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Oct 4, 2021












♫ Bob Dylan – Too Late

The End of the Speed Limit on the Highway to Nowhere, by Edward Curtin

China in the crosshairs – is a war in the Far East and Pacific next? by The Saker
The Unrepentant US Empire, by Serge Halimi
The Great Debt Debate: Michael Hudson vs. Thomas Piketty (Video)
Who Is an Anti-vaxxer? by Kim Petersen
Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, Horrific Findings Revealed (Video)
Iran’s SCO promotion & the rise of a new world order: Report
The Menticide Manual : A Series, by Thorsten J. Pattberg
What the Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong, by Joe Lauria
     Murderous Fantasies: the US Intelligence Effort Against Assange, by Binoy Kampmark
The Debasement of America, by Dan Lieberman
How the “Polarized” Political Parties Work Together Against the Public Interest, by Ralph Nader
Totalitarian, Perverted Antifa Is Just Jacobinism Reborn. But Thermidor Is Coming, by Paul Souvestre
Let’s Touch Antennae In The Madhouse, by Caitlin Johnstone
Israel Has Not Earned an African Welcome, by Stanley L. Cohen
Should Hamas, Hezbollah Learn from the Taliban? by Ramzy Baroud
Afghanistan’s Impoverished People Live Amid Enormous Riches, by Vijay Prashad
How thought control took over campus, by Frank Furedi
Six-Month Sentence for Lawyer Who Took on Chevron Provokes Anger, by Julia Conley
Activists Get A Recent Paper That Threatens Climate Alarm Narratives Removed From Journal
Jabs vs. Jobs: Forcing People to Take Vaccines Is Not Only Ethically Awkward – It Could Prove Deadly, by Robert Bridge
A world gone mad, with Julia Hartley-Brewer | The Brendan O’Neill Show (Video)
US Mail About to Get Slower & More Expensive, by Lisa Graves
Taking Argentina’s Collective Memory to International Recognition, by Ramona Wadi
Hundreds rally against NZ lockdown amid calls for police crackdown on ‘gang members & cultists’ disobeying Covid rules


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