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Nov 30, 2021

♫ Daoirí Farrell – Van Diemen’s Land

The upcoming Summit for Democracy as a time machine, by The Saker

New Paradigm of US Foreign Policy and Relations with Russia, by Dmitry Suslov
Dorsey’s Twitter Resignation Sparks Fears Of More Internet Censorship, by Caitlin Johnstone
The NATOstan Clown Show, by Pepe Escobar
     The Great Made-in-the-USA Russian Threat to Ukraine Hoax, by Stephen Lendman
Ukraine Is Not Russia. That Is for Sure, but How Do the Two Countries Compare? Strategic Infographics
What Is The Relationship Between The Political Left And Globalism? by Brandon Smith
On Palestine Day, UN Chief Says Situation is Challenge to International Peace
Reduce Expectations of Government, by Ron Paul
As U.S. Retailers Struggle Against Smash-and-Grab Flash Mobs, Liberals Blame ‘White Supremacy,’ by Robert Bridge
Vaccination Causes Covid Variants, by Paul Craig Roberts
     The new African virus mutation: a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant, by Jon Rappoport
Omicron Fear-Mongering Mass Deception on Sunday Talk Shows, by Stephen Lendman
     Durden: WMA Chair Demands National Lockdowns, Compulsory Jabs, Fears “Variant As Dangerous As Ebola”
Goldman Slams Omicron Panic: “This Mutation Is Unlikely To Be More Malicious,” by Tyler Durden
South African Doctors Expose the Omicron Scam, by Stephen Lendman
     A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas Exposes The Real COVID Disaster, by Jeffrey Tucker
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia Is Murdering Its Patients for Money, by Paul Craig Roberts
     Carlotta Masala: 27-Yr-Old Dies From Myocarditis Months After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
The Daily Sceptic: News Round-Up 11/29
To see Putin and die, by Rostislav Ischenko
‘Believing the Propaganda That the Government Follows the Law’ (Video)
FBI et al Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes
The Recovery Files: scrutinising the billions from Brussels, by Lise Witteman, Peter Teffer
     Macron’s predatory deal with Draghi, by Thomas Fazi
Putin Urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to Ease Tensions in Rare Meeting
‘Please save us’: Refugees face death at Poland-Belarus border, by Nidal Ibrahim
Gun Rights Steer Clear of NRA’s Dire Straits, by Robert Spitzer
Humor Dept: White Smoke Emanates From Wuhan Lab Chimney Signaling A New Variant Has Been Named
Tesla Speeding Down Middle Eastern Freeway Slams Into Camel, Sending It Flying (Video)
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