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Oct 28, 2021

Assange supporters outside the Royal Courts of Justice
♫ Van Morrison – Why Are You On Facebook?

The Assange Persecution Is Western Savagery At Its Most Transparent, by Caitlin Johnstone

NATO Sliding Towards War Against Russia in Ukraine, by Finian Cunningham
Is Forced Isolation of the Unvaccinated Really the Left’s Answer to the Pandemic? by Jonathan Cook
Uncle Tom’s Cabin & the Origins of Wokeness, by Beau Albrecht
Ethnic Studies Mandated in California, by Philip Giraldi
Day One: Assange Lawyer in Fiery Rebuttal at Day’s Conclusion, by Joe Lauria
     CN Live! — ‘Assange: Malingerer or Martyr?’ (Video)
The Not So Glorious Prospect of Owning Nothing and Passing a Cold, Dark Winter, by Cynthia Chung
The HLF Five: How US-Israeli Geopolitics Cruelly Warped the US Judicial Process, by Miko Peled
Israeli Jews: “Stop Israel’s Apartheid!” – An Open Letter
Will Biden Start Nuclear War With China Over Taiwan? by Ron Paul
     Russia summons German military attaché after MoD suggests NATO should threaten Moscow with nuclear missiles
Over 500 Scholars Fight Back Against Israel Lobby’s Antisemitism Smear of UK Academics, by Jonathan Cook
Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Frances Haugen Represented by US Intelligence Insiders, by Alexander Rubinstein
It Wasn’t Just Beagles and Monkeys – Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NYC, by Jim Hoft
Inhumane, lethal COVID Protocol in hospitals, by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.
     Djokovic’s Vaccine Stance May Cost Him Entry to the Australian Open, by Luke Perry
          COVID-19, Masks and Magical Thinking, by Robert Dingwall
     Postcard From California, by Clive Pinder
The staggering cost of ‘Plan B,’ by Fraser Nelson
     People are Still Pushing ‘Zero Covid,’ by Noah Carl
Memo to Joe Rogan: check out the horse-urine women, by Jon Rappoport
Israel Destroyed 172,900 Homes, Expelled 1.3 Million Palestinians Since 1948
Holocaust Deceit, ‘Remembrance,’ and Reality – Mark Weber Podcast
Was the 1949 “Suicide” of Forrestal the 1st Major Domestic Political Assassination of the Emerging Deep State?
Palestinian Christians condemn in ‘strongest terms’ Israel’s terrorist designations, by Jeff Wright
Trudeau speech latest example of weaponizing antisemitism to defend Israel, by Yves Engler
San Francisco Prosecutors Quit, Residents Fed Up With ‘Zero Consequence’ Policies, by Mike Shedlock
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