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Mar 26, 2022

Ruins after Saudi bombing of Port of Hodeidah
♫ The Unusual Suspects of Celtic Colours

NATO Is Propagandizing Itself Into War, by Paul Craig Roberts

More Evidence That The US Is Trying To Prolong This War, by Caitlin Johnstone
One month into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine, by The Saker
Washington Should Think Twice Before Launching a New Cold War: A History Lesson for Our Desperate Moment
Briefing by the Russian MoD on the current results of the special military operation in Ukraine, by The Saker
SC Editorial: Biden Visit Marks Abject Subjugation of European Leaders To U.S. Empire
Is Victory for Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War? by Pat Buchanan
Ryan Cristián Interviews Whitney Webb: January 6th, Azov Battalion & The War On D̶o̶m̶e̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶T̶e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶ You (Podcast)
Middle East Studies scholars overwhelmingly vote to endorse BDS, by Michael Arria
     A small and personal resistance in 2022, by Philip Khouri
UK Spook Set to Repeat Syria Role in Ukraine: False Flags on the Horizon, by Kit Klarenberg
Ukraine War Lies Debunked, by Ted Rall
Will Putin Wake Up in Time to Save Russia? by Paul Craig Roberts
As New Purge of Fifth Columnists Approaches: Anatoly Chubais Jumps Ship, by Matthew Ehret
The Saker interviews Michael Hudson
Archbishop Viganò Responds to Critics of His Positions Regarding COVID Tyranny and Ukraine, by Joe Hoft
If Putin is a war criminal, then Madeleine Albright was no less of one, by Jonathan Cook
Palestine after Ukraine invasion: MEMO in conversation with Ramzy Baroud (Podcast)
The Media Campaign to Protect Joe Biden Passes the Point of Absurdity, by Matt Taibbi
Recession Is Unavoidable Without Russian Oil, Dallas Fed Study Says, by Christopher Anstey
     Visualizing The EU’s Energy Dependency, by Tyler Durden
Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the “Children Burned Alive in Donetsk,” by Richard Abelson
‘NY Times’ gives in to widespread criticism, and mentions Amnesty report on Israeli ‘apartheid’ 52 days late
Kyiv’s unobserved war against dissident public intellectuals, by Slava Myrolub
Russians Welcomed as Liberators in Ukrainian City along the Sea of Azov, by Sonja Van den Ende
Lies, Secret Recording and Parakeets: The Israel Lobby’s Dirty War Against Lowkey
No Prevention, No Punishment, No Justice: The Murder of Musa Hassuna by Zionist Settlers, by Miko Peled
Naming names: US built war capability for Russia—leading to the deaths of American soldiers, by Jon Rappoport
Ukraine crisis accelerating rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies, by Kit Knightly
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