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Oct 9, 2021

The Apartheid Wall
♫ Bob Dylan – Man in the Long Black Coat

Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, by Karen J. Greenberg

Anyone Who’d Support Going To War Over Taiwan Is A Crazy Idiot, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Cult of the Vaccine Neurotic, by Matt Taibbi (Video)
SC Editorial: Russophobia Absurdity… As Russian Gas Rescues Europe’s Energy Crisis
     Europa Scorned and Forsaken, by Alastair Crooke
Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary,” by Whitney Webb
Fake Whistleblower Was Part of Anti-Trump Election Meddling Team that Banned Hunter Biden Laptop Content
A Coup Attempt at the IMF, by Joseph E. Stiglitz
“Keyword Warrants” – Feds Secretly Ordered Google To Identify Anyone Searching Certain Information, by T Durden
Go to Israel and the occupied territory, Goldstein, and you will find many shades of apartheid, by Michael Sfard
Book Review: The Russian Army on Parade, by The Saker
Pfizer Assures That Vaccine Is Almost As Safe For Kids As COVID
     Association of American Physicians and Surgeons fight for patients and doctors
          American Woman Removed From Kidney Transplant Waiting List Because She’s Unvaccinated, by M. Curzon
     Employer Mandate? The secret is NOT to refuse it – Do this first
          Covid-19 appeared in the US before Wuhan, Chinese scientists claim in new research paper
Is Tom Chivers Right to Say PCR False Positives are “So Rare” they can be Ignored? by Mike Hearn
     Leaked Grant Proposal Confirms Chinese and US Scientists Planned to Create Novel Coronavirus, by C. Downey
India Confounds the Modellers, by Will Jones
     Leaked Emails Reveal Pfizer Execs Sought To Conceal Use Of Aborted Fetal Cells In “Vaccine,” by Tyler Durden
Where has all that money gone? Saving for a Very Rainy Day, by Eric Margolis
How Apartheid Israel stifles Palestinian education and scientific research, by David Kattenburg
Here comes the COVID Judge; staging life, by Jon Rappoport
Life can be different: 10 years ago, Occupy Wall Street changed the world, by Rebecca Nathanson
Boycott Duty Free Americas: Don’t buy airport goods that fund Israeli settlers, by Donna Nevel
´Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising´ – Documentary by Dan Cohen and Kim Ives
The Female of the Species: The Dangerous Sex, by Raches
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