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Oct 23, 2021

Kathe Kollwitz – Die Gefangenen
♫ Bob Dylan – Man in the Long Black Coat

We Are Ruled By Apes With PR Firms, by Caitlin Johnstone

SC Editorial: NATO, Not Russia, Perpetuates Cold War Logic…
The Belmarsh Tribunal — The War on Terror on Trial (Video)
From Russia, with (Taliban) Love, by Pepe Escobar
Powell: Hagiography Instead of The Hague, by Michael Arria
     Colin Powell: Grotesque Atrocities and the New Liberal Conscience, by Richard Falk – Daniel Falcone
Reminiscence of the Future.. by Andrei Martyanov
US Response To China’s Hypersonic Missile Test Fails For Third Time, by Eric Striker
Warnings and Threats — or Bluster and Bluff, by Pat Buchanan
The Dark Truth Behind FBI’s Role in the 1/6 “Insurrection”
Gordon Duff on Lebanese Protestors Shot by Snipers for Exposing Israeli Nuking of Beirut (Podcast)
Are the COVID Jabs Responsible for Rising Mortality, by Dr. Joseph Mercola
     White House Details Plan To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11, by Tyler Durden
Durden: NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data
If UN Charter Were Put To a Vote Today, Would It Pass? by Vijay Prashad
Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders, by Alexander Rubinstein
Bring Out Your Dead…Back on the Family Altar, by Laurent Guyénot
If Another Lockdown is Imposed or Vaccine Passports Introduced, the Govt Will Use the Almost Unlimited Powers..
     The Threat of Lockdown “Hangs Like a Sword of Damocles”, Writes Laura Dodsworth, by Michael Curzon
Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change, by Tyler Durden
More Skeletons in Obama’s Closet: Mass Grave in Lugansk, Ukraine Yields Over 200 Bodies, by Russell Bentley
Marion Maréchal: France’s Éclaireuse
Rand Paul: Democrats “Are Going To Go After Ordinary People” With Massive Spending Bill, by Steve Watson
      Democrat Plans Plunge Deeper Into Chaos After Sinema Opposes Tax Hikes; May Leave Top Rates Unchanged
The Big Lie in Rahm Emanuel’s Senate Testimony, by Jeff Cohen
Photo Essay: The olive harvest in Gaza, by Mahmoud Nasser
The Culture Wars Continue: The Fate of Sex Workers, by David Rosen
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