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Oct 6, 2021

Brazil´s President Jair Bolsonaro
♫ The Shandrum Céilí Band

Slowly, Then All at Once, by James Howard Kunstler

The Amen Corner Strikes Again, Congress is in Israel’s pocket, by Philip Giraldi
PCR: Western Governments Have Proven Their Complicity in the Destruction of their Own Peoples
Scott Horton’s One-Sided Debate Beatdown Of Warmonger Bill Kristol, by Caitlin Johnstone (Video)
America, With 4.21% of World’s Population, Has 16% of Covid-19 Deaths. Why? by Eric Zuesse
Democrats and Media Do Not Want to Weaken Facebook, Just Commandeer its Power to Censor, by Glenn Greenwald
The Great Reset: Facebook, Amazon Want Seats at the UN – Stew Peters Show
Instead of a Free Press, by Patrick Lawrence
Blessed be the Warmakers? Why Post-9/11 American Religious Leaders Must Atone, by Jack Gilroy
In Height of Hypocrisy, Israeli PM slams Iran for “crossing all red Lines,” by Juan Cole
DOJ and FBI Attempt to Target American Parents Attending School Board Meetings, by Sundance (Video)
German Politics: Confused, But Self-Righteous, by Diana Johnstone
Britain’s Johnson Tries to Roam the Globe, by Brian Cloughley
Enemy of the People – Police State out in the open, by Sundance
People Injured by COVID-19 Jab Share Their Horror Stories, by Joseph Mercola (Video)
     Where is the Biden Executive Order mandating the vaccine? Does it exist? by Jon Rappoport
          U.K. Suffers High Death Toll Despite Massive Spending to Combat Covid, by Will Jones
     Covid-19: Highest death rates seen in countries with most overweight populations
Doctor Performs Blood and Immune System Test Before and After COVID Vaccination, with Alarming Results (Video)
     Govt Hides Details of Key Conversation between Leading Scientists on Covid’s Origins, by Michael Curzon
          Project Veritas Undercovers Highlights Three Pfizer Scientists: “We run on COVID money now” (Video)
Democrats Still Dramatically Overestimate the Risks of COVID-19, by Noah Carl
Level Down, by George Monbiot
The Iran-Azerbaijan Standoff Is a Contest for the Region’s Transportation Corridors, by Pepe Escobar
Mass protests in Brazil call for Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment, by Tom Phillips
“Liz Cheney Ought to be Ashamed. I Hope She’s Watching This” – Tucker Carlson Interviews 1/6 Victim (Video)
Post-George Floyd America, by Paul Kersey
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