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Mar 31, 2022

the wizard of oz would blush
♫ Frank Sinatra ft. Ella Fitzgerald – The Lady Is A Tramp

The Western World Has Had Its Run, by Paul Craig Roberts

Sitrep: Operation Z, by Nightvision
Washington Is Delirious With War Fever – For No Reason of Homeland Security, by David Stockman
Do Americans Really Want to Support the Neo-Nazi Filled Western Ukrainian Government? by John Potash
Joe Biden has confirmed to Russia that the US really wants regime change, by Jonathan Cook
Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34, by The Saker
     Negotiations: a primer for Zone A residents, by The Saker
“Regime Change” Doesn’t Work, You Morons, by Matt Taibbi
Ex-President Dmitry Medvedev: ‘New world financial order’ is coming
What seeing the war in Syria taught me about US/Western government and media propaganda, by Janice Kortkamp
British Bullshit Corporation Whitewashes Ukrainian Nazis, by Finian Cunningham
Sitrep: That ‘bumbling’ presidential aide Medinsky.. by Amarynth
Michael Hudson interviewed by Margaret Flowers: US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday (Podcast)
#GotGoldorRubles? Did Russia Just Break The Back Of The West? by Tom Luongo
     We Are In So Much Trouble, by Michael Snyder
Which Major Currency Will Be The First To Fall? by Bruce Wilds
Taylor Hudak Interviews Dilyana Gaytandzhieva – US-Funded Biolabs Encircle US Enemies (Podcast)
Land Day: Return and Liberation for Palestine #PalestineLandDay
I am a Russian Cheerleader, by Andrew Anglin
The Great Russian Restoration: The Kremlin’s Post-Soviet State Ideology, by Rolo Slavski
Eric Walberg on Gender Madness; Eric Zuesse Nominates Gen. Douglas Macgregor for President – Truth Jihad Podcast
NATO’s War Against Irish Neutrality, by Declan Hayes
Kevin Gosztola on the Dangers Posed by the Prosecution of Assange – Scott Horton Show
     Conflicts in Priti Patel’s Power Over Assange, by Matt Kennard
Just and Unjust Wars: The Need for a Third Way, by Yousef M. Aljamal
The conservative case for violent communist revolution*, by Ollie Williams
The Most Simple and Laziest Form of Journalism? War Reporting, Actually, by Martin Jay
Ukraine Asks World To Criminalize `Z’ As Symbol of Support for Russia’s War
Documents Reveal Previously Secret CIA Bulk Collection, Problems With CIA Handling of Americans’ Information
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