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Mar 5, 2022

Manifest Destiny
♫ Livisiani Mou Perdika – Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra

Is This Russian Propaganda? by Caitlin Johnstone

“The Empire of Lies,” by Paul Craig Roberts
Day 9 of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine, by The Saker
CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle | Great separation (Video)
How Russia Will Counterpunch the U.S./EU Declaration of War, by Pepe Escobar
     Russia Bans Fertilizer Exports to Crush Global Markets – Hungary bans All Grain Exports, by Jim Hoft
SC Editorial: Total War’ Rhetoric Betrays Systematic NATO Hostility Towards Russia
CN Live! — ‘Ukraine Update’ (Video)
Roger Waters with Lee Camp on Assange, Human Rights, & More (Video)
The Man Who Sold Ukraine, by Mike Whitney
Russia Ukraine 2: Tactics, Strategy And Operations, by Patrick Armstrong
How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries, by A Rubinstein and M Blumenthal
     Harvard Supports Nazi-Infested Fascist Ukraine, by Stephen Lendman
Metallicman observations and thoughts about the war in the Ukraine
What you don’t know about the war in Ukraine (Video)
The Overton Window Is Being Shoved Toward Warmongering Extremism, by Caitlin Johnstone
NATO goes to war against Russia – WSWS Editorial Board
The Double Standards of Western Media, by Michael Arria
     Tears for Ukraine, Sanctions for Russia, Yawns for Yemen, Arms for Saudis: The West’s Grotesque Double Standard
“Monstrous Provocation”: Russia Claims Attack On Nuclear Plant By Ukrainians
Film industry, festival officials join anti-Russian campaign: What are they signing up for? by David Walsh
If the Nat’l Endowment for Democracy (NED) Is Subverting Democracy, Why Aren’t the Left Media Calling It Out?
Why is Jeffrey Goldberg trying to rehabilitate the murderous Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman? by James North
Snopes says 13 US bioweapon labs in Ukraine don’t exist. Here’s the proof they do, by Jeff J Brown
     Bio-Labs in Ukraine, with Dan Cohen, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and Scott Ritter – MintPress Podcast
Navigating Our Humanity: Ilan Pappé on the Four Lessons from Ukraine
Biden Regime Sending Jihadists to Fight Russia and Donbass, by Stephen Lendman
Black Box Defence For The Russian Economy, by John Helmer
Will There Be A 2024 Presidential Election? by Jim Quinn
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