlin Johnstone

PCR: It Took Russia 31 Years to Figure Out She Was Trusting Satan But the Knowledge Hasn’t Translated Into Action
Pearl Harbor My Eye! by David Stockman
Thanks to Putin’s War in Ukraine the Race is On for the Great Reset, by Tom Luongo
Here comes China (and they don’t stop!), by Amarynth
The Coming Partition of Ukraine, by Gilbert Doctorow
     MoA: What Will Be The Geographic End State Of The War In Ukraine
GGI: How Secret CIA Program Led To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
Ukraine: What I Got Wrong and Why, by Patrick Armstrong
MoA: Neo-Nazis In Ukraine Fake Incidents To Gain More ‘Western’ Support
‘Let Them Kill as Many as Possible’: The Roots of US Militarism in Russia and Around the World, by Brian Terrell
AAPS Stands with Americans Against Mandates
A Snapshot of MSM Big Lies About Russia’s Campaign in Ukraine, by Stephen Lendman
SC Editorial: Russia’s U.S. Biowarfare Claims in Ukraine Need Serious Answers
     US’ bio-web: Global Times Infographic
Lauria & Galloway on Censorship Over Ukraine (Video)
President Kennedy’s remarks of July 26, 1963
Palestinians will not be deterred in the quest for liberation, by Mona Abuamara
Ukraine: The New 9/11 (with E. Michael Jones) (Podcast), by Kevin Barrett
CENTCOM: US Troops Will Likely Be in Iraq for Years to Come, by Dave DeCamp
去死吧 (Qù sǐ ba): Go to Hell in Chinese, by Stephen Lendman
Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (is that a Kinzhal flying?)
     Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 24, by Stephen Lendman
Defining Fascism: Dimitrov versus Eco, by James Tweedi
Lawyer For Mother Of Hunter Biden’s Daughter Says He Expects President’s Son To Be Indicted, by Tyler Durden
Biden taps pro-BLM advocate of vaccine passports for new White House COVID response chief
How Fact-Finding Fauci Led To My Cancellation At Forbes, by Adam Andrzejewski
Farruggio: 19 Years Ago Today the Bush Administration Invaded Iraq in One of the Worst Crimes of the Modern Era
Human rights funders must support civil society in Palestine, by Alice Rothchild
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