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Mar 23, 2022

♫ Fourth Moon – Olympus

Getting Away with Murder, by Philip Giraldi

Why the West Hates Putin, by Paul Craig Roberts
Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Why Does Ukraine Seem to Have So Many Nazis Nowadays? by Cynthia Chung
Day 26 of “Operation Z” in the Ukraine, by The Saker
Chris Hedges: The Lie of American Innocence
The New Age of Faith: The Dark Ages are making a comeback, by Michael Brenner
Larry C. Johnson: “The Ukrainian Army Has Been Defeated. What’s Left Is Mop-Up,” by Mike Whitney
Biden’s “Russian Sanctions” Are Wrecking the Western Economy, by Paul Craig Roberts
Ukraine’s resistance should end calls for ‘regime change’ in Iran by Israel and the Lobby, by James North
     Palestinians on Ukraine double standard: ‘Their resistance is legalized, ours is not,’ by Yumna Patel
Ray McGovern: Biden Is Not Fully in Charge (Audio)
Russia MoD: Neo-Nazis Plan False-Flag Attacks on US Diplomats
The United States, Racism and Anti-Communism, by Franklin Frederick
Jews and Nazis: The Hidden History of the 1930s and 1940s, by Ron Unz
U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs, Newly Leaked Documents Reveal
Tucker Carlson: Corrupt Media & Politicians Are Lying to You About Zelensky And Ukraine’s Democracy (Video)
“Some F*ckery Is Afoot” – Rogan Slams “Outright Crazy” Media Coverage Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story (Video)
10 Reasons to Question the “Putin vs Davos” Narrative, by Ryan Matters
New Vaccine Science Shows Mandates Are Unwise, by Betsy McCaughey
On how US could stop the war: Sean & Jacquie w/Joe Lauria! (Podcast)
What Is Bergoglio Up to? by Stephen Karganovic
     Bishop Williamson sermon discussing Ukraine (Video)
We Are in a Period of Great Tectonic Shifts, by Vijay Prashad
EU Parliament Wants to Censor Information About Immigrants, by Guillaume Durocher
Winners and losers from the war in Ukraine (and Russia has already lost, even if it wins), by Ben Aris
Can the Iran Nuclear Deal Be Revived? by Kevin Barrett (Video)
Secretly Acquired Soviet Weapons Sent To Ukraine & 2014 Regime Change – Ryan Cristián Podcast
Historical documents reveal Israel’s plan to empty Negev of Palestinians
In Ukraine, an air of social credit with the Diia application, by Alban Martin
Oliver Stone Criticizes Sondheim for Promoting Lone JFK Assassin Theory in Broadway Musical “Assassins”
The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine (Video)
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