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Nov 24, 2021

Locked and Loaded
♫ Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh – Beauty Deas an Oileáin

PCR: The Fake “Covid Pandemic” Was Orchestrated In Order to Impose Tyranny

The Spy Business: Just follow the money, by Philip Giraldi
Ahem, I Know You’re Busy, But Nuclear War Is Getting Increasingly Likely, by Caitlin Johnstone
Playing with Fire on Russia’s Borders, by Pat Buchanan
     The Russian Foreign Intelligence office issues an unprecedented warning about US operations in eastern Ukraine
Why did Russia deploy so many forces against NATO? by the Saker
Refugees, Coal and Conflict in Europe, by Brian Cloughley
Catastrophe since 2017: How to cover France’s presidential election? by Ramin Mazaheri
Banning of Palestinian NGOs: How Israel Tries to Silence Human Rights Defenders, by Ramzy Baroud
     The British Empire Strikes against Palestinian Resistance Group Hamas, by Iqbal Jassat
Why Israel? exposes the South African Zionist lobby
Arbery’s Killers Are Using the Logic of Slave Patrols to Defend Themselves, by Marjorie Cohn
Kyle Rittenhouse is not the enemy. He’s the latest product of the outrage industry, by Jonathan Cook
     Activism, Uncensored: Dueling Protests Outside the Rittenhouse Courtroom, by Matt Taibbi
Rittenhouse’s Trial Missed an Opportunity to Red-Pill the Public on Color Revolutions, by Joaquin Flores
Yair Rosenberg moves to ‘Atlantic’ to be the Israel expert who ignores all the news from Israel, by Yakov Hirsch
Fleeing Lockdowns, Death Jabs and Health Passports, by Linh Dinh
The Daily Skeptic News Round-Up, by Luke Perry
A pandemic of the vaccinated, by Jon Rappoport
     The Religious Faith of European leaders in Vaccines Will End in the Imprisonment of the Unvaccinated
Vaccine Passports Make No Sense as the Vaccinated Are More Likely to Be Infected, Scientists Tell MPs
     Antivaxxers to the Gas Chambers?! by Kevin Barrett (Video)
The Left Is Enthusiastic About Covid Restrictions; The People they Harm the Most are the Poor and Vulnerable
     The war on the ‘unvaccinated’ is a desperate attempt to demonize and destroy the control group
Snowball of COVID jab injuries reported as ICU physicians blow whistle on dangers of the shot
Border Clashes With Migrants Are an Ugly Mirror for Poland, by Tim Kirby
Terror in the Capitol Tunnel, by Julie Kelly
“No Mas!” Nicaragua Quits OAS as EU Tries to Undermine Venezuela Elections, by Daniel Kovalik
     Venezuela: Chavismo Wins Governorships in 20 of 23 States
Asset Master Class: Art ‘Appreciation,’ Billionaire-Style, by Sam Pizzigati
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