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Mar 28, 2022

Uncle Shmuel Is on a roll
♫ Ray Charles & Aretha Franklin – Georgia On My Mind

Biden Confirms Why the US Needed This War, by Joe Lauria

Vladimir Putin, a Bismarck for the Modern Age? by Robert Bridge
The Prospect of Peace and Its Enemies, by Gilad Atzmon
Springtime for GloboCap, by CJ Hopkins
Biden’s Reckless Words Underscore the Dangers of the U.S.’s Use of Ukraine As a Proxy War, by Glenn Greenwald
     Biden Says “Butcher” Putin “Cannot Remain In Power” In Call For Regime Change In Russia, by Tyler Durden
NATO and Russia — Whistling Past Each Other’s Graveyards, by Tom Luongo
The BBC’s Ukrainian War-Messager, by Max Blumenthal
Xi and Putin tell the West to go to hell, by Jeff J Brown
Rule of Law in America Is On Its Death Bed, by Paul Craig Roberts
Grappling With the Conspiracy Theory Canard, by Declan Hayes
The West Tries To Hide The War In Yemen, But Fails, by Robert Inlakesh
     After Aramco Attacks We Can No Longer Ignore Yemen’s Suffering, by Robert Inlakesh
Sanctions May Achieve the Opposite of Biden’s Stated Long-Term Goals, by Dimitri Simes Jr.
Ukraine False Flag Coming: Bio, Chem, or Cyber? by Kevin Barrett
A Financial Revolution Is Coming That Threatens To Change Everything, by Nick Corbishley
Hillary’s State Dept Spokesman Just Called For Me To Be Financially Investigated, by Caitlin Johnstone
Daily Mail Drops Hunter Biden Emails Linking Him To Ukraine Biolab Funding, by Tyler Durden
     BioBiden: Timeline by María Zakharova
NeoNazis in Ukrainian government and military, by Nat South
The Cost of War: 23 Million Afghans Suffer Acute Hunger, 95% Don’t Eat Enough Food, by Baher Kamal
Sec of Defense Austin Knew: DoD data leak shows vaccine-induced destruction of US troops
Putin Addresses Anti-Russian “Cancel Culture,” Compares Russia to JK Rowling, by Andrew Anglin
Black Ops in Hollywood: From Censorship to Normalization, by Tom Secker
     “Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents,” Says Ben Affleck, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Peter Pry, former CIA, on nuclear WWIII (Podcast)
Russell Brand: This Is F*cking Terrifying (Podcast)
Von Greyerz: All Hell Will Break Loose For Humanity
George Floyd Square, by Thomas Jackson
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