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Oct 15, 2021

Congress is in Israel’s pocket
♫ Moving Hearts – Mcbrides

Biden Tells the World What He Wants It to Know, by Philip Giraldi

We Have Lost Our Country and Our Liberty, by Paul Craig Roberts
Mass Death Ahead, by Linh Dinh
Netflix To Launch WikiLeaks Smear Job Three Days Before Assange Court Date, by Caitlin Johnstone
Build Back Better Legislation: New Keynesianism or Neoliberal PR Stunt? by Ajamu Baraka
Heroes or Parasites: Europe’s Self-serving Politics on Refugees, by Ramzy Baroud
Let’s Talk About Those Chinese Incursions Into Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone, by Daniel Larison
When Are Secrets Not Secret? by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Israel Lobby’s Crushing Win on Iron Dome, by Walter E. Williams
     How Israel’s latest Gaza attack got Menendez and others in Congress to open their eyes, by Philip Weiss
          Photos reveal brutal Israeli treatment of activists, farmers during olive harvest, by Yumna Patel
     Nancy Pelosi Pledges Total Allegiance to Israel (Video)
Google and Amazon workers want companies to end contracts with Israeli military, by Michael Arria
     California Governor Forms Council to Boost California ‘Holocaust Education’
Tucker Carlson Interviews Gen. Flynn – The Biggest Target of The Fourth Branch of Government (Video)
Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change, by Tyler Durden
Blinken: US Policy Is to ‘Oppose the Reconstruction of Syria,’ by Dave DeCamp
French Finance Minister Issues Declaration of Independence – from the U.S., by John V. Walsh
Joe Rogan Crushes CNN Over Ivermectin Propaganda, Gets Gupta To Concede They Lied (Videos)
     Covid is surging in Waterford, Ireland where 99.7 percent of adults are Fully Vaccinated…
          SWA pilots and staff are flying in the face of corporate and government vaccine mandates – about time, too
     Merck Ignores Molnupiravir’s Cytotoxicity, by LeoG
Michael Burry Drops Redpills In Epic Twitter Rant, by Tyler Durden
     If the virus actually existed, by Jon Rappoport
          The virus that doesn’t exist: lies and consequences, by Jon Rappoport
Skyrocketing natural gas & coal prices: ‘100% a failure of green energy policies,’ by Alex Epstein
List of US Companies Owned by China: Tesla, Microsoft, GM, Uber..
Chicago Police Union Head Urges Members To Defy Vaccine Mandate, Warns Force To Shrink 50% This Weekend
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